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The Quantum of Mankind's Reality


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms'

-- Ma Jaya Bhagavati

How Much Would It Take Us to Turn Out Different

What if your parents cheered and clapped when you fell and scratched your knees?

What if it was common at that time that people would transcend pain by consciously diving into the very texture of it?

What if negative reactions to events were considered insane, while kids were learning at elementary school the skills of evoking happiness and self-esteem at will?

Wouldn't your very technology of thinking, feeling, and reasoning be totally different?

And, as a result, what would be the "norms of normalcy" in our cultural paradigm?

Now, considering the scientifically proven fact that our brains do our seeing, not our eyes which only provide the sensory input as a raw material -- what would we be seeing with that other brain?

Scientists are telling us how "there is much, much more around us than meets the eye" -- meaning that our eyes can't perceive visual objects which our brain ignores, because it is not functioning within the band of frequencies which would allow its interpretation of it.

In some cruel experiment they learned that if you keep new born kittens blindfolded for a period of time, then take off the blindfold, they stay blind forever, because they missed that developmental phase when their brains were supposed to make connection with input from eyes.

See it as one of those old TV models and how much less of the available broadcast they would be able to turn into a picture if you plugged them in today.

With that new brain we might be able to see human auras, and how they are changing with different mental and emotional states. Who knows what else. We used to have a cat that would gaze at one spot in the corner of the ceiling and meow, as if it was seeing something there. Creepy.

And now the main question:

With a differently "wired" brain, would we be able to tune into other, parallel realities?

It may only appear to be true in my intuition, as well as in minds of some prominent physicists -- but there are infinite realities, they call them "multiverses". They are manifested through different ranges of frequencies.

That would mean that whatever we are calling our world, in terms of quantum mechanics, is merely one of countless possible soups of energies and particles orchestrated intelligently into a life-promoting existence.

According to that genius Robert Lanza, over 200 parameters had to be satisfied for the life to exist, and some small deviations in any of them would result with our disappearance. It's "life", whatever it boils down to, that creates conditions for its manifestation.

And it's different evolutionary levels of life manifestation which creates a reality equivalent to its limitations.

Within our particular "model" of vibratory range, we got whatever we could co-create for ourselves to give an expression to that life.

So, how are we doing?

Just look around.

Image by Gert Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gert Altmann from Pixabay

In a parallel universe you and I are for each other forever.

-- Avijeet Das

With a Little Taste of Physics and Sci-Fi

At this same space, invisible to us, exist a countless number of other realities. My speculation being that UFO's are not coming from outer space, but from "right here", meaning another much more advanced civilization of human-like avatars who live in a harmony that's unfathomable to us.

And their earth is pristine clean. "Their earth"? Yes, because, again, on quantum level, this planet is merely a bundle of subatomic particles and energies. Electrons of your body, and the whole planet, are constantly flickering in and out of existence, like being "shared", or participating in other realities. A neutrino, one of super-tiny among those particles can shoot through the whole planet never "touching" anything.

And the distance between "neighboring" atoms of your body is relatively and mass-wise like roughly from earth to moon. Yes, you are mostly empty space -- a mini-galaxy of a kind.

I am throwing in all these random things just to create a literary ambient that might support the idea of parallel realities.

Are those physicists right when they say that "our truth is much stranger than fiction"?

Are our five senses, not only limiting the range of our perception, but also arranging our reality into a very deliberate version which merely fits within the limitations of our conceptualizing?

Indeed, how true was the late comedian Robin Williams when he jokingly said: "Reality? Hmm... interesting concept".

With a brain that's wired differently, wouldn't we be more intuitional and less analytic?

While I am daily performing my meditation of synchronization of my left and right brain hemisphere -- per science of Cymatics -- I am wondering if my general easy going attitude may be coming as a result from my hemispheres not "being at war" with each other.

Namely, when they work in a harmony, one is enriching the other, not fighting for a dominance. The creative right side may be responsible for my "out-of box" thinking, with this tendency to turn everything "obvious" around and see it from another, and another angle. And then use the logicalness of the left side to try to give it some sense.

I am mentioning this only as a small detail of a possible alternative consciousness, alternative brain algorithms in processing of reality -- and creating a new one, a parallel one.

Image by Devenath from Pixabay

Image by Devenath from Pixabay

When you are the only sane person, you look like the only insane person.

-- Criss Jami

Tragedy Starts When Abnormal Becomes Normal

Within the "entanglement" of everything brought into creation, we created into our reality all that we can see -- and can't -- to enjoy it, to be bored by it, and to be pissed by it.

I am not ashamed to assume that -- comparing to those avatars of another parallel reality -- we are something like a bunch of idiots. Hey, we are smart, don't take me wrong, but in an idiotic way, that's all I am saying. Even the way we are, our brain is still processing some 400 billion pieces of information each second -- so it's not that the "machine is bad per se", but its program is.

If we bothered to change the program, we would change the physical brain, by creating new neural pathways which in turn would seek its new expressions.

But, are our "fathers of the cultural paradigm" really interested?

