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The Fine Art of Effective Goal Setting

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A Goal Oriented Life Equals a Happy Life


Life Is The Goals We Set

Everywhere we hear talks about the importance of goal setting, the benefits and what we stand to lose when we don't set goals. This is because goals give our lives bearing. It is what we wake up to and what we leave for. Though sometimes we can be very uncertain and unclear about what we what, making goal setting difficult. In situations where we are able to gain clarity, we are happier, we achieve more and feel fulfilled. This is why we must always chase clarity in order to be able to set goals that make us happy.

How Do We Set Goals

Before setting goals, we must be clear with ourselves. Are the dreams relevant? Why do we want them? How beneficial will it be?

Answering these questions opens the mind to a unique realm. It helps us stay in touch with our innate desires. That beginning spark that created a flow leading to the existing dream.

How To Create The System That Helps Us Reach Our Goals

Clarity is needed here as well. To set a goal, we need to be clear with ourselves. In creating a system that helps us meet the goal, clarity is essential too.

For example,

I notice I'm becoming obese so I hit the gym to lose the weight. The goal here is clear, to lose weight. However, I also know that hitting the gym is not the only route to meeting my goal. I have to watch my diet, my sleeping patterns and overall lifestyle. Identifying all routes that lead to the goal and being true to ourselves creates the foundation where we can achieve our goals.

So in creating the system, the first step is being clear. What do I need to do to make an 'A' grade? What are the things that I need to avoid? This leads us to the 'action - reaction' tool for achieving our goals.

The action - reaction tool is the most effective tool to achieving our goals. If I say I want to become a billionaire, I need to increase my income, diversify my income streams and improve on myself. This is the reaction process. The action process refers to the path where self analysis is done. What has stopped me from being a billionaire all along? Do I need to be more pragmatic about spending? Do I need to learn financial literacy? This is the action part. The action - reaction process complements each other and when done right, we reach our goals way quicker.

A Table Showing How To Effect Lifestyle Changes To Lose Weight

Drawing tables showing the day, actions to be done and feelings after that day makes the process fun and easier to pull through.

DaysActionsFeelings afterwards

Day 1

I replace meat with vegetables.

A difficult change but I'm happy. Crossing the first bridge.

Day 2

I watch TV after meals to avoid sleeping

I feel drowsy but I made a healthy change.

Day 3

I hit the gym

I meet enthusiastic people about fitness. The big change.

Deadlines Are Effective


Never Forget To Stick To The Set Routine


Difficult Discipline

Being clear about goals, creating systems that will work and setting deadlines are all good but we cannot escape the part where we have to do it. After breaking the steps to the goal down, motivate yourself to stick to the process. The only way to achieve it is to actually do it. As you progress and start to see changes, the joy will motivate you. Till you begin to see changes, persevere.