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The Real Health Advantages of Fasting Method

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Benefits From Allowing Ourselves to Renegotiate Our Relationship With Food

For example, First, I will explain one Little Story

This occurred in the city of Los Angeles. His was driven by a cardiac surgeon. His Ford Mustang had him a little enthralled. That was his vehicle, and he was rather pleased with it. It started coughing a little bit one day. So he took it to a local mechanic and told him there was a problem, and he asked him to fix it. "Doctor, it'll be ready tomorrow morning," he remarked.

The doctor went there before going to work tomorrow morning, but it wasn't ready, so he said to come in the evening it'll be ready. He came in the evening it wasn't ready, so he said what's the matter you said morning I'll come, he said evening I came, what is the issue, and the mechanic, seeing that I was in that kind of mood, said see you're a heart surgeon, you also fix engines, and I also fix engines, how come you' So the doctor looked at him and said, "Let me see if you can fix the engine while it's running."


So, when human life or a human body is running, it must be fixed; otherwise, it is useless. Okay, you're going to post bottom, but what's the point of that? We must fix this body when it is running. If you want to fix this body while it's running, you must first grasp that we're discussing the digestive process.

The steps of ingestion are as follows: placing something inside, digesting, assimilation, and elimination. Food's four dimensions, as well as the entire process. In today's world, people eat whenever they want, wherever they are sitting or standing, at any time of day or night, because there is so much food. It has never been like this before in human history, but there is a lot of food. People, unfortunately, do not know when to eat and when not to eat.

We can only know time via cycles because there are cycles in time. We call it a day when the planet revolves like this. Otherwise, you'd have no way of knowing if the moon revolves once a month. We say one year as we move around the sun, therefore our concept of time is based on cycles. It's also an issue of cycles when it comes to our birth and death. Our mothers' bodies were in tune with the moon's cycles when we were born. We wouldn't be here else. As a result, our entire physical life follows a cyclical pattern.

You could go into detail about the entire spiritual process if you want, but it's significant because it's not cyclical, which means you're going in circles. What does it mean if I say you're going in circles? People then wind up going around in circles. That you're not going to get anyplace. That suggests you've become disoriented. So you'll start going through cycles once you've completely identified with your body and psychological structure.

Yogic Culture in Cyclical Life


So this is referred to as samsara in India's yogic tradition, which means cyclical life. So, as good as a merry-go-round is, you know, if you organize it well, it's a good merry-go-round, but it's not taking you anywhere. Children can enjoy a merry-go-round if all of the adults sit on the merry-go-round and pretend to be traveling around it. That is precisely what occurs.

As a result, the human body is a cycle. The lunar cycle, solar cycle, and earth cycle are all crucial to the body and are intricately tied to the planetary cycles, the moon cycle, and the sun cycle. If you have the appropriate awareness, you can tell when days your body does not require meals. This is something that every other species is aware of. Unfortunately, humans have forgotten since their mental process or foolish mind has superimposed every other sensation they possess. If you study your system, you will see that if you don't feel like eating on a given day, you should not eat that day; nevertheless, you are at a friend's house, and there is a party, so you stuff yourself, despite your body's protests.

You are able to see all of the creatures. Have you noticed anything like this? Even if you have a dog at home on a certain day, he will not eat either dogs or cats. If the grass is available, he will eat a few blades and then puke and cleanse himself. He's awake because he's aware. Although ingesting occurs constantly, digestion and excretion are not as effective as ingestion. Consumption is obsessive, but other aspects of the body must function. Other aspects of the digestive system must also function.

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Digestion occurs throughout the alimentary canal, not just in the stomach, and absorption occurs throughout the elementary canal. Excretion is no longer limited to the elementary canal. Excretion must also take place at the cellular level. Over time, impurities build-up, and you become dense in both body and mind. If you don't clean up after yourself, it will build up over time. We call this Karma because it determines how you think, feel, understands, and experience life when it accumulates. People may not realize it, but they will believe I am like this. This is just how I am. This isn't who you are. This is how you messed up your life.

