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The Warrior Diet

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Warrior Diet - Before vs. After

Warrior Diet - Before vs. After

Aren't you getting tired of all of these so-called miracle diets? Don't you just want to feel better, and lose weight? The warrior diet is a diet that has been tried, tested and are proven to work. By eating lightly during the course of the day, and feasting at nighttime, you will be able to reap the most possible and maximum benefits from eating, and learn to enjoy food again.

When is the last time, if any, that you actually read a diet book, and it made you feel even a little bit excited to start dieting again? Most diets are overly complicated and make people feel as though their entire life has to revolve around what, how, and when they are going to get their next meal, or supplement. This is where the Warrior Diet comes into play, DESTROYING every other diet out there!

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The Warrior Diet, is by no means meant to gain weight or increase muscle mass. The muscle gained through the Warrior Diet, is the muscle you have had the whole time. The Warrior Diet, in fact is a method of intermittent fasting, or not eating. It is ultimately designed for those people who are looking to lose weight, and very beneficial to those who are looking to lose those last couple pounds of body fat that they can never seem to get rid of. The Warrior Diet quite literally melts fat off, and makes room for your lean muscles to show, and take place of the fat stores that your body originally had.

Consider this; Imagine yourself as a statue of a Warrior, with the body of a Greek god or goddess. The artist working on you is still chiseling away at the rock to depict you how you actually are, and you are turning into a masterpiece.

The Warrior Diet, is similar to the sculpting of a greek Warrior. You, are the artist, and the rock that you are chiseling away at, is the fat stores on your body. Under the fat on your body, is muscle, bottom line, otherwise you wouldn't be able to function and have the capability to move.

The Warrior Diet is a way to chisel that unwanted rock (fat) off of your soon to be completed sculpture (body).

Warrior Diet - Before vs. After

Warrior Diet - Before vs. After

What is the Warrior Diet?

The Warrior Diet, is a diet in which you are to under eat during the course of the day. Then, at night time, you reward your body with a warriors feast. Immediately, you can see how a sense of freedom when it comes to dieting surges through your body as you read about the Warrior Diet.

The reason this diet is called the Warrior Diet, is because; In the past, warriors used to live by not eating throughout the day, and feasting at night. Think about it, movies such as Thor for example, after a long day of being the hero, the mighty warriors had a feast. They did not munch on the battlefield or take a snack break during their battle.

Eating throughout the day can cause energy crashes in your brain, and lack of focus. After you get used to eating several times every day, your body becomes dependent on it, it also causes your body and your mental state to become tired, and foggy. When you minimize eating during the day, and only have one main meal, your mind is more focused and more alert. This also allows you to have better control of how you feel on a daily basis, and you are quite effortlessly able to control your weight loss.

Eating and carbohydrates are like drugs to the body, Eating carbohydrates is a way to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Carbohydrates are like crack to the body, and can quite literally make you feel stupid and sluggish after you eat too many of them. Most people eat because of anxiety, and not actual hunger, which causes them to then become drowsy or sleepy, and then they need to drink coffee, or a caffeinated beverage such as energy drinks to pick themselves back up again. Its pretty much an endless cycle, and its making corporations richer and richer.


20 hours of fasting? Is that safe?

There are 24 hours in a day. Most people sleep for 8-10 of those, and work for another 8-10.

You are not really fasting for 20 hours, you are more likely fasting for about 10-12 hours, and the last 4 hours or so you are allowed to feast like a Warrior!Which, isn't and shouldn't be hard. However, the first week that you attempt the Warrior Diet, will be more difficult, because your body is more likely used to eating throughout the day, and multiple times.

After the first week is over, and your body has gotten used to the fact that you are now a Warrior, your day to day life will become MUCH easier, you will be more focus, you will feel better about yourself as you quite literally watch the pounds of fat on your body melt off.

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What to eat / What not to eat?

