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The Main Symptoms and Causes of 'Dehydration' and Proper Diet relieves you from it

Not only water can quench your thirst in summer days but also fruits filled with water can quench your thirst


'Dehydration' is a condition in which the body loses more water than it drinks. Water is excreted from the body every day through urine, feces and sweat. Along with water, some salts are also expelled from the body. 'Dehydration' is a normal process; But if this level increases, you will suffer from 'Dehydration'.

Major Symptoms of 'Dehydration' -

• Dry throat.
• Constant thirst.
• Headache or limb pain.
• Decreased urination and yellowing.
• Dry skin.
• Constipation.
• Dizziness and weakness.

These are some of the major symptoms of 'Dehydration'.

• Memory loss due to lack of blood supply to the brain.

• Increased heart rate.

• Low blood pressure.

• Rapid weight loss.

These are just some of the symptoms of 'Dehydration'.

• 'Dehydration' can occur even if the body loses water due to fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

• Excessive work, exercise, drinking less water in summer causes 'Dehydration'.

• 'Dehydration' causes an imbalance or deficiency in the levels of minerals and electrolytes, sodium, potassium chloride in the body. This reduces the water level in the body.

Causes of 'Dehydration' -

• The main cause of 'Dehydration' is excessive 'Dehydration' in the form of sweat.
• Staying in the sun longer in summer.
• Drink less water.
• Constantly playing in the sun.
Etc. are the major causes of 'Dehydration'.

Young children are also more likely to be 'Dehydrated' and can be fatal if ignored. These symptoms should be noted if babies are less likely to urinate or have less water in their eyes when crying, or more sleep. 'Dehydration' can occur if older individuals have a higher incidence of other infectious diseases.

'Dehydration' remedies and proper diet should be included in the diet to get rid of it.

1. Not walking in the sun for long.
2. Drink plenty of water.
3. Carry a hat or umbrella over your head when going out in the sun.


Dehydration' can be a problem for anyone on a hot summer day. It is very important to drink water from time to time. Therefore, it is more beneficial to consume fruits that are rich in water.

It is very important to take care that your body does not become 'Dehydrated' to stay healthy. This is because 'Dehydration' can lead to 'Dehydration'. You do not need to drink water all day to get rid of 'Dehydration', but you can eliminate the problem of 'Dehydration' by including certain things in your diet.

In summer, there is usually a lack of water in the body. This is because of the intense summer sweating. 'Dehydration' causes lethargy and weakness. It is generally believed that drinking 10-12 glasses of water a day can help you avoid the problem of 'Dehydration', but it is not advisable to rely on water alone to provide nutrition and adequate fluid levels in the body. You can keep yourself hydrated through juices or snacks.

▪︎ Cucumber

Cucumber must be included in the diet to keep the body hydrated during summer days. Eating cucumber will not only brighten your skin but also protect you from the sun. Cucumber contains 95% water. Cucumber intake provides plenty of water to the body. The inflammatory components in it play an important role in flushing out toxins from your body. This will help you to avoid skin related problems.

▪︎ Don't underestimate the flower

You may be surprised to read that flowers contain 92% water. Incorporating flowers in the diet does not cause 'Dehydration' in the body. It contains Vitamin C, K and is also an excellent source of mineral salts. We can also reduce the risk of cholesterol and cancer by including flowers in our diet regularly.

▪︎ Delicious and nutritious strawberries

Consumption of sour, sweet, juicy strawberries satisfies the tongue. Strawberries also contain 91% water in terms of health and taste. The flavonoids in it help to reduce the effects of aging. Include lychees, raspberries, etc. in the diet.

▪︎ Watery watermelon

Consumption of watermelon not only helps to stay hydrated, but also protects from the sun. Watermelon contains 90% water. Consumption of watermelon protects against heat. The lysopene in it protects from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

▪︎ Grapes are beneficial

Grapes contain 91% water. These juicy and sour fruits are high in antioxidants, which help the body to stay hydrated. Including grapes in breakfast can meet most of the needs of the day.

▪︎ Banana full of water scarcity

'Dehydration' will make up for the lack of potassium in the body after dehydration. To make up for this deficiency, include bananas in your diet regularly. This is because bananas are rich in potassium. Potassium deficiency can be met by eating two or three bananas a day.

▪︎ Coconut water is best

When you suffer from 'Dehydration', the levels of potassium and sodium in your body decrease. Drink coconut water two to three times a day to make up for this deficiency. It nourishes the body and replenishes minerals.

▪︎ Simla Chili is useful

It contains up to 93% water. Each type of Simla Chili is rich in water. It is also rich in antioxidants.

▪︎ Thus, You yourself must include above watery fruits in your diet to keep hydrate in summer days and get rid of numbers of causes from dehydration.

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