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Useful Exercises For The Elderly

Physical activities vary according to the purpose of their exercise, but in general they are very useful for the mental and physical health.

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The Best Sport For The Elderly

It is known that the energy of the elderly is much less than the energy of young people, so there are some appropriate exercises such as:

  • Walking

Walking is the ideal sport for the elderly, because it is easy to do and has many and many benefits, the most important of which is maintaining mental abilities, conserving energy And maintaining the level of performance of the functions of the various bodily systems, and also is an opportunity to enjoy and enjoy life.

  • Making a movement effort and movement

In general it helps maintain health and gives a feeling of optimism and vitality, and therefore laziness and lethargy in the lives of the elderly must be eliminated in particular.

  • Swimming

Swimming gives the body a complete workout. It increases both muscular and cardiovascular fitness, but can also be a fun social activity.

During a swimming session, you burn lots of calories and build up more muscle mass because of the resistance that the water gives. Water is around 800 times denser than air. Since your muscles have to work much harder in the pool, your heart and lungs must work harder to pump oxygen around the body. This work is what improves your cardiovascular health.

Swimming is an ideal physical activity, especially for those who suffer from arthritis. This is because the water can take up to 90% of your body weight. This means that swimming will cause less strain on your joints than jogging, for example. It also helps by toning up the joints' supporting muscles.

As going for a swim can be quite enjoyable, it can also improve your general mood. It can also improve your social life as you become a regular at the leisure centre, meeting new people who enjoy swimming as much as you do.

There are other sport and fitness activities that get you into the pool as well, such as water polo and aqua aerobics.

  • Cycling

Cycling's governing body, more than two million people across the country now cycle at least three times a week. Going for a bike ride is a great way of keeping in shape while reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, as well as being a great form of transport to the shops or to work.

Riding a bike burns more calories than going for a jog and also has less impact on your joints, especially the knees. This is because cycling puts less pressure on them. Cycling works the whole body and can help you lose weight in the process, whilst keeping all your joints moving in a fun, outdoor workout.

As we know from the NHS guidelines, cycling for at least 150 minutes every week will improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. There are a number of cycling clubs across the country which you can join - these can combat loneliness by helping you meet new people and make more friends.

Alongside the health benefits, cycling will also help to save you money. You can ride your bike as a form of transport, rather than using the petrol in your car or paying for a bus or taxi. What's more, fewer cars on the road helps the environment by reducing harmful emissions.

  • Football

Maybe you were a keen footballer in your youth but haven't felt able to play for a while? Well, you'll be glad to learn that walking football has really taken off since its creation in 2011. This gentler version of the sport may be more appealing to the older generation.

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Walking football is specifically for those over the age of 50, who may have believed that their footballing days were over. The rules are similar to that of a regular five-a-side game except of course for the most important rule: NO RUNNING. If the referee catches any player running, then the other team receives a free-kick.

Walking football gives you the chance to play the beautiful game with a twist. Despite the ban on running, it still helps to keep your legs moving in a good cardiovascular workout. Above all, walking football means you can exercise without the fear of overdoing it and putting your health at risk.

  • Squash

Squash is an indoor racket sport that gives the whole body a great workout. Players aim to hit a hollow rubber ball against the four walls of the court in a way that means the opposition cannot return the ball.

You can burn an average of 500 calories in half an hour of playing. You will be running and reaching for the ball, meaning that all your joints will receive a good workout. Taking part in a racket sport such as squash can reduce your risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

As it is a two or four-player game, squash is also a sociable game that you can play with friends. If your local gym or leisure centre has a court, squash could be a good way to encounter new people who have a common interest.

  • Golf

You might think of golf as quite a slow, still sport. However, it may surprise you to learn that golf has great benefits to fitness. A recent study found that male golfers burned an average of 721 calories playing nine holes and carrying their clubs in a bag. Additionally, a game of golf gets you out in the fresh air and provides you with a great brain workout.

Golf takes place on a huge course meaning that you will be doing plenty of walking on your trip to the club. Most courses are not flat either, so you will be doing uphill walks along your journey to the next hole. Going for a walk is great for the body, but with a game of golf, you are doing so much more than that.

Your muscles also receive a workout and you can improve your flexibility, balance, and core strength during a game. As you swing your golf club, you are building up more and more strength in your arms and core muscles. This kind of movement can be hugely beneficial to your body as you get older. Of course, carrying your golf clubs or pulling them along in a trolley also gives your muscles a workout along the way.

What's more, golf also gives the brain a workout. Concentration and hand-eye co-ordination are key to hitting the right shot at the right time. Your brain does plenty of thinking during a game of golf as you memorise each hole and work out the correct club to use. This is a great skill in the battle against the development of dementia.

The Importance Of Sports For The Elderly

Exercising regularly for the elderly helps the health of the individual as follows:

  • Low incidence rate in sports.
  • Reduces sleep problems and insomnia.
  • Strengthening muscles, joints and ligaments, this helps the elderly to rely on himself without the need for others.
  • Reducing the rate of osteoporosis.
  • Exercising in the elderly prevents the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes, or chronic diseases.

Here are Some Easy and Daily Exercises For Elderly

A lovely woman full of energy

A lovely woman full of energy

Some Advices When Elderly People Exercise

  • You must consult a doctor about the type exercise that suits your health condition, as he is the one who assures you of the possibility of exercising.
  • It is necessary to take care to drink sufficient quantities of water when exercising to avoid dehydration, and to reduce the intake of soft drinks, or to prevent it completely.
  • Do not stress yourself while exercising, but when you start feeling tired, you must stop and take a rest, and you must always listen to your body’s call and do not carry it more than its energy.
  • You must do a warm-up before exercising to get your muscles to be in the prepared position.
  • When exercising, it is necessary to choose a suitable type of clothing, it must be of cotton, and it must be comfortable.
  • Do not start exercising from a difficult level, but you must gradually progress in the level from easy to difficult.

The human age, the weaker the body becomes, and every ten years, approximately (2.5-5) kg of muscle mass is lost with weak bones if it is not maintained through exercise, so sports are useful for all ages and weapons Exercising is necessary for the elderly to fight aging and diseases.

“Physical activity” is one of the treatment methods that occupies a major place in the records of any doctor who tries to help his patients begin to lead a sound and healthier life, especially the elderly.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Rawan Osama (author) from Egypt on June 04, 2021:

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Good tips on exercise for the elderly. It is important to stay active, at least walk and light exercise to keep mind and body healthy.

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