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The Ruinous Covid-19 Crisis- a Summary of the Damage It Has Caused

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The concerning covid-19 situation

Every day we come across the report of someone becoming a victim of this malady, leaving us feeling wretched. Some people did not even have enough time to grieve over the separation from their loved one’s because they need to keep working hard consistently to even earn a normal, necessary livelihood.

Some of us are still convalescing from the shock of losing our beloved family members, while others are bored because of the restrictions on family gatherings, programs, wedding, award ceremonies and other social gatherings or are busy postponing studies and trying to get used to their online education. It has grown to become the prime issue of discussion throughout the world. If we dive further into analyzing this catastrophe, we might have an epiphany that it has left our souls and our economy in complete wrecks.

It has transitioned from a pandemic disease that spreads from person to person, to an endemic disease that will always live in the surrounding environment, so we must grow accustomed to living with this affliction and shape up our lifestyle. The COVID-19 virus is going to be a regular threat.


Vaccinating people aiming for the virus to be less lethal can resolve the risk of the rising death count. The death count is around 3.7 million with 173 million substantiated cases globally as of early June. Because certain regions in the world still have low testing rate, we can say that the numbers are much higher than the analyzed data. Some people decide to stay at home and get treatment, while some pay a visit to hospitals for recovery, public fighting for hospital beds as a few regions lack efficient medical staff and beds. Some doctors have to make a choice about whom to save, as they see innumerable patients as they are on the deathbed waiting for the doctor to make them free from the ailment. The medical staff has seen horrible scenarios like these in this ongoing pandemic, but are trying their best to contain the virus. It has left no stone unturned, almost every sector is affected by the widespread of this fatal virus. The different parts of the world are affected differently, some countries facing a shortage of initial medical supplies and some providing necessary help to their neighbouring countries. There are a souring number of patients in some regions with insufficient supply of ventilators, oxygen and other medical equipment.


How services and employment are affected by the pandemic

The aviation industry faced a great loss due to the travel restrictions causing them to lose their consumers.

The Agricultural sector has faced loss due to the shutting down of many markets that sell their goods also as 80 per cent of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood its deprivation is substantial. The crisis has made the peasants and public engaged in small businesses vulnerable as they no longer have enough customers as they do not have access to large markets, pushing a lot of families into poverty.

Unemployment which has always been an issue of concern for many countries also went with the flow of the deleterious pandemic and many young people remain unemployed desperately trying to find a job, while others left their jobs due to lesser profit in their respective profession or were kicked out as there was no work left for them, adding up to the unemployed population in the world.

The entertainment and film industry continue their work but are definitely experiencing a huge loss in box office sales, sometimes being hit by scenarios like empty cinema halls as the public decides to stay home quarantined. The online streaming platforms have shown a huge increase in streaming sessions by the public as people prefer home theatre set up rather than going to the cinema hall.

Talking about the sports sector, the major sporting events and competitions were either cancelled or postponed.

The crisis has caused lower productivity in many other fields like science, technological and space programs.

The coronavirus has caused panic and anguish in all walks of life. People practising profuse occupations and jobs faced difficulty keeping up with the venture. Also, the economic loss it has led to is not something we can promptly recover from. The Covid-19 pandemic has become the greatest economic slump in global history. The economic impact of a pandemic depends on the required efforts put in to contain the virus and the proper distribution of the vaccines.

The service and manufacturing sector has been facing difficulties from the beginning of the pandemic. The tourism and travel based companies have not many consumers as social distancing and home quarantine measures are been followed by the public in fear of contagion. The transport system, railways, waterways and especially aviation have been hit by the same leading to people cancelling their reservations and flights.

The prevention

People who are home quarantined have reports of anxiety, depression and mental health issues as the pandemic has caused loneliness for many individuals. But, amid all this, a lot of people also have been successful in setting up online businesses through social media platforms. Like it is said a coin has two sides, meaning every situation has its pros and cons, low pollution rate and less traffic are two of the cons in this devastating crisis. But even after all these pernicious scenarios, some crazy young teenagers are ready to go to party nights without wearing masks and not following the social distancing norms. This pandemic is unfortunate and uncalled-for, but we need to adjust our lives and survive carefully, so let us all try to stay safe and quarantined in our houses, make sure we wear a mask while going out, constantly wash our hands with an antiviral soup and be immune against the virus by getting vaccinated. We require to be responsible for the welfare of our family’s and follow all the updated guidelines set up by the authorized institutions and I believe that by doing so we can overcome the fatal impact of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Let us all try to stay safe!

Thank you

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Let's stay protected and safe.

ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on June 05, 2021:

My Covid-19 story goes as follows:

So basically I was tested positive for covid in April and have recovered. But unfortunately, some of my close ones weren't that lucky to have recovered from the ailment. He got the first dose of the vaccine so when he got fever he ignored it thinking they were side effects of the vaccine, but he was wrong and his oxygen dropped, unfortunately, he couldn't be saved. Please don't think of your vaccine side effects lightly take necessary measures to stay safe and get vaccinated as soon as possible, wear a mask and don't unnecessarily go out. Tell me your 'covid story' IN THE COMMENTS.

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