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The Products For Long Life


The Products For Long Life

10 Anti - Aging foods to support your body 40s and beyond:

Watercress salad: The health benefits of watercress salad will not disappoint!

Red bell pepper: Red bell peppers are loaded with antioxidants that dominate anti - aging .







Can food really help you live longer? Does avocado really protect my skin? Can I still eat chocolate? Why is red wine on this list? Follow me, because I will answer all these questions and more!

1. Papaya This tropical fruit has a buttery texture, sweet and delicious. It may not be entirely familiar, so we put it at the top of our list! There are several varieties, but today we will focus on the most common of them - red papaya. Papaya has a reputation for superfoods high in antioxidants that,

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It contains vitamin A, which supports vision, vitamin C, which has a great effect on the immune system and skin, vitamin K, which helps bones and heart, and vitamin N E - an antioxidant that is good not only for skin but also for health. Blood, your eyes and your brain. The best thing about papaya is that it contains a digestive enzyme called papain, which has even greater benefits in aging and is known to be one of the best anti-inflammatory products on the market and perhaps even more effective than some anti-inflammatory drugs on the market. .

2. Walnuts It may be hard to get into a walnut, but the benefits are worth it! Once upon a time people thought that walnuts were healthy for the brain because they actually look like the brain, and in fact they were right! Walnuts are good for your brain,

Eating a handful of walnuts every day will give you the right dose of fatty acids to increase your overall life expectancy. It is also known that omega-3s keep your brain young and prevent dementia. They are also good for your heart! Walnuts can improve cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Finally, something your heart and mind can agree with;

3. Avocado This colorful food is great for aging, keeping skin looking young and smooth. They have a lot of anti-inflammatory fatty acids and a lot of vitamin A, which can help us remove old skin cells so that new, radiant skin can shine. through. Avocados contain carotenoids that can protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, block toxins and reduce the risk of some cancers. Take it in a delicious homemade guacamole or put on croutons!

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Okay, it’s not exactly food, but you still swallow, so let’s count.

You want to make sure you are getting extra-virgin to enjoy all its healthy anti-aging benefits. Olive oil is famous for one of the healthiest fats in the world. It protects you from a variety of age-related diseases such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and can sag your skin! It is also good for your biggest body skin! Olive oil is 73% monounsaturated fatty acids that help keep skin supple and supple.

The next meal is also not quite ‘food’ 5. Good water - does it ever let us down in the health department? Staying hydrated is very important as water makes our bodies work better.

Did you know that thirst decreases with age? However, the older we get, the more important it is to take care of ourselves. In any case, we make up about 60% of water, and water helps our body fight damage and aging.

6. Green Tea According to our liquid theme, green tea is more green Tea is another tea that should become part of your routine if you want to stay young.

Green tea is very rich in antioxidants that help your cells fight damage that can lead to premature aging or increase the risk of disease. Green tea is loaded with certain types of antioxidants called polyphenols. They can fight heart diseases such as inflammation, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Not only that, polyphenols also strengthen a major protein in your skin called collagen. It can also reduce the appearance and other signs of premature aging.

7. Red wine: Any type of alcohol should be consumed in moderation, and a glass of red wine from time to time can have some benefits, especially when it comes to maintaining youth.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in wine, and studies show it can protect you from cancer, diabetes and heart disease. When it comes to anti-aging, resveratrol can help activate a longevity-related protein called sirtuin 1, can improve insulin sensitivity and can help mitochondrial function, which can change as you age. Well, our next one is food that is absolutely delicious.

8. Pomegranate: This bright red fruit is one of the healthiest pits! When it comes to antioxidants, pomegranate can have an advantage over green tea! With age the risk of the disease may increase, diseases such as colon cancer can help improve the condition of people suffering from this type of cancer.

When it comes to its anti-aging benefits, research shows that pomegranate can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, repair damaged skin and increase collagen production in the body. The next item on our list is very sweet.

9. Sweet Potatoes You see, we told you it was sweet.

Sweet potatoes are a healthy and excellent alternative to regular potatoes if you like something tasty, but sweet potatoes let you know that it is full of beta carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which strengthens your skin cells, increases elasticity, stimulates the growth of new skin cells and gives you young and soft skin.

10. Vegetables: Vegetables are low in calories and have a lot of nutrients your body needs, especially if you want to stay young.

