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The Role of Social Terrorists In Personality Development of the Children

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Ali Razab as a Clincial Psychologist in a reputable Hospital is taking cases of children who are victims of "Social Terrorists".

Save Children From Social Terrorist


Social Terrorism

Social terrorism (theory came from the Structural- Functional School of thought) is the product of three things.

1- To deviate from the social order and morality in result of copying the behavior of elders.

2- Establishing the New famous and authentic trends and symbols in the place of old authentic trends and social symbols with peaceful- stress and revolutionizing and revitalizing knowledge.

3- A silent and cold "Protest or Reaction" against the developed- perception that a group of the society is getting all what is needed and the other group of the same society is lacking all the facilities the other group is having already.

Social Terrorists

The definition of the Social Terrorists is

"The people in someone's life existing in a society who are responsible for a deviating- behavioral change in the life of children & adults, are responsible for changing the old trends of the society with new and deformed meanings of the things in the minds of children & Adults peacefully and Stressfully, and, are responsible for the incarnation of sense of injustice regarding the distribution of power and resources among the society groups in the minds of children & adults are simply Social- Terrorists".

Personality of Children

Children throw all the colours of life through their personality (thoughts, feelings and behaviors) by their "Tabula- Rasa"; (A Clean and transparent Slate of their mind). The problem comes. When, Social Terrorists start modifying children's way of perceiving a thing in a deviant but stressful and a peaceful way. They destroy the personality of the children and also they bring up another "Social Terrorist".

How The Social Terrorist Change the Perceptions "A Simple Example"


Social Terrorists Destroy the Personality of Children

I have explained already the concept of Social Terrorists. Now the more elaboration of the the link between Social Terrorists and Personality of the children will be tied to explain here.

The people who fall in the category of the Social Terrorists are.

1- Parents.

2- Teachers.

3- Relatives

4- Peers.

5- Friends.

6- Other Significant People of the Society (e.g., Bosses, Professioanls, and, Authority figures in the Society).

All of the above mentioned individuals in the particular society have knowledge. They all know how to play with the children's mind. They all try to change and influence the thoughts, feelings and behaviors (Children's personality) of the children as they possess these integers in their own selves.

How Social Terroriats (Parents & Teachers) Destroy Children's personality

Here are many different ways how Social terrorists destroy the life of innocent children.

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Parents and Teachers as Social Terrorists

Parents and Teachers ask the children to stop. They both ask their children and students to stop form every pleasure- feeling activity they are involved in. The ego of the children gets confused either their parents and teachers love them or they are just their enemies who stop them from playing, wandering around freely, taking anything into mouth, not doing class- work or home- work properly, and, spending time with the favourite persons unliked by their parents and teachers. If their children don't agree to them; both parents and teachers punish them with every possible new method of punishing they can think of. Children, on the other hand, start following their parents and teachers in every regard.

If their parents and teachers are stopping them from a pleasurable activity or things, they start stopping their age- fellows from the same pleasurable activities or things. Their ego and the ego of their fellow age- mates starts getting confused rapidly.

They develop a confusion in their personality, tie them up in a shell (hard to crack) of confusion and destroy their personality ethics badly.

Children Getting Confused and Angry Mood


Relatives, Peers and Friends as Social Terrorists

Relatives, peers and friends (society, school and childhood friends) have a unique social terrorism in them. They blame their children for anything bad. For example, they may say to their children; "the cat died because you drank all the milk in the pot which was put there for the cat".

They blame and blame more. They possess children who feel guilty of themselves for every deed of sin or mistake. That's how they change the meanings of life from good to bad in the minds of children. Children when become adults they do the same with their children. The vicious cycle of social terrorism goes on.

Other Significant people Bosses

There are several Authority figures or Bosses at home and workplace. They want complete obedience by their children as their "owned children" or their "owned employees".

They put mental pressure of doing good and doing work going beyond the maximum limit of potential they can do the daily work.

For example, bosses say to their own children. "If you don't complete the home- work by evening, I shall not take you out to have ice- cream". A boss in the work place may say to the employee, "you will hgo through serious consequences if you don't complete the given assignment in office time".

These Bosses may lead their children or employees to at least three kind of harms.

1- Physical harm

2- Mental Stress

3- Sexual harm

The personality of the children gets destroyed by going through such big havocs.


Social terrorism is a monster. Social Terrorists are literate people who black- mail and brain- wash their children and they almost destroy their personalities (by changing them from good to bad).

Social terrorists twist and change the minds of their children from good to bad and they carve a hazardous and toxic personality in their children. When the children become adult, they copy and exploit their next generation children and stop them performing a positive role in the society.

If the Social Terrorism is to be stopped and controlled, we shall have to take some steps.

1- to convey to the parents to not stop their children from fulfilling their egos till the age of 7.

2- Stopping their children from doing a standard- bad thing and telling them the true meanings of the bad things instead of hiding bad meanings and just asking them to stop without telling them the true meanings of the bad deeds to the age of 14.

3- After the age of 14, telling them every good and bad aspect of a good or a bad deed and training them to choose wisely between things to do which look good and normal and to restrain from.thjngs which look bad and abnormal in the society.


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