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The Secret to a Refreshing Sleep; Treat and Prevent Insomnia.

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How Insomnia works its way into you?

At sleep all your body organs come to rest. The blood pressure is reduced; the breathing rate is made constant and the brain rests. The blood in your body, when you are active, flows to all organs and less to muscles, but when you sleep, the process is reversed. The blood flows from organs to muscles. So when you do body weight exercises, the muscles are damaged. During the sleep, these damaged muscles are repaired. That’s why when you do heavy work, you get good sleep. Also when in sleep, the proteins that are needed for cell growth are processed. That is the reason why small babies sleep for hours. During the sleep the body growth takes place. There are some diseases that affect sleep. The most common diseases are Parkinson’s disease, Neurosis rheumatoid and chronic pain diseases. Insomnia is the lack of sleep.

Insomnia - This is the disease that occurs for people with problem of getting a good sleep. The basic symptoms of insomnia includes…

  • Difficulty in getting sleep
  • Waking up often during night
  • Waking too early in morning
  • Feeling tired upon waking

There are 2 types of insomnia: Primary insomnia and Secondary insomnia.

a) Primary insomnia is the sleeplessness not associated with any diseases.

b) Secondary insomnia is the one which comes due to some diseases (cancer, asthma, depression etc.), that are already in our body.

Main causes of insomnia:

Stress due to job loss; change of job type; death of loved ones; divorce etc.
Environmental conditions (noisy, too bright light, uncomfortable climatic condition)
Medications: Patients undergoing medication
Interference: People who have home near airport, transport terminals, kids playing


Tips for a refreshing good night sleep:

  1. Go to bed at regular time: If you practice to go to bed at 10pm every day, then on the course of your life, you will start experiencing sleep as soon as 10pm comes. Your body will schedule itself to start sleep mode at 10 pm.
  2. If you go to sleep at 10 pm don’t do any work beyond 10 pm. Do not touch your phone. The light that comes from your phone's screen will wake you up.
  3. Since darkness will bring you sleep, try to keep the room dark by installing low bright light and installing a dark color screen for the windows. Keep the air conditioner at an optimal temperature that is comfortable for your body condition. Try to keep away substances such as perfumes, room fresheners, which produce extreme smell inside the room. Keep all those make up kits away from your bedroom. A bed room is only for sleep.
  4. If you have the habit of drinking coffee, prevent it. Researchers say, the effect of the caffeine in coffee, remain up to 7 hours in your body. So if you can’t leave drinking coffee, then at least prevent it during evening or nighttime.
  5. Whether it may be the television or computer or that music player that causes disturbance, remove it. Suppose if you want to sleep, but your wife wants to see her favorite program on television or those episodes of “How I met your mother” on the computer, then you can opt for two ways. One is either you can get her a new headphone or you can get an earplug. It is better to give her a headphone, because if you put on the earplug and go for sleep, she may feel that you are insulting her. But if you give her a new headphone, she may think “My husband loves me a lot! That’s why he has got me a headphone set.” It will be more effective if you give it on anniversary or birthday.
  6. Keep away all your worries from your mind. Most of us get these sleep disorder because we focus more on worries rather than sleeping. Listen to some relaxing instrumental music, read a book or do some meditation and bring your mind to a relaxed state.
  7. When you are traveling long distance, you can sleep during the travel.
  8. Try to cut down on drinking and smoking.
  9. Do exercise regularly: If you do exercise regularly then you will get good sleep. Do aerobic exercises or body strength exercises with high intensity. You will get good sleep.
  10. I guess you are familiar with the golden rule of not eating after 19.00. Well, if you want to eat something, you can, even just before going to bed. You should keep in mind though, that your meal should be filled with proteins, as science says it will help you fall asleep faster and have a nice good energizing sleep.

My personal sleep techniques to wake up refreshed:

Some unusual tips that help me fall asleep faster, when my body is too tired and my mind is still racing:

First of all, I have applied this trick I am about to share with you, since I first started daydreaming. What I do is that I make up stories in my mind, stories that would never happen in my real life, or conversation that would take place. Sometimes the stories I make up are about me thinking of who I could have been in a previous life, and other times are stories of how things may go for me, starting from this point of my life. I have found out that this practice, also helps you find out who you are, what you want and what you lack from your abilities, because when you make up stories, you also make up a different you, or a “you” that has a couple qualities or can do a couple things more.

There are times when I am so tired of making up stories, or even replaying the old ones, while adding details, new characters, or new lines in a conversation, that I do not want to do it at all. The thing is that my mind is so used to this process that I can not help myself but go back at it. So, in a few words, everything has its own positives and negatives, its ups and downs, and you are the eye of the storm.

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Second trick I apply is doing simple yoga poses in bed. Sometimes they really do help, other times they just stretch my body, but do not relax me enough to fall asleep. Either way, just go ahead and try yoga for a week or so, maybe it would do the trick for you!

I have also tried the breathing technique, where you breathe air in counting to 4, you hold it counting to 7 and you breathe out counting to 3, and you just keep repeating the process until you feel totally relaxed, which in my opinion would mean: shutting down your brain. This breathing technique helps circulate blood to the brain, while helping it relax. However, it has not helped me much. It is somehow like meditation and even though I know that a good meditation does not mean to shut up your mind, instead it means that you let your thoughts flow, come and go, still I can not make myself fall asleep. But it may work for you, so do not forget to try it out as well.


Update: Meditation Technique and Lavender Oil.

It came to a point where my life got erratic and my mind was no better. My anxiety started to show itself as strong heart beats every night when I went to sleep. The night-dreaming technique was no longer efficient.

So, I went back to the old ways of treating mental blockages with herbs. I got myself lavender oil essential and every night once I lied down, I applied a dab of it on each of my wrists, my forehead, and under my nose. The smell of it calmed me down instantly and I was able to sleep.

It worked for a week or so, maybe because it was something new. But once my body adjusted it kind of stopped working. Then I got into meditation. From that point on, every night when I lie down to sleep, I meditate.

Meditation is not about thinking and seeing blank, but entertaining your thoughts just enough for your brain to process them and let them go. I say "process" not analyze. So you don't go deep into your thoughts, you almost witness them like an outsider.

Once you feel your body getting heavier, you can turn to your side, or the position in which you sleep and have a good rested night sleep.

It only takes me 5-10 minutes to fall asleep now!

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Salefinder on November 03, 2017:

Very good read

FlourishAnyway from USA on October 24, 2017:

This was good. As someone with MS, I sleep a lot. My family knows me as someone who can sleep anywhere and anytime. I’ve slept in a noisy MRI machine and while waiting six hours at the dealership to have my car fixed. Sleep is the most wonderful and restorative medicine there is. I usually sleep with my cats who provide great comfort, and I ensure the room is as dark as possible for best results.

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS from Memphis on October 24, 2017:

I really enjoyed this. Very helpful.

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