One study focused on more than 700 Japanese women and measured their elasticity and other skin qualities. Researchers have found that those who eat more green and yellow vegetables have fewer wrinkles than those who do not. Many vegetables contain antioxidants that with age can protect you from harmful diseases such as heart disease, cancer and cataracts.

The smell of cinnamon is great and you should add it to your diet more often as cinnamon increases the production of collagen in your skin, making it firmer and younger. If you like the heat, you’re in luck, because studies show that capsaicin in chili peppers can alter some age-related changes that occur in skin cells. So try to season the next dish.

11. Ginger: It is another spice that can help prolong the signs of aging. Ginger contains a compound called gingerol. This compound can reduce the appearance of pigment spots that appear when the skin is damaged by the sun.

It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. We have two more articles and you want to save the last one.

12. Bone Broth: This may not be part of your regular diet, but in health care it is widely known for its health benefits.

Bone broth is made by cooking bone leftovers. You can make bone broth from leftover chicken bones from your dinner or leftover fish bones. This will release nutrients into the broth.

After that you can start enjoying the benefits: the skin stays firm, wrinkles fight. Studies also show that collagen can maintain bone health and keep your muscles strong. You want your bones and muscles to be strong, especially as you get older, which is very promising in terms of aging.

13. Dark Chocolate: We thought we would save the best for last. Remember, it MUST be dark chocolate. Milk chocolate does not.

If anything, we don’t have many benefits that we’re going to pass on. 70% dark chocolate and above is great for fighting aging and fighting common diseases that affect us as we age, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Eating a square or two of dark chocolate as a sweet does not raise blood sugar and contains many antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage.

Dark chocolate is high in calories, so you want to save it sometimes and then get all the benefits. Have you eaten any of this yet? these products regularly? What new are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!

Foods you should never eat

Excess sugar causes a surge of insulin, and high levels of insulin cause your body to accumulate fat instead of burning it.


Avoid : Added sugar


Snack bars.

Pre-sweetened yogurts.

Canned fruits.

Seasonings, especially ketchup, barbecue sauce, honey mustard.

The world is full of delicious food, but choosing what to eat and what not can be quite a challenging game, especially if some of the foods we eat are not the best for our bodies. No matter how strong your cravings are, here are foods you should never eat in your mouth, some would say this is unavoidable as there are few and absolutely every.

The main food group besides whole Foods, of course, some claim that food dyes are also added to some types of meat that have lost color during the evening cooking process, but other than internal kitchen folklore and seed cooking tactics, this product can be found for almost anything packaged, but it’s also available separately in the back aisle of your local grocery store to gain a pretty awful reputation, and all because of the simple fact that it’s awful for your health. So why are food dyes so bad when you see the words artificial and dye, and the product intended for use needs to be kept away, as they definitely contain additives and chemicals that have no place in the human body.

In most cases the yellow and red quartets contain amino-biphenyl and benzidine, which have been linked to some of the most dreaded diseases and ailments, and just lettuce makes you slim and healthy, but we ask you to think again, well, I think usually these dressings quite cheap, which means they don’t have olive oil or at least not enough to consider that these dressings are full of crude NOLA oil and vegetable oil, sometimes they contain both and it can be very dangerous no matter how much the dried garlic you give this is because there is no way it can even sin your blood while you are coated and all that awful oil. The worst thing is to eat crude oil and they have no benefits that olive and grape seed oil provide So next time if you want to eat healthy and keep this salad, drip extra virgin olive oil at room temperature, add apple cider vinegar and sea salt and you will get a delicacy that benefits your heart and arteries rapeseed oil and this rapeseed oil seems not suitable for you raw why would you use it for frying in restaurants around the world rapeseed and vegetable oils if not the worst oils and their deep fryers sound good, let me put the fat in actually, in some places a bed of fat in a deep fryer turns out worse than using margarine to fry egg rolls, chicken wings and nuggets, of course, is nice to taste, but if we all pass by, what does it taste like and not? by how healthy it would be, we would now be suffering from serious health problems, but at the same time we understand more than why restaurants should use these oils, especially canola oil, as it is one of the cheapest options, but if at home, why not just eat at home? Try frying food and grape seed oil, it’s healthier. We know it’s a little more expensive, but worth it for you and your family.

