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5 Best Picks for Mens Comfort Cruiser Bicycles

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Stacie L has a new cruiser bicycle with 10 speeds and finds it so rewarding to travel around the neighborhood or the woods.

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Bikes made for comfort

I've reviewed some of the best cruiser bikes for men. For some reason these bicycles have not always been accepted as well as the women's. It's got something to do with looking uncool or geeky. Those who are conscientious about the environment will not care what their peers think.

Don't think bike riding is just for the warmer months. People are riding in all weather conditions. Of course 2 feet of snow may slow some down a little. Maybe a set chains will help get you out to enjoy the day!

Leisurely riding through the neighborhood is a relaxing and invigorating experience. You can get exercise, see nature up close and personal and save some cash. It's a good way to just ride that allows you to sit up straight, on a fully padded seat and upright handlebars.

The only difference in the men's and women's models is the metal bar across the front frame to under the seat. It was supposed to add strength. The women's didn't have this because women rode bicycles with dresses or skirts and that bar got in the way.

Getting around town, or riding from one end of campus to the next, makes this option very attractive. While some people are electing to go "green" to prevent air pollution, this will also save money on an expensive car and all the maintenance involved.

Anyway, a lot of the attraction has to do with the comfort factor. The five to ten speeds are certainly cool looking, but being hunched over the down turned handlebars is a back breaker. Also, have you ever sat on those ten speed bikes for any length of time? It's painful riding long distances on that narrow and hard seat!

Mongoose Placid Cruiser


Mongoose Placid

I've reviewed the most popular, highest rated men's cruisers and ranked them from least expensive to most expensive.

The Mongoose Placid 26" Mens Cruiser Bike has the wide tires good for beach riding, or use the 21 speed SRAM 3.0 rear derailleur with SRAM 3.0 twist shifters to race down the highways.

It's easy to carry with it's lightweight alloy frame and Mongoose riser bar. The front and rear pull brakes controlled from the handle grips.

Comes in black and blue design with no fenders and chain guard. Great for college students getting around town or campus. Weighs 41 pounds.

Mens Huffy Newport Cruiser

Mens Huffy Newport Cruiser

Huffy Newport

The Huffy Men's Newport 26-Inch Cruiser Bike is a very basic, sturdy bike. It's been updated since the last writing and seems a little more stylish.This one is featuring a charcoal with bright yellow trim work on the wheels, seat color steel frame with chrome upright handle bars and fenders.

The brakes are linear pull steel located in the handle grips. This is easy on the hands.

Just attach a back basket for books and you are set to get around campus or town on your economical and comfortable ride.

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Polaris IQ

The Polaris IQ Men's Cruiser is a very classic-looking retro bike.

It's red, white and blue, heavy duty steel frame, wide white wall tires, chrome fenders and handlebars make this a very attractive ride.You will feel safe riding this over bumps and curbs.

Add a back basket ,reflectors and helmet for the total package.

Mens Pacific Shorewood

Mens Pacific Shorewood

Pacific Shorewood

The Pacific Shorewood Men's 26" cruiser bicycle is built on a sturdy steel frame, wide upright handlebars,whitewall tires and comfortable padded seat. This is the first one I'm recommending that has cable brakes and 7 speed gears.

It's a step up from the basic cruiser, so squeezing the brake handles may be an adjustment if you're used to pedal brakes.

This is a very handsome maroon color men's bike that looks and acts well on the beach, around town or long distance touring. Add a bike lock, helmet and seat bag.

Firmstrong Urban Man Cruiser


Firmstrong Urban Man Single Speed

The Urban Man bicycle from Firmstrong is a single speed (pedal brake) with a nice, strong frame for everyday use.

You can use this to bike on campus from building to building. It's not fancy, but it is very easy to pedal and carry into your dorm or apartment.

If you live near the shore, the 26', wide balloon tires can carry you through the sand with ease. The no rust aluminum rims let you enjoy the ocean breezes without a care.

This 19" frame build will be a comfortable ride for most men 5'5" and up.

The best part of this comfort bike are the upright handlebars. This feature will certainly save you from backaches, as you will be able to sit up straight while cruising.

The other nice feature is that it is now on sale and comes in so many color choices. The ten colors are black, army green, brown, royal blue, matte grey, matte brown, matte blue, matte black, emerald green, and chrome.

How to choose a cruiser bike

Summary of men's crusier bikes

Any one can appreciate a comfortable riding bike. Teens, college students, middle age men, and seniors can all ride a cruiser bike with little difficulty.

So here are my choices for men' s cruiser bikes that are basic to very chic and reasonably priced. Are you a basic kind of guy or need style and attention? Sturdiness and comfort are important to most and so are a big padded seat and upright handle bars.

Students will be going back to college or high school soon and these would be a good option for those who need to save money, get exercise and care about the environment.

Choosing a cruising bicycle for comfort is the biggest and most popular reason.The Firmstrong Urban man single speed for some may not be as prestigious as others with 10 speeds, but the guy who rides one will appreciate the quality.

The Polaris is a unique style and the Huffy is more traditional and the brand has been around a long time.

Find your style and ride for exercise, enjoyment and to save gasoline.

Poll on Mens Cruiser Bikes

  • A Review of Women's Cruiser Bikes
    Cruising bicycles are designed for leisure riding and have little or no-frills components. They have come a long way since I was a girl. No more are the heavy metal clunkers with balloon tires and sharp fenders of yesteryear.Ride in comfort and style

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