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The Secret To Consistency

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Austrian National Library, Wien, Austria

Austrian National Library, Wien, Austria

Being consistent is one of the most important qualities to attaining success, but it's also one of the hardest things to do.

Have you ever felt like you just don't have enough energy to finish all the activities you told yourself you were going to do? Do you really not have sufficient energy? Or are you trying to do too much? I'd say, in most cases it's the latter.

The No.1 Rule For Consistency

Being consistent is hard enough. But being consistent doing a lot of hard things regularly is nearly impossible, unless you're a true workaholic.

Now what am I getting at here? The point I want to get across is you shouldn't be treating yourself like a slave. Because that's what you're doing when you're forcing yourself to finish too many tasks and that's just not going to do. You'll burn yourself to the ground with that approach. And then of course when you've finally exhausted yourself, you'll go multiple weeks without doing any work and obviously that's not productive.

If you find it too difficult to be consistent, then you probably need to lessen your workload.

Burning out is the no.1 impediment to consistency.

Burning out is the no.1 impediment to consistency.

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Stay On Top Of Burning Out

Aside from not treating yourself like a slave, here are 2 more ways you can keep burnout at bay:


A lot of people actually rest the wrong way. Their idea of resting is something like sitting on the couch and watching TV. I mean sure you're getting yourself relaxed physically, but not mentally.

If your work mostly involves tough physical labor and not much mental strain, then you can rest like that. But if not, then you need to rest your mind.

Make sure you get enough sleep every night. I personally recommend 7 hours as the minimum amount.

Meditating and taking short naps during the day are good as well. Even just closing your eyes for a few seconds would be helpful.

Do What You Enjoy

Put some fun activities on your schedule. Maybe you can get a relaxing massage or buy yourself something nice. Or maybe you can play video games or sports. It could be anything as long as you enjoy doing it.

Give yourself a reward for finishing the tasks you set yourself out to do. This will help you stay motivated to take action.

Wrapping Up

So the secret to consistency is to not tyrannize yourself. Instead, only put in the amount of work you can sustain at a regular basis. Get enough rest and do things you like so you stay energized and motivated.

You're human, so treat yourself like one. Take care of yourself properly and you'll crack the code of consistency.

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