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The Truth About the Immune System

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Student of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, Systems Biology, Traditional Medicine and Computer and Systems Science.



The Immune System mRNA

What we need is a a Systems approach and what a Systems approach reveals is that the body, first of all, is a unique system.

Your body is different than my body.

The immune system is a very complex system. It's not just the innate and it's not just the adaptive. So when man tries to go "create a solution," and play with nature, we need to understand there are many, many sub-systems taking place here.

The key takeaway is that we only know today, 2% of the human genome. The other 98% which are these genes (mRNA) they're not just creating protein coding genes, they are creating other RNAs and we don't fully know how they work.


The Immune System: The Operating System of Your Body

First of all, the immune system is like the operating system of your body.

If you take your iPhone or Android, you know they have an operating system and all the apps run on it. Well, if you think of it very simply, your immune system is the operating system. All your other systems leverage that. Your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system etc. but what the Big Pharma Medical Mafia has done is they divide everything up into little diseases but at the core of it is your immune system.

If your immune system is composed of essentially a bunch of little boxes interacting, one of them is your innate immune system which is the system that's in your eyes your nose, our throat. When a bacteria comes that's the first thing that reacts.

Then, there's another system called your interferon system a lot of MDs don't even know about this. It's a system that's a missing link that when a virus comes all these genes get up, regulated to protect you from other viruses. It's quite extraordinary and then you have your adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system is like sharpshooters and they take out individual pathogens using antibodies but that's not it!

Underneath all this and around all of this is a microbiome which is in your gut. It's all the 60 trillion bacteria plus another 380 trillion viruses which are called the virome and all of this stuff that's in your gut interacts through the gut-brain-access to your brain or your neural system.

So all of these things are interacting. It's a very complex system but the most important thing with the immune system is:

What you need is different than what I need, what he needs or what anyone else out there needs.


One size does NOT fit all.

The immune system is a complex system but most importantly, you need to learn the fear-mongering sayings: "the virus is going to hurt you," "the virus that eats away your flesh like ebola," "the virus destroys your lungs," are total BS.

This is a reality, if you have a strong and good working immune system and it's not weakened and dysfunctional your body knows how to take a hit. It produces the right antibodies. All your systems come together. You may get a sniffle, you may get slightly sick and you come back stronger.

But if you're weak and have a dysfunctional immune system, pre-existing conditions, if you smoke or have diabetes, heart disease or you're obese and you have all these other issues, your body will overreact and it'll start, not just attacking that virus, but it'll also attack places where those viruses land.

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In the case of coronavirus that goes to your lungs, your body is attacking itself. In a case of the ebola, it goes to your endothelial, it attacks parts of your heart and you start bleeding of the arteries.


Boost Your Immunity

So the bottom line is, if you take care of your operating system: your immune system, everything takes care of itself.

Western medicine creates individual diseases to make maximum profit.

At the heart of it is your immune system that's what it is, so the bottom line is the way you protect your immune system.

You have good relationships with people, laugh, have social relationships, you boost antimicrobials to lower inflammatory compounds. Number one, vitamin D from the sun that your body creates. Vitamin A, iodine, zinc and there's many other nutrients but the bottom line is one size does not fit all, mandated medicine from top down is never going to work for everyone, it may work for some people so boost your immune system.

Build community, boost immunity.

Principle Behind Your Body Your System

Boost Your Immune System

The fear-mongering people in the Big Pharma Medical Mafia attempt to do "one-size-fits-all medicine" to try to vaccinate everyone with the same thing and remember this is not about pro or anti-vaccine. This is really about science and recognizing that all of our bodies are unique and we all need different things to support us but more importantly than vaccines is, boosting our immune system.

Your Immune System, The Orchestra:

Imagine you're the sound engineer of an orchestra, you have a mixing console filled with instrument faders but the only instrument you want to bring up is the bass so, you've soloed the bass. Just the bass playing. One instrument. Now, let's call the bass, the antibody.

Meanwhile, there's a bunch of other instrument faders, there's the keyboard who represents the IFN-A, another fader provides the instrument; macrophages, another provides IFN-Gamma, another fader represents the drums; NK Cells, there are also T Cells, you get the idea.

But what's coming out of the speakers at the moment is just the bass, a very limited version of the song, limited music, it's basically a single note. The whole goal with the vaccine at the moment is only to get the antibody.

So think about it this way with this model. If you have any understanding of what an immune system is, what is being pumped through mainstream media is embarrassing. Stop being naive, they don't give a damn about your immune system, all they care about is Big Pharma, Big Hospitals and Big Insurance. And unfortunately, the doctors and physicians out there, well meaning people, don't have a clue about the entire body as a system and that's why we need to take science/matters into our own hands.

You must be very foolish to not realise this basic concept of the immune system as an orchestra, because when you go to play a single note, and you're just trying to get an antibody regulated and you don't have ALL THE OTHER orchestra playing, do you not have the brains to think that you're going to cause some other problems? The reason Nature has the IFN system, the microbiome, the virome, it's expecting an ORCHESTRA, AN ENSEMBLE EFFECT.

That's what Systems are.

Your Body, Your System


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