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The Importance of Exercise in Mental and Physical Health

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The Importance of Exercise in Mental and Physical Health

The Importance of Exercise in Mental and Physical Health

Definition of sports
Sports, or so-called physical activity, are defined as the movement of the body that occurs due to skeletal muscles, which leads to energy consumption, where energy consumption can be measured by calculating calories, and physical activity can be classified into professional, sports, home or any other activities.
Exercise is defined as a subset of physical activities that are planned, organized, and repeated for the ultimate goal of either improving, or maintaining fitness, and health may be described as a fixed set of functions related to skills, or health.

The importance of sports
1. Resistance to diseases and health conditions
Exercise, regardless of an individual's current weight, helps promote high-density lipoprotein, or so-called good cholesterol, reduces unhealthy triglycerides, contributes to smooth blood flow, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and regular exercise helps prevent or control many health problems, such as stroke, type II diabetes, depression, and multiple types of cancers, among others.

Resistance to diseases and health conditions

Resistance to diseases and health conditions

2. Weight Control
Sports can help prevent weight gain, or help you lose weight, because exercise burns calories, the more intense and intense the activity, the more calories you will burn.

Weight Control

Weight Control

3. Development of social behavior
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that children who exercise are less likely to smoke than others because it may help them develop healthy social relationships centered around safe and enjoyable activities, as well as their importance to adults in providing an opportunity to develop friendships centered around an active and healthy lifestyle.

social behavior

social behavior

4. Physical benefits of sports
Sports contribute significantly to reducing the rate of obesity in young people who exercise, in addition to the fact that low body mass in athletes is a desirable advantage, in addition to its importance in reducing the rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and improving the functions of the heart, blood vessels, and lungs.

Physical benefits of sports

Physical benefits of sports

5. Reduce stress and depression
Sports help stimulate the body, thus distracting the mind from life's stressors, avoiding thinking negative thoughts throughout the day, and also contribute to reducing the levels of stress hormones, stimulating the production of the hormone endorphins, thus improving your mood naturally.

Reduce stress and depression

Reduce stress and depression

What are the advantages of exercise in the morning?

Exercising in the morning has many benefits for health, including:

1. Enhance energy and activity: It provides the body and mind with a high value of energy, making the human being more effective, productive, and open to the activities of daily living.

2. Improving the psychological state: Morning sports may improve the mental and intellectual abilities of the human being, enhance concentration and cognition, and improve your mood due to the sense of achievement from the early morning.

3. Food appetite control: It may affect food appetite by regulating and controlling it, as well as inhibiting the hunger hormone.

4. Weight Loss Support: It may help to get rid of excess weight and support the weight loss process.

5. Control blood sugar levels: It may help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, without increasing the risk of low blood sugar levels.

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6. Blood pressure control: The morning period is the best period to influence and control blood pressure.

7. Improve sleep quality: Morning exercise affects sleep by improving melanin secretion at night, which helps to sleep deeply and improve sleep quality.

8. Help to commit to sports: This is due to the lack of distractions from phone calls, daytime, etc., which helps to adhere to the daily routine, and the cold morning atmosphere helps to achieve this.

Do I have breakfast before or after sports?

It is recommended that you eat breakfast about an hour before sports. It is important that you get energy before you start exercising, as this may contribute to improving your athletic performance and ability to tolerate exercise.

It is recommended to focus on carbohydrates to get the necessary energy. Examples of breakfasts that you can eat before sports:

Bread or breakfast cereals are prepared from whole grains.

Low-fat milk.




Are there any tips for exercising in the morning?

Since waking up in the morning to exercise can be difficult at first, it's recommended to follow these tips that may help you get up and stick to exercise:

1. Get enough sleep: It is recommended to sleep early, and get enough sleep about 7-9 hours a day.

2. Gradually waking up early: You can wake up on the first day at seven o'clock, and then 15 minutes before that the next day, and so on until you reach the appropriate waking time and get used to it.

3. Prepare sports supplies from the day before: It is important to prepare sportswear, shoes, water bottles, and other sports supplies from the day before to facilitate the process of waking up without having to prepare in the morning.

4. Prepare breakfast the day before: Preparing delicious and easy meals for breakfast the day before can help you easily take the meal out in the morning.


In the end, I would like to say that sport and talking about it and its great effects on man are very important topics that do not need only one topic, but it needs many topics and I am happy and honored that I have written on these topics and I hope that you will like it as I have written a lot of information that I know and that I have searched for well.

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