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The Power Of Your Intentions

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Our intentions are like the ray of words which we speak or think about in our minds whether in favor or disfavor of something. Our intentions have the power to control our thoughts, behavior, personality, and even actions. Our intentions express themselves through thoughts, words, and actions - these three combine together to manifest the summary of our intentions in real life.

It is seen that you only need to keep intentions about something, all other things would be automatically be taken care of. Your words and actions would be a direct reflection of the intention you have set for that thing. It happens automatically without having you put in any extra thought or action into it. For example, Noma has a plant in her house. She loves it, has positive intentions about it and wants to see it grow. As we know it is easy to forget taking care of the plant someday, but she doesn't forget to. Why is it so? That's coming from the power of her intentions.

Let's take another example. Tom is a school student. He has exams coming soon, but he doesn't care. He has all the bad intentions about the exams, teachers, and even himself just because he doesn't enjoy studying. Thus he fails. We could already tell his fate because of his intentions.

Whenever we have any intentions about something, we want to either see it grow, or want it to fall apart. According to what we have decided, our thoughts and actions align. It's hard to resist them, but certainly not impossible. You have the power over them any time. But if you refuse to change your intention, it will be harder to control your thoughts and actions consciously. Our intentions work like an alarm clock at times but with some extra features, they keep buzzing to remind us and give us ideas of what we can do in the current situation to make our past-set intentions come true.

In the world full of people and their intentions, it is hard to figure out whose intentions are right or wrong and how the system of intention works. We don't have control over others, but we have control over ourselves, and our intentions. We almost always know what our intentions are for someone or something. We should let this revelation to come to us by pausing before taking any action or thinking wrong about someone. Wait and wonder - "What are my intentions for this thing, situation, person, or event?" It just takes that much to know. You just need to learn the art of asking the right questions at the right time. From there you will have self-realization and you will avoid doing something you would regret later on. Sometimes we set intentions due to anger and we set them wrong at that time. You need to question yourself in such cases especially.

Start your day with a positive intention and end the day with another. Start setting intentions consciously everyday about everything and everyone. Just by putting great thought about a person, idea, plan, or thing, you get to enjoy the great feeling of relief and happiness.

Setting intentions might seem similar to the process of law of attraction. But these both processes are different. In case of law of attraction, we depend on our ability to bring something to our lives, we become what we want to see ourselves like. We assume we already have the thing, person, or place that we want to attract and wish for it to happen on its own. But during setting intentions, we are either in favor of something, or are in disfavor of it. We want to see things working as we hoped. There is nothing like wishing for something or becoming the person who could attract things.

Intentions have power, it just doesn't work like law of attraction. And according to me, it is even stronger than the law of attraction. You never know the power of yourself until you set the right intention before you start working on a task. Set intentions wisely as they can make or break a situation. However it is, don't expect anything from setting the intentions. If you expect, you are setting intentions intentionally while intentions should be set from the heart without any expectations. Focus on your heart the most if you want to advantage from your intentions.

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