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Sleep Deprivation Is Bad For Health

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Sleep deprivation is bad for your health

You know it’s funny thinking about it. Children are being pestered to sleep when they are happily playing around. Then when they are asleep for a sufficient time, they would be forced to wake up. We insist that they go to sleep when they are not ready to sleep; and force them to wake up when they are enjoying their slumber! What an ironical joke!

What about grown-ups? Sleep deprivation is very common in adults. Most of us are too busy to have enough sleep, resulting in sleep deprivation. And the internet is not helping either. If not for the internet, I for one will have more sleep. Do you know? I sometimes stayed until 3am staring at the screen, not tv screen, but the laptop screen. But I am fortunate in the sense that I am retired. So I could always catch up with my sleep, or lack of it. This way I get to minimize sleep deprivation.

When I did not have enough sleep, I could feel the heaviness in my head. And when I pressed both my palms on my head, I could feel the throbbing sensation. I could feel that I was not completely awake. This is the result of sleep deprivation. You simply cannot stay awake without sleep.

It is important that we have enough sleep. Everyone knows that we need about 8 hours of sleep. During sleep, our brain has a chance to rest, and memories get consolidated. Lack of sleep may cause memory loss.

Sleep deprivation : Alzheimer's Disease.

Research has found that sufficient sleep can prevent development of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by a plaque-like substance composed primarily of a protein fragment called amyloid beta that builds up in the brain. Sleep helps in the clearance of this amyloid beta.  Avoid sleep deprivation at all costs.

Sleep deprivation : Extreme case

The extreme case of lack of sleep, is sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation affects the cognitive functions of the brain. A person’s sense of perception and ability to make sound decisions are affected. A form of torture is “sleep deprivation” when the victim is prevented from sleeping. This causes distortion in the thinking process, and put the victim in a very stressed situation,resulting in disorientation, and the inability to think rationally.

It is very important that we have enough sleep. 



Sleep deprivation : Obesity and its vicious cycle.

Usually we associate sleep with gaining weight, in that the more we sleep, the less we exercise. When I was a young boy at one stage in my life, I was having supper each night before going to sleep. I grew sideways, and I had to pay the price of all the psychological problems associated with obesity.

Now it seems that lack of sleep can also cause obesity. This is because sleep deprivation affects the body's metabolism, and increases the possibility of gaining weight. The vicious cycle of obesity is that the person is always feeling lethargic, and would have good excuses not to exercise. Eating unhealthy foods would become a favorite past-time. The vicious cycle goes on and on.


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Beauty sleep.

In many cultures, afternoon siesta is a part of life. All activities cease for an hour or so. Everybody goes to sleep! How wonderful! After half a day’s work, it is wonderful to completely relax the brain, and rejuvenate for an hour. I have the privilege of my “beauty sleep” as I am retired. However, nowadays I am too busy with my writing and I seldom sleep in the afternoon.

It's good to have a short afternoon beauty nap, if possible.

You can't cheat on sleep.

The “sleep clock” never forgets. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you can’t get away from it. The body’s metabolic clock will make sure that you put good, whatever hours of sleep that you have deprived yourself. Only when the hours of sleep are accounted for, your body will then return to “normal.” Well, as I said, you can never stay awake without sleep! Or put it in another way; you need to sleep to stay awake. What an irony!

Sleep is free! Sleep deprivation is not!

Sleep is one thing that you don’t have to pay to stay healthy. So make sure you have enough sleep. Remember, there is a heavy price you got to pay for not going to sleep!

I was told the most important period for sleep is between 10pm and 2am, when the body is most receptive to rejuvenation. I know for some people, it is quite difficult to sleep at 10pm. I always sleep after 10pm. A better bet will be to sleep before 12 midnight.

Tips for better sleep - How to get a good nights sleep

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l on February 21, 2011:

I totally agree. I wont deprive when sleep's needed.

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