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The Secret of Living a Happy Life


Undoubtedly, no one wants to waste his energy, fail, or live his life without purpose. Every single one thinks about success, which leads him towards maturity. Maturity is when the human being finds his direction of life and guidance according to his priority. Every human being wants to improve himself and make a future better than his present.

Limited Opportunities with Limited Way of Thinking:

Life is divided into two parts. First, amateur and second are mature. Nature provided us with unlimited opportunities. Unfortunately, we are unable to think out of the box. We should recognise the artist inside ourselves. Search for passion is the search for life.

Two Faces:

There are two types of people in this world. First, they who do not want to get up early. Those who hate their work and life. The majority of people in the first category commit suicide. Second, those who love their life and their work as well. Their passion forces them to work late at night and get up early in the morning. They are even do not know the word 'tiredness' because they work by heart. Those are motivated and love their work compared to the first category of people. According to the research of Howard University, 97% of people are working in the wrong way. There are not created for the work they are doing. They work without motivation. They look alive, but actually, they are walking dead. Only 3% of people work for happiness, motivation, passion, and living a beautiful happy life.

Every single human has two faces. First is the physical face, and the second is the face of his work. The second face is the true identity which will remain even after his death. The journey to self-discovery will never end.

Inner Treasure:

Every single one has a treasure inside him. This treasure is called happiness and passion. Undoubtedly, a human being always tries to collect books, attend workshops, watch videos, and finding role models, according to his interest. Every human has different interests, that is why he likes different heroes.

Inspiration is such a great blessing of nature. Human is such a creature that has the speciality of inspiration, unlike other creatures. Inspiration helps a lot to search for passion. There is no more terrifying crime rather than living a life without the right direction and passion.

An Important Question of Life:

Passion is such a blessing of nature. Recognising passion is the gateway to confidence. It keeps you away from barriers of life. It is the best way to keep you ignorant of criticism from your society. It leads you beyond the fear of failure and desire for success. Lucky is the man who finds his passion.

What is my passion? This question has an outstanding significance in life. If you find the answer to this question, then you will be a successful person in your life. Love for your work is an excellent thing for a beautiful life. Wisest is the man who connects his passion with his profession.

Are You Enjoying Your Life?

People who do not struggle for searching for their passion are just passing their period of life. They are not enjoying their life. Guinness is the man who manages his work and time so beautifully that this work will keep him alive even after his death. Search for your passion for a happy life; otherwise, your life will be boring, and you will regret it on your death bed.

Generally, a man works 9,000 hours in his life span. Whether you want to spend these 9,000 hours as a burden or enjoying it is all upon you. A man with a negative state of mind cannot even change his way of thinking. On the other hand, a man with a positive state of mind can change his whole nation's thinking. Albert Einstein himself declared that he had no expertise or skills, but he discovered his passion, and now he is alive even after his death.

In Short, you are a human being with the quality of inspiration, search for passion, and making yourself the best version of yourself. Do not be afraid of failure. Do not be afraid of your society. Do not be afraid of your lack of skill. Do what you want, find out your inner treasure, and change the world. This is your time to make a decision.


Beth Cristina on April 03, 2021:


schoolgirlforreal on March 08, 2021:

Hi this is very useful however according to you 97% people commit suicide. Nope! And there are many who like to works nights so you're wrong there too!!!!

Please fix that. Let's not go that far. Take out that part.

I believe in afterlife and Jesus.

Thank you


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