The driving freedom-factor in the Warrior Diet, is in what is allowed and what isn't allowed to be consumed during the diet.

What to eat? - Anything can be consumed on the Warrior Diet, there is no caloric limit on the evening feast / meal while on the diet. However, try to avoid the following foods & beverages to get an even greater results driven accomplishment at the end of the Warrior Diet.

Highly Processed Foods;

The Warrior Diet is supposed to mirror what our ancient Warrior ancestors ate. It is important to avoid highly processed foods such as hot dogs, bacon, sausages, and bologna, and similar meets. You should stay away from canned meat, canned fish if any preservatives have been added.

Refined flour & sugar;

The same reasoning applies here too. Avoid foods made of refined white flours and sugars. Those carbohydrates are known to have a huge impact on the blood sugar levels and increase insulin production. White bread, doughnuts, candy, canned fruit in syrup, pizza andall kinds of noodles.

Chemically altered foods;

Pesticides and other chemicals are highly involved in growing various crops and raising animals. For the best results on the Warrior Diet, it is important to avoid these. Try to eat organic foods.

Fast Food;

The ingredients and methods of preparing different fast foods don't apply, at all, to the Warrior Diet. Ignore any and all fast foods.

Soft Drinks;

Soft drinks, bottom line, are not allowed on the Warrior Diet. Regular and diet soda have too many artificial ingredients and are not to be consumed on the Warrior Diet.

Warrior Diet - Before vs. After

Warrior Diet - Before vs. After

What about 3 meals per day?

Unfortunately, the rule of thumb of, 3 meals per day, and breakfast is the most important meal that someone should eating during the day, is misleading. The thing is, what works for some (I.E. Eating breakfast) Does not work for everyone. People do more of what they HEAR is better for them, than actually what IS better for them, and what a persons body is telling them to do. If you aren't hungry in the morning, then instead of eating because you are told that it is the healthy thing to do, simple don't eat, your body is telling you that you aren't hungry.

A lot of people in today's world, have been taught to eat a rich, hearty breakfasts, filled with bacon, eggs, toast, etc. In actual fact, this type of breakfast, slows people down during the day. The idea of a large healthy "complete" breakfast, comes from where? If you really consider this, it comes from the TV commercials or newspaper printings, or ads that are all over the world today. There is always a large breakfast if it comes to breakfast foods. Why? If companies didn't market their products in such a way, they wouldn't make as much money as they do now. Why tell people to have only 1 piece of bacon a day, when they can tell people to have 10 and make more money.

The bottom line, is that people in this day and age have pretty much been brainwashed to think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that it should never be missed or you will not function correctly.


If you look around the world, most places that aren't taken over by fast food corporations or have no real terms of media or advertising methods. Lets look at Kenya for example, and quite a few places throughout the world that are similar. People in these countries do a large amount of manual labor, and for the most part, are known to under eat during the day and have a large meal or a feast, at the end of the day when they are returned home safe and sound to their families. How many over weight Kenyans do you see? and don't just chalk it up to the fact that they do manual labor, everyone burns calories throughout the day no matter what they are doing.

Now, lets look at the flip side to this; The more developed countries such as The United States and Great Britain, all have are a lot lazier and more spoiled, and always look for various forms of instant gratifications. Most people in these countries, eat more than one time per day, some even more than three times per day.


Today's common belief is that you should eat most of your caloric intake and calories earlier in the day, so you can burn them off and use then. Everyone has heard of the "importance of eating breakfast" but everyone has a different reason as to why it is important, because most people don't actually understand how the body works. People will often say that eating late in the night, will lead to lots of unwanted fat gains and unwanted weight.

