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The Unvaccinated -- Spoilers of the Collective Placebo Effect

Val offers his views on dogmatic aspects of cultural paradigm with its religious, political, and medical sterile indoctrinations and taboos.

Every aspect of the mankind's reality got terribly affected by collective beliefs about this pandemic blown far beyond any rational proportions.

Every aspect of the mankind's reality got terribly affected by collective beliefs about this pandemic blown far beyond any rational proportions.

Every day was like Halloween during the pandemic with everyone walking around like masked bandits. -- Steven Magee

Placebo Effect on a Global Scale

What is placebo effect?

Placebo is a Latin expression for "I shall please". Literally it means that doctor will "please" patient's positive expectations about the outcome by giving him a worthless sugar pill -- with the results being the same as if some highly effective therapeutic treatment was applied.

How is it relevant to our story?

Namely, there is a pretty high possibility that the vaccines for covid are mostly, if not entirely effective because of a massive, collective placebo effect. In his book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic", Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn MD was exposing the medical hoax about only a limited number of those pharmaceuticals in pharmacies being effective -- the rest are solely relying on human placebo effect.

So much so, that we might as well say that many of those bottles should, among their instructions have: "To be taken with a megadose of trust".

For any pharmaceutical that would be affective, there has to be matching receptors on the cells -- which are there because the body already has its own medicine to fit those receptors.

When we apply everything said so far, we just might stipulate that the effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccines was mostly based on the massive suggestion from the authorities which created a collective placebo effect.

Before you reject such a possibility, be reminded that, for the purpose of an experiment, even some fake surgeries were made, after which the patient reported a complete absence of his initial complaints.

Actually, only an incision had been made on the skin and then sawn up, which was enough to trigger placebo effect in the patient who now believed that the real surgery had been performed while he was asleep under anesthetic, and he was "cured" -- which he technically was.

Power of mind over body is rapidly gaining new and new evidence of its effectiveness, with apparent "medical miracles" happening -- usually called spontaneous remissions.

Placebo effect may be strongly enhanced by its negative brother nocebo, which first creates a burning need for a fix. For example, first the mankind gets daily bombarded by reports of all those infected and dead. That creates the need -- which soon gets provided for in form of a "world saving" vaccine, now creating placebo with its high hopes of protection. The strong belief enhances the natural immunity, and then it looks like vaccine worked.

A bit more about the negative nocebo?

Statistically, one in every five Americans have some psychological issues -- and now just imagine how many of them had a shortness of breath as a classical symptom of harmless anxiety, then rushed to the hospital thinking it was the virus.

And then, hospitals were given $50,000 for each covid patient, and $75,000 for those who needed to be put on oxygen for breathing problems. Since every hospital is in the first place a business -- I will let you connect the dots in your own head.

Now, it's the nature of every placebo that it has to be "kept warm", otherwise its effects may (but also may not in many cases) wear off. For example, to keep them warm, the authorities would have to enforce some draconic measures, like masks, social distancing with a good sense of paranoia established, also lockdowns, closing down schools and restaurants -- all that to keep people motivated to get vaccinated -- including the daily use of the news media to scare the populace shitless.

Let's put it this way: For some trillions of dollars profit, no lie is too big.

Then, still with that strategy to keep the placebo warm, some "variants" had to be used -- so that people don't get an idea that their first needle did it all.

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Now, why am I allowing this possibility of a massive placebo? Because I consider myself quite familiar with all forms of hypnosis, gradual conditioning, subliminal suggestion, and brainwashing.

Plus I have a trained eye for the enormous level of suggestibility of the masses.

O.K, one joke on my own account: "When hammer is the only tool you have, pretty soon everything starts looking like a nail". And so it could be with my readiness to see it all as one big brainwashing racket.

Could be, but it ain't, at least from where I am looking.

Medical authorities are ones of the highest respect and influence in our cultural paradigm. And they are also fallible. And they are also one huge business establishment on top of everything else.

Medical authorities are ones of the highest respect and influence in our cultural paradigm. And they are also fallible. And they are also one huge business establishment on top of everything else.

These so-called bleak times are necessary to go through in order to get to a much, much better place.

-- David Lynch

Names Earned When Going Against the Grain

Let's have a rather superficial look at the mass-hypnosis at work in different aspects of our cultural paradigm.

Historically, there have been some countless examples of it, when one or another from the garden variety of manipulators convinced the people to even put their lives on the line to play along with their agendas.

Like, take religious wars. Take political wars for a gain of influence in some global region. Take racist hate. Even take fashion if you like -- they are all forms of some group affecting the public opinion and mood and setting some strong roots in the collective belief system.

Now, let's get to those "disbelievers". They were promptly called "heretics", "unpatriotic", and those racists probably have their own name for those who dare to be "colorblind".

Looking for some equivalent names given to "vaccine-disbelievers" -- choose between "spreaders of disinformation", "spreaders of covid", "enemies of the people", "ignorants", "conspiracy theorists"...what not.

Even as the numbers of those fully vaccinated started filling the hospitals in countries with the vaccinated being the great majority -- like the UK or Israel -- those unvaccinated kept being demonized by both the authorities and by the vaccinated people.


