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The Power of Remaining Positive in Tough Times

Currently, the world is under the dark shadow of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is scary; it is dangerous; it is frightening. So, is your mind thinking of some more negative emotions to add to these feelings? Stop that right now! Continuously thinking negative about this serious outbreak only attracts more fear and anxiety.

The more you fear, the more you are strengthening the impact and spread of this pandemic. It is just not going to do good to you, sufferers, and warriors who are treating the affected people.

This is the time of solution; not of negative emotions. Do you know even you can contribute to the solution? Well, it is simple: Only think positive so that positive vibrations can spread all around to weaken the pandemic’s impact!

Positivity Is the Basic Nature of the Mind!

When negativity is eliminated, it automatically uncovers the positivity within! Positive mind means a pure mind. Such a mind can never even think of hurting others, rather it is always overwhelmed with love and compassion for all. Yes, such is the extent of positive thinking.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the highly revered Spiritual Master, explains this in very simple words, “If your mind becomes positive, you become divine; which is why I tell people to get rid of their negativity by maintaining equanimity. Then, only the positive will remain.”

The Power of Positive

The Power of Positive

The World Will Be Positive When We Are Positive

The change has to begin within us, first! We have no direct control over actions of people; however our thinking has great influence on others. If it is negative, it will lead to a lot of harmful effects on whoever comes in close contact with us. If it is positive, it can prove equally helpful to the entire mankind! This means when our mind is full of positivity, it has enormous positive influence on those around us.

Therefore, Param Pujya Dadashri emphasizes, “There are only two things: Positive and negative. If we are negative, then whom will the nature help? Negative should not be there in our dictionary. If you want to do good for somebody, go ahead and do it; but do not get involved with or think negative about anyone. Do not even listen to anything negative being said about anyone. It is very dangerous!”

Negative Thoughts Are One of Our Worst Enemies

Negativity brings nothing but suffering in our life! Therefore, it must be defeated by all means.

Nevertheless, how do we do that is a million dollar question. It’s not easy to directly maintain equanimity. This is because we have entrapped ourselves in the prison of our own negativity by becoming slaves of anger, false pride, hatred, animosity, greed, attachment, and ego, and allowing them to overpower us.

So, Dadashri advises, when you have slightest of negative thought for someone, you should erase it immediately. He cautions, “If that thought lingers on for even a moment, it will reach the other person, and then it will proliferate. The thought will grow inside the other person within four hours, twelve hours or even after two days. Therefore, these vibrations should not drift in that direction.”

This calls for a constant check on our actions, our speech, and our thoughts; and the moment we realize we’ve hurt somebody, we should immediately do pratikraman. Pratikraman means to confess our mistake before God, repent for having done that mistake and firmly resolve to never repeat that mistake, “Oh Lord, I hurt this person due to my negative attitude. Please forgive me. I resolve that I will never do this mistake again. Please give me strength to keep my resolve.” By practicing this regularly, we soon learn the art of uprooting the negative tendencies as soon as they raise their head.

Our goal is to arrive at the station of positive. Therefore, we must continuously persevere to lift our awareness to the level from where we can see even the smallest of our faults very clearly, and our alertness to make it reach a point where we are able to clean off every fault from its very source.

The laws of nature are pretty simple and straightforward. Anyone who imprisons himself in the bondage of negative thinking, whoever it may be, is bound to suffer. The one who liberates herself or himself from this bondage is blessed with enormous peace, harmony and happiness by nature.

For Liberation from Bondage, We Ought to Know the Reality!

Only when we investigate the world within and see what exactly is the reality, we realize where the origin of negative lies. It then becomes easier to liberate ourselves from its bondage and deal with everyone in a positive and creative way.

So what's going on inside? Come, let’s investigate...

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Whenever there is an input to any of our five senses or mind, for example, hearing some words; these words immediately are perceived and evaluated by our intellect. This is when the intellect evaluates what those words are, why they are spoken, for whom they were said, and so on. Based on the evaluation made, the words are labeled as positive or negative.

If the words are that of praise and that praise is for us or our loved ones, the intellect labels it as positive. If the words are bad and are perceived to be targeted at us or those whom we consider ours, they are instantly labeled as negative. The same holds true for the other senses and also for the thoughts that arise in our mind.

Now, the moment anything is labelled as negative, waves of unpleasant vibes run throughout our body. These vibes cause great suffering to us. Therefore, we immediately express our dislike for those words, and for the person from whom these words originated. However, if the feedback given by our intellect is positive, our reaction is totally different. There is a pleasant feeling inside us; and our behavior towards the person outside also becomes very pleasing and positive. This proves there is nobody outside who is causing us suffering. It is our own intellect that is preventing us from maintaining equanimity and thereby creating suffering inside us!

Importance of Positive Thinking

Importance of Positive Thinking

Who Can Pull Us Out of the Negativity and Make Us Progress?

The intellect is such that it does not leave very easily. However, the nature’s law states that whoever we surrender our intellect to, we attain the energies of that person!

The Enlightened being has attained a state where He does not have any interference from his intellect. When to such an Enlightened one, we surrender our intellect, it naturally begins to leave!!! Surrendering means we have complete trust in that person. Whatever he says, whatever he does; our intellect does not raise its head at all, and therefore, we are able to follow his words with complete faith and ease.

From Candle Light To Absolute Light...

‘Intellect’ is like a ‘candle light’. When the intellect vanishes, tremendous light expresses within, because what remains then is the ‘Self’ which is nothing but the ‘absolute light’! The Self is the correct positive, which comprises of pure love and eternal bliss. The Self is the Pure Soul that resides in every living being.

“I am a Pure Soul and you too are a Pure Soul. That’s how we two are one! Every living being is a Pure Soul, that’s how we all are one.” This is the ultimate reality, which when unleashed, no negativity can touch us anymore as the correct positive is established. Therefore, a heartfelt prayer reaches out to God that: ‘May the entire Universe be overwhelmed with this ultimate POWER of POSITIVE!’

© 2020 Dipali Gandhi


Gulabi dejappa poojari on May 02, 2020:

Yes. Being positive, i.e. having positive thoughts for self and others has very good results. This makes me one with the whole universe because there is no enemity.

Rita vyas on May 01, 2020:

Very true, not just for current condition but for our life throughout. Just Be positive.

Sreekumarnair on May 01, 2020:

Its really worth...The content is marvelous...

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