Ask yourself these questions;

- If eating late at night, inhibits fat loss, why do people who eat more in the evening lose more weight that people who don't? [FACT]

- How do carbohydrates know, that after a certain time in the day, they become more fattening that earlier in the day? [FACT]

- If humans should feast at breakfast, and not eat as much at night, then why does skipping breakfast and nightly feasts lead to fat loss, and improved blood lipids? [FACT]

- If eating late at night is so bad for you, then why do most controlled studies show in their results that eating later in the day is better than earlier in the day? [FACT]

- Now, if the above statements are true, why do people insist on believing that eating late at night is bad for you, and still believe that it causes more weight gain? [FACT]


Eating & Today

In this day and age, we rarely ever let ourselves go fasted for even short periods of time. It is considered a sin in the bodybuilding world, to not eat a meal every 3 hours. It takes just one look at today's modern society to really tell you that this is not the way that humans were meant to be living. The vast majority of the worlds inhabitants today, are in a constant and never ending state of being fed, and eating. We are literally stuffing ourselves to the point that it is making the human race sick, and could quite possibly lead to extinction in the future. The surge of obesity and its epidemic is at the high point of all modern day diseases and disorders, and it did not even exist a couple centuries prior to our time now. The modern way of eating goes against our very evolutionary grain, and no matter what anyone tells you, our bodies are not designed to eat as much as we do today.

Lets go back to the time of our ancestors, the Warriors, and look at what they ate. It is quite reasonable to assume that they did not consume what we do today. They were also, constantly in a fasted state for most of their daily life, food is not easy to come by in nature, and you have to work for it. You couldn't just simple walk down into a nearby valley and find a McDonalds or a Burger King, there were no convenient stores with microwaves and microwavable foods to be had.

Men would spend all day, hunting for meat and snacked on whatever they could find, nuts and berries. This is exactly why, the human body is programmed to store fat the way it does. If it didn't, we wouldn't have been able to survive to the point we are at now. After a long and tiresome day of work, if the Warriors were lucky, they would get to feast on the meat of their hunt.

This being said, it makes absolutely perfect sense as to why we, as humans can go through periods of fasting and then feasting at the end of the day. This is why the Warrior Diet is so effective. This, is why, the Warrior Diet actually works!

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Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on July 03, 2020:

Thanks for the thoughts. You had a good response from a few commenters. I prefer my simple five diet keys, and their ease of remembering like the fingers and thumb of one hand.

Tanya on June 07, 2016:

Is there a certain time at night that you should eat the one meal?

Deborah Demander from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on February 03, 2016:

I think this could work, if people get out of the habit of eating all day.

It's true, we've become a culture that constantly wants to be fed, spoiled and catered to

Thanks for writing.


Kurt Y on January 09, 2016:

Hi, I did not do the Warrior diet in which you explained in this yet you have my before and after picture.. I will contact Hubpages and or take legal action if it is not removed. My image is the one where I, a male, have red pants in the before picture and I'm more tanned and happy in the after picture and it actually says Before and after on my image. Remove now. Thank you.

Dana on November 09, 2015:

okay this might work for some people but it is ass backwards for me and my bloodline! Everyone in my bloodline is 300, 400, 500 pds. except me and my rule is no food after 6pm. Now when I followed this rule I was never over 130 pounds. These day I have eaten when ever and what ever I want and I am pushing 200 pounds! So

big sam on May 14, 2015:

have been on warrior diet and have lost 8kgs. am happy

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on July 10, 2014:

The idea behind the warrior diet is going back to the days where people had to search and kill their own food. The thing back then, was that you didn't get to eat before or after your "work out" (hunting and killing your prey). Nuts and berries would be eaten throughout the day because all that had to be done to acquire them would be to pull them off a bush. If you need to eat, feed on berries and nuts. :)

Melanie on July 08, 2014:

What if you workout in the morning? You need something to fuel your body before or after..

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on September 06, 2013:

Hi MsDora, Once again thank you for the feedback, always nice to hear from you!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 06, 2013:

I have never subscribed to the large breakfast; I'm just not ready to eat. Anyway, the Warrior Diet is interesting. It promotes healthy foods, so that's good. Something to think about. Thank you for sharing.

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