Rice While this entry may come as a surprise, we urge you not to dispose of the most popular side dishes in the world. Forget about side dishes for some crops, Rice is often the basis of the dish. Fortunately, we’re not talking about the fact that we need to stay away from rice when it’s cooked at home or in quality restaurants. The rice in your dish should be fine, but we would stay away from low quality establishments, the main reason being that not all kitchen staff do everything necessary. to properly cook rice cooker Rice has a large amount of arsenic, where and where it is grown, but there are ways to cook arsenic from rice. We’re not sure that lower quality kitchens take the time to do this on a website that has to soak rice overnight, as this opens up the grain that diverts most of the theories.

Finding the best number two that can drink the most, you need to boil it in five glasses of water for each cup of rice, and finally you should rinse the rice if it really cooked a tedious process, but one that can keep you and your safety. Bodybuilders with soy protein eat a lot and maybe no other demographic drops more protein during the day to get taller, many in this sport have to eat just above ideal body weight in grams of protein per day so at the end of the day so , it’s a lot of food to make things easier. Many of them eat protein bars, and when they get tired of chewing protein shakes, they also break down protein.

Usually these smoothies are mostly made from whey protein, which is still one of the healthiest forms of protein in cocktail form, but there are other types, particularly soy protein, in recent years many have learned that soy protein so useful to you. if this is a large amount that is now used for vegans, it is quite difficult to avoid it, because soy is not all vegan foods and drinks, O'Regandiet does not have vegan watches like tofu, and of course the protein drinks mentioned now for the problem , in fact, soy isoflavonesin, which acts as estrogen, takes over as soon as it enters the human body, you have breast disease, some serious diseases, especially in women, need high levels of estrogen for growth.

Estrogen is naturally produced in every body, so a person swallows extra estrogen, it can lead to serious diseases. Machine products. We all know that some of the food in vending machines can run out, and depending on who owns and fills them, we can imagine in some of these vending machines a lot of food wherever they are. I will find vending machines, some of which are regularly replenished and maintained, and of course we are not telling you to stay away from products sold in vending machines, but we ask everyone to be careful when choosing your delicious snack of the day. Another big problem with these machines is the fact that many companies have to put pesticides somewhere on the machine or in the machine to prevent possible contamination that may occur. if there is food, it can be poison for rats and other really scary foods. you don’t want your food to be around the weird smell of rat poison, it turns out to be as low a product as rat poison, and two on the way up the hill made your lemonade slip through unwanted pesticides. as you come in contact with your cane, we would say rinse the jars under the tap before you open the lid, you can never be too sure ready crusts for the cake may say nothing at home like a warm stew that boils on the stove and smells like freshly baked apple pie, but not everyone has time to move on, and cake batter from scratch can be prepared, as breakfast can take a long time to make Marge just a banana mea in our time, few have time to make this is why many are hoping for -made crusts,

Burned Calories

Here the exact content of chicken in the product is likely to be very low compared to other parts of the chicken in the so-called ‘tampon’. Some argue that only from this waste is chicken produced, but this can lead to hassles. Local gluten is also found in a typical loaf of chicken snacks. The first observation you made from the pre-packaged jelly cups available in the grocery store - the bright colors suggest which natural dyes are used in these products In the packages, Jello looks cool when swaying on the shelf, but it also seems that it can glow in the dark Jello products also have artificial sweeteners.

Another thing to avoid gelatin in general can be good for your health, but not in these pre-packaged formats, so do yourself a favor and stay away if you feel truly creative, there are some homemade jelly recipes that are made online from gelatin and real fruit juices. This can be an alternative if you want to get your jelly without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, malt liqueur, which from time to time does not like a nice cocktail, and he had a hard day, you had to take something so warm, why not Tom Collins or maybe mimosa, with you extra champagne, of course, but if you drink too much alcohol of any kind can harm the body, it may be obvious that it may not be so obvious that there are certain types of alcohol it is much worse for the body maybe not surprisingly, cheaper ones harm your body, particularly malt liqueur. People have been buying malt drinks at local stores for years to save and because this is a small part of what it costs, real whiskey buy a lot less, you can buy drinks. Pick up a mixed malt liqueur that will still get you where you need to be. Malt liqueur for your body is close to beer, but because of the way it is made, it generally has a higher alcohol content as well as a higher sugar content, and for this reason it will not be the preferred way to give and enjoy everything. that ignores hello to all. real whiskey buy much less, you can buy drinks. Pick up a mixed malt liqueur that will still get you where you need to be. Malt liqueur for your body is close to beer, but because of the way it is made, it generally has a higher alcohol content as well as a higher sugar content, and for this reason it will not be the preferred way to give and enjoy everything. that ignores hello to all. real whiskey buy much less, you can buy drinks. Pick up a mixed malt liqueur that will still get you where you need to be. Malt liqueur for your body is close to beer, but because of the way it is made, it generally has a higher alcohol content as well as a higher sugar content, and for this reason it will not be the preferred way to give and enjoy everything.