Because other systems are largely involuntary, one important aspect of this cleansing process is to give ingestion a break. You can stimulate them, but they aren't willing to do so. They're working fine. Ingestion is a choice process, but it has sadly become compulsive for the majority of people.

It should be a self-directed process in which I eat when I want to eat. I shall eat whenever I feel like it. My hand isn't the one who decides when to eat. If there's one thing you should know, it's that people do this all the time. I believe that if we left a box of nice chocolates in your vicinity, your hands will eat them.

Ingestion Should Be a Conscious Process to Bring This Consciousness there are Many methods. Mainly One is Fasting.

Simply depriving yourself of food and drink might be harmful to your system. You must back it up with the right practices. The urge for eating will decrease if you follow the essential procedures. Our energies aren't solely derived from the food we consume. Actually, if you follow the yogic sciences, we say, if you genuinely keep your systems well, you can find it in sunlight, air, and water. 60 to 70% of your energy should be spent on these three factors. The sun, the air, and the water.

Another 40% should come from the food you consume because the amount of food you consume will naturally be reduced.

I Must Tell You About Myself

I used to be a huge eater when I was younger. I never grew fat because my activity was so intense, but what I eat now is one-tenth or less than one-tenth of what I ate back then. I've been the same weight since I was 19, and I'm still the same weight now. The only problem was that all of the weight was on my shoulders at the time. Gravity was constantly pulling on me as a result of this, but I managed to keep myself upright.

The Fasting Process Must be Done with The Necessary Understanding

We'll repair it if people in India don't have that awareness. You must fast on the 11th day of the lunar cycle. If you are unable to fast, you should consume something light. It's known as "pal heart." This entails a fruit-only diet. Because fruit is made up of over 90% water, and according to yogic science, you must drink water, not drink water. You consume as much water as possible. Always be aware of what you're putting into your body.

What is the Water Content, Like a South Indian meal if you Eat a Cooked Meal


I'm talking about 60 to 70% water if you eat extremely easily. Even at so-called organic supermarkets, it's much higher in some things, but the stuff you're eating right now, which was baked a month ago, is most likely that minimal. It's been at least a month or a week. Nobody is going to come anyway if they don't have fresh bread. Because the bread is baked without water, or only with a small amount of water, you're compensating with a bucket of Coca-Cola or something similar.

However, if you drink any liquid with your food, this does not work. The required acids for digestion will be diluted, and your entire digestive system will become ineffective as a result of the food when it enters if it contains water. If you pour any liquid on top of it, it will help. You will notice that the food will remain in the stomach bag for an excessive amount of time. In yogic culture and living, we are particularly worried about this. Food should not be kept in our stomachs bag for more than two and a half hours.

It doesn't matter what I've eaten or how much I've eaten in two and a half hours; it has to go somewhere else. If it persists, it dulls you and causes you to lose your sense of perception. Perceptional level After lunch, your perceptive sharpness fades, and you feel depressed if you eat food without coke, coffee, tea, or anything else. It has a tendency to drag you down. A large number of individuals have formed a culture around it. They have to go to bed.

For example, imagine going to the gas station, filling up your tank, and then being unable to start your car because there is still petrol in the tank. So there you have it.

To ensure that the digestive system is in the full process because of most of the chronic ailments that people are suffering from today, The headquarters are in the stomach. But a lot of people are shifting their head, but largely headquarters in their stomach, the way they eat and the way they eat.


As a result, they consume in this manner. One simple way to establish discipline is to eat considerably lighter foods, which are extremely simple and easy on the body, one or two days a month. It will assist if you can only survive on water, or a little lemon and water, or a little honey-laced water, but if that isn't possible for you, try a fruit or something light on the system.

The objective is to take a pause from the digestive and absorption processes. As a result, when the remainder of the body starts excreting on a cellular level, it must eliminate all contaminants.

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