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The Tranquil Turtle and Twinkling Twilight Turtle Will Make Your Child’s Bedroom Comfortable


The Comfort and Security of a Nightlight

Young children have an inherent need for comfort and a feeling of security and safety. Parent hav long known this, which is why there are so many different kinds of devices used in the child’s room. Short of looking under the bed for a monster, what most children want at night is the security of light — darkness being an unknown that can be frightening. As a result the child nightlight was created — first being a simple table lamp left on or the door to the bedroom left open, but then expanded into child-specific nightlights. But for all the child nightlights out there, things change and more is requested by children seeking the safety of a nightlight that can do more. One way is to change the nightlight’s shape — turning it into a recognizable and lovable shape that can comfort the child. Another way is to increase the effects of what the nightlight can do, so that it doesn’t just project a bit of light but has variable and additions to what that light can be. Cloud-b has taken this to heart with their Tranquil Turtle and their Twinkling Twilight Turtle, both of which take the concept of the simple nightlight and turn it into so much more. So let’s start with the Tranquil Turtle.


The Tranquil Turtle

The Tranquil Turtle sounds like it has something to do with water — and it does. It features a light projector that creates an “underwater” effect from the projected light — one that is serene and features undulating waves. As this occurs, the sound machine also plays, with one of two sounds that have been built in to compliment the peaceful effect. One can be considered as an accompaniment to the waves, being the sound of “whispering waves,” while the other is a gentle melody.


So A Child Can Feel Safe and Calm Going to Sleep

This turtle is designed to help a child fall asleep amidst a feeling of calm and safety (i.e., no fear of those “monsters”), and while there’s a plastic shell, the turtle is also made as a soft plush that can be grasped by small hands, if at least for helping the parent place it next to their bed. The ocean scene that appears on the ceiling and walls when the turtle’s shell is pressed (actually the button that it there), starts a built-in time that deactivates light and sound after 23 minutes have passed (considered a reasonable time for the child to fall asleep). Should more time be needed, another press repeats the 23 minute timer. Battery powered, the lack of needing electricity means it can be more portable and that placement is not dependent on where a wall outlet is. This soothing night aid comes in Aqua, Ocean and Pink colors and is a winner of the Infant Toy of the Year Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.


The Twinkling Twilight Turtle

The Twinkling Twilight Turtle is obviously a turtle, one whose look is comforting and appealing. It is designed to be placed near the child so that it can do two things: project light and play sounds. To being with light, it can project above it onto a ceiling three solid colors - amber, blue, green — all of which have been shown to be comforting and “soft” to the eye and so to the child. A total of 8 constellations can be projected per single solid color, and there’s Star Guide for aiding in identifying the constellations — again as is obvious, projecting constellations can bring sleep but can also be an aid for causing creativity and wonder for the child to view in the “sky” (i.e., the ceiling) in conjunction with a parent. Additionally a “twinkling” star effect can be projected as well.

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All of this makes for a multicolor light shell on the turtle’s shell (a retro spin on that disco ball of the past -LOL). The turtle’s other ability is to play 2 melodies — these are designed to be soothing and there is a volume control to adjust. Finally it should be noted that all of the technology of the turtle runs off of a series of 3 “AAA” batteries — a built in auto shut-off being of aid here for not just conserving battery power but also allowing the turtle to do its thing while/as the child falls asleep. It comes in Aqua and Pink colors.

And yes these turtles are portable, so traveling with them is no problem at all. For more details on both of these turtles, go to

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