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The Story of a Stretch Mark

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Stretch Marks Puberty to Golden Years Each One Matters

The stretch mark is relevant to every stage of life. Puberty to the golden years, each stretch mark has its purpose. Our stretch mark stories are beautiful imprints of the intricate legacy forming; some will bring joy and others sadness, but they each carry their importance in the circle of life.

Manet's Before The Mirror

Manet's Before The Mirror

The dazzling brilliance of morning swooped in as she took a waking breath wiggling her toes only to bask in the warmth, which had settled the denting spots now forming her body from a night of ambiguous sleep. The final hour of slumber had placed her in a state of comfort as signals of muscle aches and nerve twinges were making their way to her brain.

She lay still holding off the struggle to begin as she faces the first foot placement followed by the impending glance into the mirror. Then, finally, she meets her truth as it stares back, shocking her into the reality of another day in the story of her stretch marks.

The first of many stretch marks arrived a lifetime ago, most approached with an appreciation of or even excitement as her tiny body formed the early signs of becoming a woman. The euphoria of the first stretch mark fades, but why should the joy and excitement of miles stones, lives lived, even triumphs, lose their power to provide awesomeness? Who decides when the stretch mark no longer has an appeal?



For a moment in our story, we rewind, reminiscing about pubescence without the worry of genuinely revisiting this awkward time. During this phase, a stretch mark was a sign of a body changing with anticipation starting to swell (no pun intended). Puberty was an undeniable truth, but with excitement and attention came attacks from an ever-changing peer group armed with insecurities. Thus begins an almost lifelong cover-up of our tiny battle scars.

Young adulthood brought a slight reprieve, making their mark, yet less likely to jump out. Subtle in their creep, these marks present during life's special events such as dating or not dating due to the unavoidable supply of ramen, pizza, popcorn, and peanut butter. These staples of a college dorm room diet made the struggle real, but youthful elasticity allowed a pliable response to this sustenance method.

Unhealthy choices can become a companion to livelihood when poor and hungry. Still, this phase of our story is more forgiving as the stretch has an energetic attitude to bounce back, a sort of forgiveness period, or God's grace; while figuring it all out, you could say, "God has us covered!"

The Early Stretch Marks can be Exciting and Confusing


Young Adulthood

“The bounce- stretch marks” are those of our youth, and they have to be an all-time favorite. The bounces make themselves available for splurging while learning to navigate life’s hurdles at the same time. Early independence allows our stretch marks to take many directions with little understanding or concern for the consequences. Youthful imagination stands firm in the belief in infinite possibilities while creating feelings of unsteadiness for what the future holds. Thankfully, in our youth, things bounce; they stretch and often return to normal.

Youthful years allow a time to fly, wings outstretched, only to stumble! There is self-sabotage which is prevalent but unnoticed, hitting roadblock after roadblock before understanding the lack of clarity in handling the stretch. Confusion causes repeated fumbles wanting to get out from underneath the heaviness of another cover-up. No one wants to show the reality of the stretched-out self. The time of peer development is when we begin the learning phase of hiding our imperfections.

There is a bewildering, puff out our chest stretch when under attack, but remember there is an allowance for these stretches even when they leave us winded. As we sometimes lose sight of self-truth and take up camp with a process of lies telling us we’re not good enough, hopeless, afraid. All these lies add stretch; some are too difficult for us to come back from without a mark. But, you are perfect for such a time as this, and you are stretching; it is part of that process.

The stretch ensures a weak entrance and retreat during this part of the story; they show or are quick to dissipate if someone applies self-discipline. Self-discovery is a tedious process, so we walk with confidence; denying the stretch is to deny the story has meaning. Instead of looking inward, we try to discount our marks, hiding from them, becoming more disappointed in their approach. While we are thankful, they hold off on our experiential life path; stop looking at others, pointing fingers at their stretch marks, the ones they too are trying to cope with, and hide.

People do a skillful job of breaking one another down and giving stretch marks an ugly feeling, never allowing their purpose or beauty. Then we learn to hide ashamed of their truth, but there is beauty in the attainment of a stretch mark, and the fact is, we all have them, and they are beautiful in hindsight.


After becoming a couple, we entwine our collection of stretch marks. Sharing and figuring this phase together adds to the addition of new understandings and, for a time, a secret covering until a comfort level of trust and truth we establish. Entering this new phase in the story of a stretch mark and the marriage factor, we may desire to create tiny humans to continue a beautiful union's legacy.

The body now contorts and changes, allowing a large cavity to grow and contain life’s most precious gift: a baby or two, three, or more! This evolution of the stretch mark, we accept due to the lively presentation. These stretch marks add a few to their forms as the entire grouping celebrates the old saying, “eating for two,” or three. Each line of flesh tweaking and spreading is a new experience, and you almost trace the edges with your fingers, believing in the wondrous miracle of life growing inside.

On these mornings, one leaps out of bed, jumping in the mirror, admiring the beauty of the stretch mark. Everyone embraces the delicacy of each defining stretch, making it fascinating to experience the growth of a tiny human. The new creation's mere newness and innocence give the stretch marks free rein over the body, which is exquisite! This process can repeat a few times during this part of the story of a stretch mark, and although the world pounces in on top of fatigue and desires for your old self and form, the stretch mark is in this phase of procreation.

