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The Magical Power of Your Thoughts

Alnajda is a forever learner and explorer about History, Ancient Archeology and Mythology, she is graduated in the field of History as well.

What are thoughts?

Every thought creates a double effect.
At first, it creates a vibrating wave, it is described as some radiations from the center that are very similar to the radiations of a radio wave, compared to a transmitting tower. This wave vibrates outside in all the directions in circular motions, with an intensity that gets slower and slower gradually as it circulates.

The thought continues to generate, to reproduce itself, to be in life itself from the mind of the thinker for as long as the mind of the thinker carries this thought within.

The distance that vibrates of the thought infusion and their impact upon the minds of the others depends on the power and the clarity of the very first thought. Generally, these thought radiations infuse more the quality of the thought than the details of the thought.

Kinds of thoughts

We all swim and flow in an energetic ocean which interacts easier with thoughts.
Every single impulse out of the shell of the mind immediately gets transmitted in the structure of this alive matter. So the thought becomes for a while an alive creature, while the power of the thought has become its soul and the alive essence.

These weird kinds of thoughts exist in the emotional and mental levels.
In other words, often these are called elementals. If the thought is directed for someone else, the form of the thought goes to the other person and downloads its limited energy upon the mental body of this other person.

Tendencies of thoughts

Every thought form own the ability to reproduce itself in the physical world over and over again. But a very weak and fragile thought will be destroyed sooner than taking place in the physical world. While a very strong and powerful kind of thought usually will result in a physical manifestation, in the physical world in a short time.

Some thoughts might be very weak, some thoughts might be very complicated to reach the physical world.
But a clear thought which repeats itself very often is sure that is going to create a copy of its own in the future.

How to use thoughts in our favor?

Using thoughts in our favor means to already master the way how we have been using them before and make a difference now. It is said that every day inside our heads generates more than 70.000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative, accompanied by fear, anxiety, insecurities, anger, and so on.

So, using them this way has caused many anxious and negative events in our lives. We spend more time complaining than being thankful for what we already possess, anyways it is not the fault of anyone.

We are just being programmed this way since we were born, growing, educating by our parents and society which have also been programmed and educated by previous limiting systems of the beliefs.

How to finally bring a thought in the physical world?

The most crucial element of bringing a thought in the physical world is the clarity of its visualization. We need to try to avoid the chaotic thinking and try to rather think logically.

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People who think chaotically are like those who move their hands for example in darkness, without knowing which of the objects they are hitting. It is important to learn how to think efficiently because it is very difficult to control all the amount of thoughts inside our heads.

So that we can create anything we want in life.

It is very advisable and a must if we want to use the thoughts in our favor to avoid the chaotic way of thinking and to embody a positive attitude.

How to do it step by step:

1) Start affirming daily

2) Start the scripting technique, by writing what you affirm daily

3) Choose carefully the words, the affirmations

4) Write to them at a particular time during the day that you decide for yourself.

Often it is advisable to write them at night before sleep most of the time when body and mind are more at ease and can obtain easier the new information

5) Besides writing, try to adapt the affirmations in such idle time during your day so that you can make them as an inner self-talk

6) Do not share it at first with anyone. (To change your thoughts and to strengthen certain of them, you do not need chaotic thoughts of other people around.)

7) Practice, practice, practice

8) Wait patiently for the patterns of your mind already to change

9) Do not give up

10) See results

Thoughts create your reality

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