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The Main Causes for Failure



Failure is key to success, whether you find out the cause of failure. If we take a hard look at the most numerous people's lives. They all had failed miserably. But they had reached their dream. Because, they figured out why they failed. One the other hand, very often we fear failure. Maximum people don't know why they failed? So, to be successful we should do a case study about the reasons for failure.

Here are the most common reasons for failure. I have negotiated on 5 particular points. Read the entire article attentively.

Why we fail in life

There are some cause for failure. Here are some main causes.

1. Fatalistic Attitude


A person with a Fatalistic attitude always believes in destiny. It prevents him from taking responsibility. They think success and failure are due to luck. So, they believe that humans have no power to change the future. All events happen by fate and are free from human control. That is the reason for failure.

So we should not stare at our luck, just keep working. Stand in the mirror and say, this day, this very day is a stair of my success. I am me, and success comes in the way taught.

2. Too Distracted


Facebook newsfeed, Instagram, Email checking, Facebook again, what a nice cat! massage to Facebook. If you belong to this habit, please be concerned about this.

Lack of discipline makes us more prone to quit when some issues develop. One the other hand, it makes you more inclined to succumb to short term pleasure that creates long term pain. A distracted man doesn't see the causes of sacrificing now for gain tomorrow.

So, avoiding temptations and diversities to stay focused we should maintain discipline and not be distracted.

3. Poor self-esteem


One cause of failure in life is poor self-esteem. It means the lack of self-respect and self-worth. Keep in your mind, don't give up when some issues develop. Never you are a failure until you stop trying. If you take a hard look you see all successful men failed even many of them thousands of times. Remember, hard work never scams you.

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"Whether you think you can or not either way you are right"

-Henry Ford

4. Lack of discipline


Discipline is not an attribute you get by birth. It is obtained by practicing more. Discipline takes self-control, and avoiding destruction means it helps you to stay focused. You might not be a perfectionist but you have to maintain at least a routine.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment" - Jim Rohn

It's too taught to be disciplined but you make it possible by maintaining a habit.

Succeeding is not a goal that eliminates all your problems. You have to choose what will give you a better life. I think disciplined life gives us more pleasure than undisciplined joyfulness. Because, short term pleasure creates long term pain, and short term pain creates long term pleasure.

5. Lack of Conviction


A man with Lack of Conviction always stops in the middle road. They can not do it with confidence. Even they have a Lack of value. It's simple to show your emotions. Helps others or be cooperative. But never compromise with your values.

Most of us encountered a situation when we had to make a decision. We face decisions in jobs, study, parenting e.t.c.

Sometimes a wrong decision suffers for a long time. It's very important to make a decision.


There are many causes of failure. I have discussed 5 of them. What I have learnt from my life. I realised that 98% of people prefer to become a successful person. But they don't want to work hard. Only 2% of people are serious about their success.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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