Stretching for a tiny human

Stretching for a tiny human


Somewhere amid this joy and adornment, the stretch mark gets a bad rap. There are many amounts of creams and lotions available to apply for diminishing their presence. Yet, if they sneak out in the summer months, they meet with a gasp of indignation. How can this be?

The stretch marks cower, and hides under coverings, and the inhabited doubts their worth and value. I suppose these stretch marks are met with love and despised at the same time. We earn them in life's battle, and they deserve our recognition!
These emotions and resentment seem to build, forming a devaluing of the relationship from which the stretch mark became part of our existence. Bitterness occurs as we lose focus of the experiences, somehow forgetting the fulfilling purpose and their significance during our story.

However, this is where the stretch mark and the form develop a love-hate relationship, creating a battle of confusion. The body forgets what made the stretch mark's possible and denies their presence, even casting them out, hiding them, and, yes, hate them!

Middle Age

How we wish this feeling of alienation did not occur as the feelings and emotions attached to denouncing our stretch are unhealthy. The passionate reaction to the negative side of the stretch mark clouds the beauty of its evolution. The appeal is opaque and a sore subject's presence due to regret or lack of recognition for their attachment. None of these attributes of despair have the slightest bit of empathy for the stretch mark. How sad is this?

The stretch marks silence themselves under a facade of coverings that make the inhabitants believe they will not be present by denying them. However, this is not the truth. Why do we reject the beauty of the stretch mark? It's imperative to allow the stretch in our lives for growth and maturation of self. Why do we learn to cover our time rather than embrace it? The space within our emotional heart, or dare I say, the stretch of developing scars or wrinkles. How evolving would it be if one could live in the truth of the purpose behind these beautiful markings? If we could surrender ourselves to the higher use of a master plan, using the testimony behind each stretch mark, scar, or wrinkle.

We should find it undeniable that once the stretch mark's story enters its middle age, there is an array of feelings and emotions attached. The hardest of stretches result from battle scars from emotional or physical traumas. Some of these experiences cause the form to adjust with weight up or down. The lessons may include joyful births, a health crisis, accidents, changes; some were tumultuous, others triumphant, and yet all rewarding in their process as they are signs of survival and witness.

One may not have appreciated the marks as the first childhood phase; they still deserve respect and admiration. Now, even more so, as they are signs of development over time, the battle scars that leave a stretch mark should have the most appeal, as they are the testimony of the stories shared among family, friends, and the world. Stretch marks are remnants of our personal story of overcoming or becoming by sacrificing, learning, living, loving, and laughing.

Beautiful Betty White embracing her stretch!

Beautiful Betty White embracing her stretch!

Golden Years

The aging- stretch mark has lived closer to the century mark than the birthmark and again regains its appeal and deserving admiration. The most extended stretches have come from surpassing a milestone, a loss or a challenge, a joyous birth, or a life event. No matter how they evolved, they deserve our respect, as they are part of our legacy. Embracing the stretch and then living life to its entirety devoid of lies is a goal most will never achieve; however, if honest, they're in this truth, lies the internal battle.

When we come to this phase of the story of a stretch mark, we must release the event's power that caused the stretch to become a humbling reality check. Letting go of the desire to hide our stretch marks is a means of conquering the negative thought, trying to deceive; this realization comes from surrendering to the spirit from whence they came. Part of the story, our story, is placed as a memory of survival, love, loss, growth, and witness.

Acknowledging our weakness, we are mindful that the stretch marks we complain about pale compared to the stretch marks made with a crown of thorns stretching the skin above His brow, His hands, and feet pierced by nails. The stretch marks in our story are testimony as we seek the example of Jesus Christ. Now, His scars and stretch warranted complaint, and still, there was none.

We should be proud of the stretch marks that allow our story, using every challenge and circumstance for God’s glory. Sometimes the harsh realities of the stretch marks preoccupy the owner and distract from proper acceptance and admiration. They are essential as they are a constant reminder, we have lived and have overcome not by our means but by the power of the cross. When angry or disappointed at our stretch, we remind ourselves - It is not the flesh and blood for which we battle. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world and evil spirits in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Try not to get distracted by what evil would have us believe about our stretch marks; it is not truthful; this evil wants nothing more than to lead the world astray. If we give attention to the negative in our stretch marks, we waste time we can use praising God, allowing their place and purpose. The story of a stretch mark is your truth that a battle ensued, and you came through by God's grace and mercy.

“defeated by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.” (Revelation 12: 11)

Embrace the story of your stretch marks and let them be for the glory of God.

What do you feel about your stretch marks?

© 2016 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on February 18, 2016:


Thank you for taking the time to read and share your comment. I am so pleased you felt my reasoning for stretch marks having such a greater value than we allow them. How wonderful to hear from someone as far away as New Zealand. I have always imagined traveling there, perhaps one day.

Have a blessed and beautiful day :)

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on February 16, 2016:

Quite a lovely way of looking at the 'stretch mark'. Really enjoyed this


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 30, 2016:

Dear Jodah,

Thanks very much for the read and comment. Life has been crazy busy trying to get back to Hub. Blessing to you always

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 29, 2016:

This was a unique but very worthy topic, Stages of ME. A detailed and beautiful history and reason for stretch marks. Very well written and an enjoyable read.

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