Two reasons:

One: Sheer envy, as someone had balls to take chances with their natural immunity.

Two: Compromising the strength of the placebo effect.

Indeed, those unvaccinated kept spoiling the collective placebo which was placing the full trust in the vaccine.

Dr. Kelly Brogan MD, a holistic psychiatrist said in the first year of the pandemic, that "people were dying more from fear of the virus, than from the virus itself." She got promptly removed from the social media for saying that.

At this age of much advertised and bragged about "freedoms" in this "free" part of the world -- a big number of virologists and other doctors were silenced for "spreading disinformation".

You don't believe in censorships? Unrelated to our topic here, are our news media not saying a single word these days about massive protests all over Europe against their governments that are supporting Ukraine and by their sticking to American agenda for a global military hegemony, which is causing this unheard of energy crisis. Some also demanding their stepping out from NATO.

This is just a little illustration of authorities filtering the news that might unfavorably affect the public opinions and moods. The authorities are scared that people on this side of the pond might get some "dark inspiration" themselves.

It's truly amazing how autocratic the authorities can be, while ignoring so much of evidence that's challenging their stiff positions.

Furthermore, those tests are terribly inaccurate -- that according to some believable, but silenced virologists. Namely, anybody who in their past recovered from a virus from the covid family, still has in their cellular junk leftovers of the genetic material of those dead viruses -- which now gets detected by the PCR test reading it as a "positive" case.

But you just can't convince the masses that the "Emperor is walking around in nude", if they are told by the authorities "that's his new clothes".

Worry will do a number on our immunity.

Worry will do a number on our immunity.

At the end of the virus psychosis, the population will be so ripped off that it will be naked, but it will be relieved that it doesn't have to wear a mask anymore.

-- Lamine Pearlheart

Not the Strength of a Virus, but Weakness of Immunity Does It

Now, how deadly is this virus anyway -- when all bombastic propaganda is stripped of our awareness?

Has a great number of people died? Of course, no one can deny that.

But think for a moment about our regular yearly flu season. How dangerous is it? Yes, it's dangerous all right, since many people get infected and many die.

But I have from even been trumpeting this simple, and scientifically proven fact:

Any pathogen is only as dangerous as weak is our immunity -- period.

And I also mentioned more than once how the science of psycho-neuro-immunology is clearly telling us about the enormous interdependency between our immune, nervous, and endocrine systems.

What they are bluntly saying is that a prolonged stress -- also one coming from fear -- is capable of lowering our immunity to the point where any, even a weaker pathogen, could potentially kill us.

We don't even have to think of coronavirus directly -- but indirectly taking advantage of that fact, as those genetically predisposed to diseases like diabetes, heart, lung, or other, can attract those diseases first, due to a lowered immunity, and only then fall victims of the virus with that diagnosis present. That must have especially been the case with the elderly folks, who, on top of everything felt terribly lonely without their families being allowed to visit them.

Indeed, with a compromised immune system one can die of a number of almost innocent single factors, or of their combinations.

Now, getting back to the yearly flu -- don't you think that, if the flu had ever been given this much dark publicity -- there would have been much, much bigger number of fatalities from it? Simply because that massive propaganda would have lowered people's immunity.

As that famous cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD has said: "That persistent fearmongering became our biology".

For a Word of Epilog

These days I am just wondering: With all those months, call it years, of the draconic measures being enforced on us, are we any better off today than we were two years ago?

Each year some 57 million people die worldwide for any number of reasons -- outside of any pandemic. Meaning that in each of the last two years those 57 million would have died -- even if there hadn't been a pandemic. Just wondering -- how many of those deaths have been ascribed to this virus.

Covid is to stay with us, with this or that variant of its family. With the time it may become obvious that we may have to look for a placebo effect in out trust for our natural immunity, which is called "non-specific", protecting us from any intruding pathogen -- as opposed to protection from vaccines which is "specific", so they have to be renewed with more and more new variants appearing.

Pandemic is already -- albeit reluctantly -- turning into endemic, just like yearly flu. My layman's prediction is that the Big Pharma will finally come up with some cheaper pills that will cure those infected. And that's something that had to be done two years go -- curing those infected, while letting the rest of the world live normally their lives.

It will have to be done, as the collective placebo will crush against the enormous number of those unvaccinated who have stayed alive despite surely having been exposed to the virus during the past two years.

And those are not some "superhumans" -- just people who chose to trust their natural immunity.

For a "deadly virus that's also airborne" it's a "miracle" that billions of unvaccinated have survived.

Indeed, the unvaccinated have made a huge dent in the collective placebo about vaccines' efficiency -- albeit, the fear once installed deeply into some people will linger for a long time, and we are bound to see them wearing masks in many years to come.

No suggestion works better than the one poking on our survival instinct.

Well, like I announced at the very start -- I am not claiming that anything in this article is worth more than a piece of fiction -- but then, like a wise man once said:

"It doesn't matter what you are looking at -- but what you see."

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2022 Val Karas

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