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The Secrets of Lemon Essential Oil for Weight Loss

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Lemon Essential Oil For Weight Loss

Lemon Essential Oil For Weight Loss

Secrets of Lemon Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Perfectly recognizable by its tangy scent, lemon essential oil (citrus limonum) could also be a flexible and thus precious ally for keeping a radiant shape. Obtained by the cold pressing of lemon zest, this pale yellow oil is mainly composed of limonene, pinene, terpinene and geranial. However, these natural components have proven to be particularly effective in combating a number of minor physical problems and, in particular, if you are looking to lose weight.

What are the Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil?

Aromatherapy recognizes many qualities in lemon essential oil for weight loss but also, in general, for promoting good health, beauty or even foolproof morale. For the Greeks and the Romans, it was a real panacea.

First of all, because it's purifying and antibacterial properties, it helps fight infections like colds and even promotes the healing process of wounds. Its concentration of antioxidants even makes it a perfect enemy for acne and skin problems (for oily or mature skin in particular).

It is also remarkably effective in fighting digestive disorders, including nausea, heartburn, constipation and digestive difficulties. Two different scientific studies, for example, have demonstrated the gastro-protective effect of this oil through its action on the HSP-70 and VIP proteins.

Thanks to the limonene it contains, lemon essential oil also has a protective effect on the hepatic system. This is because it is particularly useful for protecting the liver from potentially toxic compounds and for relieving gall bladders that are overworked.

Finally, this essential oil is a very relevant choice for relieving anxiety and regulating mood. A study (1), published in 2004 within the English scientific journal Brain Research, shows that it not only reduces the extent of corticosterone within the body (which may be a hormone thanks to stress) but also facilitates the pain management, especially headaches.

How Can Lemon Essential Oil Help With Weight Loss?

Using lemon essential oil for weight loss is an excellent strategy because it is a product capable of exerting an overall slimming action on the body, which is available on several levels and is therefore very effective.

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First of all, lemon essential oil works as an exceptional fat burner. Indeed, studies carried out jointly on the essential oils of lemon and grapefruit have demonstrated their ability to cause lipolysis (destruction of fat) very important and these thanks to the limonene that they both contain.

At the same time, lemon essential oil also has a draining action on the body, which allows it to eliminate toxins all the more effectively, especially the lipids degraded during lipolysis. This makes the digestion process more efficient, as is the action of the liver or kidneys, and the body operates at its highest level of activity. The combined diuretic action of lemon also helps to drain excess water stored by the body. This limits the appearance of cellulite and even helps reduce it, when it is already present.

Finally, by acting on the nervous system, this essential oil (thanks to the geranial which has anxiolytic properties) helps to limit the feeling of frustration which often goes hand in hand with a slimming diet and even has a real appetite suppressant effect by promoting the rapid onset of the feeling of satiety during meals. In addition, it seems, although this has yet to be scientifically demonstrated, that lemon essential oil helps regulate appetite and therefore prevent weight gain.

How do You Use Lemon Essential Oil?

Generally speaking, like the overwhelming majority of essential oils, lemon volatile oil should never be used pure and will always be diluted.

Once this precaution has been observed, it is often utilized in four ways:

  • Ingestion: As a part of an appropriate and diet, dilute one to 2 drops of lemon volatile oil during a large glass of water to drink the morning, before breakfast. Another technique can consist in pouring one or two drops of the same oil on a neutral support (a tablet for example) and to let it melt under the tongue, before or after each meal for an action suppressing appetite.
  • Inhalation: to limit appetite and promote feelings of fullness, 20 minutes before each meal, dilute one to two drops of lemon essential oil in an inhaler and breathe in the vapor produced.
  • Diffusion: To enjoy the advantages of lemon volatile oil without even brooding about it, dilute four to 6 drops during a bowl of predicament or a diffuse and let the mixture permeate the air within the chosen space.
  • Skin application: for a slimming action, mix two or three drops of lemon essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil or your moisturizer, apply the preparation to the parts of the body to be treated and massage until full penetration.

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Are There Any Contraindications To The Utilization of This Essential Oil?

Although natural, essential oils are powerful compounds and therefore should be used with care. Thus, the use of lemon essential oil is prohibited during the first three months of pregnancy as well as for the duration of breastfeeding. It should also not be used to treat a child under the age of five, an elderly person in fragile health or people with hormone-dependent cancers.

Depending on people and skin types, lemon essential oil can be irritating, even when diluted. It is therefore best to test it on a small area like the inside of the wrist first. However, in all cases, it is Photosensitizer, that is to say that when applied to the skin, one should not be exposed to sunlight or UV rays for at least six to eight hours.


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