Is a banana anti-aging?

Loaded with magnesium and other heart-healthy nutrients, bananas are some of the best anti - aging fruits. They moisturize the cells, which have a tonic effect on them and ultimately on your skin.

Hey guys! When we are in our early 40s, we usually have wrinkles. This is when we worry and spend thousands of dollars to hide it. What if I say you can get rid of early wrinkles with a banana? Bananas are rich in nutrients, and some of these nutrients can save huge cosmetic costs.

In this article I will tell you how a banana mask can help you fight wrinkles. This prevents skin damage As we age the skin’s defense mechanisms begin to fail, allowing free radicals to break down collagen in our skin. So how can a banana help? Bananas are a rich source of vitamin A, a nutrient rich in powerful antioxidants.

Let free radicals damage collagen. It also eliminates acne and fine lines that can appear as you age. Vitamin A also protects our skin from redness and pigmentation that can be caused by too much cool sunlight, it increases production and protects the skin by helping fibroblasts develop more tissue to keep skin healthy.

It also provides one natural barrier to ultraviolet rays. Savings on cosmetic and medical bills. It has a lot of vitamin E, vitamin E - the best friend of your skin.

We’ve already told you how harmful free radicals are to your skin, but harsh molecules are another harmful property that collagen can damage your skin - this is where vitamin E comes to the rescue, be it the sun trying to burn your skin or poison particles in the air. This nutrient neutralizes and cleanses the skin. This makes one too protective a barrier around cell membranes that allows it to stay hydrated for long periods of time, but that’s not all, vitamin E also fights skin irritation.

According to a study conducted on people with atopic dermatitis, which causes itching and skin irritation, it was found that people who consume more vitamin E experience greater relief. Like vitamin A, vitamin E also contains acne scars. 3.

Reduces traces of stress With age our defenses fall and we become prone to many things, one of those traces of stress. When we reach our 20s, we are prone to it; Stress assessments are the result of the pressure we are exposed to every other day. Other factors also play a role such as indigestion and blood pressure.

If you’re wondering why you have tiny dots on your forehead or nose, this may be one thing. for reasons. So what can you do to cure these stressful signs? Apply a banana mask.

Bananas are high in magnesium, these nutrients help narrow skin pores and remove particles that cause these blemishes. Like vitamin A, magnesium also boosts cell production in the skin, which can primarily help avoid any signs of stress. Iron Face Mask No, not about the Iron Man Mask, I’m talking about nourishing iron, if you apply a banana mask to your face, you also apply iron to your face.

Iron is a nutritious nut that can help remove acne scars. The iron in bananas fights acne and increases the production of cells in your skin. It also narrows skin pores, making free radicals harder to cause wrinkles and creases.

Iron also fights dry skin, allowing the skin to absorb more moisture. It also prevents too oily skin. Interestingly, things like hair loss, premature graying of hair and dry skin - all are the consequences of iron deficiency, so the factors can not be changed, because having enough iron a day will help keep all these problems.

This is exactly what you get with this mask. Naturally your skin will be healthier than before. Speaking of nutrients that can help in your crusade against wrinkles, blemishes and acne, let’s focus on other ingredients that will play an important role in your mission.

That's right, a banana mask is incomplete without honey. Food Ed acts as a catalyst in this process. Do you remember the antioxidants we talked about? Well honey adds more properties to the mix.

Now just add its antibacterial properties and you will get a perfect reaction to any acne on the skin with antioxidants, oxidized particles stuck in the pores will be difficult to stay there as honey removes them. It then moisturizes and strengthens skin pores. In addition, the properties of honey complement the properties of bananas, making it a powerful combination.

If you really want to take care of your skin, you will not just add honey but also a teaspoon of something else. Cottage cheese Yes, cottage cheese is one of the necessary ingredients of this mixture. This will ignite the mixture and make the honey and banana melt properly.

Quark also contains many beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria enrich your skin from the inside out and help with pigmentation. Quark also improves the quality and color of the skin.

Vitamin D, contained in quark, helps keep the skin away from itching and harmful bacteria. If all this was not good enough, it also contains antioxidants. As we have discussed, these antioxidants help cleanse the skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties help fight acne.

