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The fourth wave of the corona and the message of Gujar


The scenario of corona in Pakistan turned into managed via way of means of the authorities in a superb manner, specifically the Punjab authorities had managed the unfold of this contagious ailment in a superb manner. Hardly another province has accomplished so. Today is the fourth wave of corona and It is likewise the maximum risky. There were sicknesses before, specifically humans our age. We ought to have understood thoroughly that during our formative years we used to peer polio and smallpox sufferers. There turned into a time while the vaccine for those sicknesses got here after which as quickly as we noticed those lethal sicknesses we misplaced our lives however many people sacrificed for it. Our moms and sisters who had been vaccinated in opposition to polio in KPK and Balochistan are nevertheless martyred. There are a few ignorant and silly those who remember those drops as poison killers. Where there's this kingdom of ignorance, development has been made. But thank God that these days infectious sicknesses such as polio, TB and smallpox are nearly gone. Some humans are nevertheless thinking about the corona virus and corona virus vaccine as a conspiracy. Has now no longer been vaccinated, they remember themselves fortunate and a few humans examine the ones who've been vaccinated with bizarre eyes. Someone unfold the rumor that the vaccinaters will stay most effective years at the same time as a few trust that People will most effective get out in 6 months. These humans also are those who had been in opposition to polio vaccines. Now they've modified their face and are available ahead again. It is vital for everyone to get vaccinated in opposition to polio. And the outcomes of the second one wave that we've suffered all around the global are in the front of all people. In India, there has been no area at the Shantytown ghats and those began out throwing their cherished ones withinside the rivers. The scenario could be very terrible in Indonesia and Bangladesh. Corona virus is likewise at the upward thrust in Malaysia, Thailand and different nations in East Asia. Pressure is mounting on hospitals in Abbottabad, Islamabad The quantity of corona sufferers in Baluchistan and Sindh is growing daily and the quantity of deaths is likewise growing. The Sindh authorities has imposed a lock down there. We may be capable of get out of the fourth wave most effective via way of means of getting Corona vaccination. The authorities has ordered vaccines really well worth billions of rupees. Centers were installation in specific places. Wear mask and cope with social distance. The federal authorities goes to spend Rs 2 billion extra on vaccines. 3,000 cell devices are accomplishing residence-to-residence quarantine. Pakistan has accomplished what the massive nations have now no longer been capable of obtain and the Punjab authorities has accomplished loads on this regard. What is specifically commendable is the efforts of the Secretary of Health who's running day and night time to make sure that we're nevertheless secure from the scenario of lock down and in the intervening time all of the preparations are entire withinside the hospitals of Punjab if there's any emergency. The scenario arises So the group of workers of the fitness branch in Punjab is absolutely organized for this. At present, sixty two humans have died in only at some point withinside the entire country. Thus, the entire quantity of deaths has reached 23,422 at the same time as the charge of wonderful instances is 8.8. The overall quantity of instances recorded at 2% has reached 10,034,837. The quantity of energetic instances of Corona is 69,756. And 30,432 instances were pronounced in Baluchistan. Islamabad has 87,699 instances, Gilgit-Baltistan has 8,156 instances and Azad Kashmir has 24,501 corona virus instances. The authorities is taking all viable steps to defend the residents from the fourth wave of Corona. The authorities has issued pointers for the safety of the residents. Following the authorities directives is withinside the hobby of the residents. Vaccination in opposition to corona is the handiest manner to defend your self from corona, however additionally to defend others. The quantity of sufferers is growing because of the fourth wave of corona, God willing. If it increases, clever lock down can also additionally arise again. Citizens have to now no longer lose their warning to keep away from sanctions. Due to the present day scenario in Corona, residents have to expose seriousness. I additionally enchantment to residents to put on mask. Use and keep social distance, all people has to expose responsibility, humans's lives Every vital step may be taken for the safety of I am and Corona cannot damage us, however it turned into a lie. On July 14, I had the maximum extreme assault of Corona virus. I felt that it turned into now no longer a joke. I noticed loss of life very closely. The maximum risky epidemic of the time is the lungs

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