Just look at this incredible paradox of our next to sci-fi technology on one side, and wars, racism, ethnic intolerance, and rest of it on the other. We are taking all this for a "given" by now, maybe even for "normal", but try for just a moment to see it with fresh eyes.

See that simple fact that no nation ever in history hated another nation -- until political and/or religious authorities instigated that hatred. Can you see the painfully shaming truth that those who are supposed to be the smartest ones among us --smart enough to lead us -- are the only, and I say only shit-disturbers picking enemies and making enemies out of us as well.

How often was I pondering over and over about that abnormality in our coexistence.

I couldn't just shrug it off the way I do seeing clouds in the sky, as a given. I wanted to see it from the perspective of quantum, and frequencies, and different realities. So it hit me that our whole cultural paradigm is just like our limits in our perception -- meaning that it's what we are wired in our heads to manifest as our reality. Period.

I know all this sounds pessimistic, but it's because I haven't mentioned those many, many, out of this reality humans -- myself certainly included -- who process factual reality in our own, well, different way -- and, you can feel free to call it weird.

I became political cynic when I saw some grownups in the United Nations acting like a bunch of hypocritical teenagers -- not like a group of sober, intelligent leaders responsibly working on harmony and mutual support, cooperation and friendliness.

It's still the replay of Roman Empire crap, struggle for power and money. And that's what we are wired in our brains to produce. These are our values -- not the ones we mention as cliches -- but the ones we put to practice.

After some millennia of religion, this world is not really a picture of love, compassion, tolerance, and peace. If it took us a couple of millennia to learn from one (holy) book, we might be seen as slow learners, if not challenged ones.

It gave me a little intellectual shock at first as I realized that most of us simply can't think differently -- those are frequencies within which they psycho-physically function -- period. Then we just rationalize our limitations -- the most popular pearl of it being: "We are only imperfect humans", or: "Nobody is perfect". So much fits under that umbrella, indeed.

Image by Matthewafflecat from Pixabay

Image by Matthewafflecat from Pixabay

The human body is the best picture of human soul.

--Anthony Robbins

Viruses -- Reflection of Global Collective Mood

I know next to nothing about pathology, except that it deals with germs. But somewhere, long ago, I read about viruses how they are not really a "regular" kind of microbes, like bacteria, or fungi.

Beside having naturally an "elephant's memory", I must have memorized it because I liked it, when it said that viruses (or viri grammatically-Latin) hardly have any "body" but are more "information".

Information? Obviously one that our bodies don't like. It could be true when you think how no antibiotics are effective, and it's more about assisting immune system to recognize the damn critters which can disguise themselves into healthy cells.

Smart little bastards. But, when someone mentions "information" my mind always a kind of gets stuck playing with it. And playing it is, not some scientific creative birthing labors of a genius.

I instantly go into quantum realm, and I see the sum total of very crappy world's mentalities. I see the bitter competition, dirty low blows, I see economic terrorism, and I see the intolerance generated from massive migration.

Then I stop myself from seeing all that ugliness, not to spoil my digestion which to me is more important than who is winning in global supremacy charade. And then I start concluding, like:

Viruses, like Corona, are the quantum equivalent of information generated from all that ugliness. Nature has some nasty ways of providing a mirror for us. I mean viruses -- beside natural disasters hitting us. (You feel free to keep ascribing those to global warming).

When those proponents of Law of Attraction keep telling us how we "create our own reality", that's what they must mean.

And, when those ancient Indian sages said that "there is nothing except consciousness"...and when modern theorists talk about "everything being just a virtual simulation" -- I bring into that picture "viruses as being information".

We don't need formal biological wars -- we are stupid enough to create the weapon and let the weapon pick its enemies worldwide.

We apparently can't reason in a style of those avatars from some neighboring reality. They probably have mountains and rivers and oceans -- just like we do -- but their reality is totally different. Think of a koala and a grizzly -- both being bears, but with their realities being completely incomparable with each other.

Such folks would see us -- and they probably do -- like some total morons. In our crazy imagination, we don't have enough our earthly enemies, so we are fantasizing about "them", E.T.'s being hostile.

Indeed, first we gave all human attributes to our gods, painting them as bearded old dudes being "angry, happy, pleased, punishing us..." what not, just like ourselves -- and now we give our attributes of animalistic arrogance to some peaceful, incredibly intelligent, if not "angelic" beings.

O.K., maybe I shouldn't be so hard on my own species. Some of you might say: "If you don't like it here, go, move your ass to that other reality."

Well, I love people probably more than most of them can emotionally afford to love each other. And, whether it's obvious or not, I am writing all this in the name of that love.

Having fun in the process.

© 2020 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 29, 2020:

Allen -- With English being only my second language, I wish I could express better what's on my mind -- but your comments always give me encouragement to use as much as I have, in these areas which normally require more than I have.

Thank you, my good buddy.

Allen Edwards from Iowa on March 29, 2020:

Another great example of how you continue to get your point across by using the flow of this crazy river of life, to produce interesting (2 me) references that I am consistently drawn to, and that I consequently seek knowledge about!

Thanks Val

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