You can also use quark on dry or oily skin. Have you ever tried a banana mask? Write us your experience in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why shouldn’t we eat bananas?

Bananas are a healthy addition to just about any diet, but too much of any single diet, including bananas can do more harm than good. Bananas are not usually considered a high-calorie food. However, if your banana habit causes you to eat more calories than your body needs, it can lead to unhealthy weight gain. 1. 2019.

How the color of the bananas you eat affects your health Banana lovers are not fooled when it comes to how they like the ripeness of their favorite fruits. Some prefer to stick to unripe green bananas, while others like their almost overripe bananas to be completely brown. Although taste is a factor to consider when choosing a banana color, but also your health.

Green bananas. Green bananas contain ant resistance.

According to registered nutritionist Jill Carleone, this type of starch acts more like fiber in your body. "Steady starch in your diet, like a green banana, can reduce the risk of diabetes by helping control blood sugar and heart disease, helping to lower blood cholesterol," she wrote in an article for Livestrong. Their high fiber content ensures that young bananas stay full longer.

It helps keep appetite under control, thus contributing to weight loss. Unripe bananas also have a very low glycemic index, making them an ideal snack for those who need to control their blood sugar. 3.

Yellow bananas. Yellow, hard bananas contain antioxidants that protect our body from various diseases. One of the antioxidants present is dopamine, which reduces the risk of heart disease as well as degenerative diseases.

Although dopamine usually acts like a brain sensitive in the brain, unfortunately you don’t get it when you eat a banana. Bananas do not penetrate the blood-brain barrier. They simply act as a powerful antioxidant, not changing hormones and mood.

In aging bananas contain more sugar, so yellow bananas are usually sweet.

What other health benefits do bananas have?

Well, follow us to the end, because after we tell you about the effects of bananas of different colors on your health, we will tell them about the overall health benefits of bananas and why you should eat more!

Spotted yellow bananas. Yellow spotted bananas are not as healthy as their young counterparts, but they still have a lot of antioxidants.

They are even sweeter than yellow bananas and are usually the most popular choice when it comes to taste. A team of Japanese researchers from Taiko University has proven that bananas in this ripeness can really fight cancer. They found that spotted bananas contained 8 times better tumor necrosis factor (TNF) than green bananas.

Sore Feet After Cycling

According to PubMed, TNF helps remove our abnormal cells. The anti-cancer substance also benefits our immune system by directing white blood cells to inflamed or infected areas. 1. Brown bananas.

Brown bananas are richest in sugar, but they still have a lot of potassium, according to the Linus Pauling Institute helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, rich in potassium. Brown bananas also contain the amino acid tryptophan, which changes mood. The Life Triptofan report says it helps regulate your mood.

It can help relieve depression and anxiety and also help you sleep better. The older the banana, the easier it is to digest, making the brown color ideal for people with digestive problems. At the end of their shelf life, they begin to lose nutrients.

Therefore, brown bananas need to be kept in the refrigerator to minimize further losses. If you love eating your brown bananas, you may want to reconsider. You are not getting as many nutrients as you could get.

And besides, who wants to eat brown mushy bananas ?! Nonsense. Well, you know what health effects different colored bananas can have, here are some other additional health benefits of bananas! Bananas are a healthy choice. According to author Adda Bjarnadotir, MD, they can benefit our digestion, heart health and weight loss.

They provide large amounts of potassium along with other vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain health. Bananas can help improve heart health and digestion, and can also help with weight loss! They are not only extremely nutritious, but also quite low in calories and extremely convenient. According to Healthline, bananas contain an average of 105 calories.

Not bad! You can put them in a variety of recipes and they are also delicious! Bananas have many different important nutrients. Now that you know how bananas of different colors can affect your health, here are some other additional health benefits of bananas! Bananas contain many different antioxidants and also contain potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, fiber and more! Bananas are a comprehensive healthy choice. According to author Adda Bjarnadotir, MD, they can benefit our digestion and many other body functions.

They provide a large amount of potassium along with other vitamins and nutrients necessary for our health. Bananas lower blood sugar: Healthline claims that bananas contain pectin - a special fiber that gives the flesh shape. Unripe bananas have a stable starch that can avoid digestion.

It is known that pectin and stable starch lower blood sugar after moderate eating. They can also help reduce appetite. Bananas also have a fairly low glycemic index, which measures how quickly certain foods cause your blood sugar to rise! Weight loss.

As we mentioned before, bananas can help you lose weight. They ar