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The Popularity of Being Rude

I usually look at rude people like this.


Being rude has probably been around since cave people. Grog makes fun of Og for falling down on the hunt. All the other cavemen laugh. Grog like make cavemen laugh. Grog must be better than Og. Grog make Og feel sad but Grog popular now. One day, Grog make fun of Yag. Yag beat Grog until Grog pee in loincloth. Now, Grog not so popular. He get nickname,"Peepee."

Being rude tends to inflate the ego which grows larger if unchecked. Many times, rude children grow up to be rude adults unless someone adjusts their attitudes. Some people get away with being rude their whole lives but many fall to a personal adjustment of some sort. It is really hard to continue being rude when someone has stepped on your neck to prove that point.

"If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen" is probably the most famous quote by rude people, followed by snickers or exclamation marks.

My sweet old grandmother couldn't stand rudeness. You could say, "This pie tastes like crap!" Grandma would explain to you why being rude was a sign of ignorance with amazing conviction in her voice. Now, if you would have said to grandma,"I don't like this pie (Not in a smart ass tone)"...she would have patted your back and said, "Ok sweetie, I have some cookies if you like?"

Being rude always comes from a condescending mindset. Whether it's tossing knowledge, bible verses, or blind insults at someone, it is being rude. It many times winds up with the third-grade mentality of calling each other names. The teacher of life has to step in and give, "Time Outs"

Being rude has become very popular these days. Simon Cowl makes his rude remarks to hopeful singers and the watchers are entertained as the poor souls walk off stage with a heart full of broken dreams. The producers obviously pick far less talented people to be set up for the kill. Why is seeing the death of a dream entertaining to anyone?


Pros should know better.

One could say that it is simply part of professional competition. I've worked with professional people in the music industry for years. I could count on one hand, the times I witnessed a real professional being rude to a new artist or writer. The most respected professionals have turned hundreds or thousands of hopefuls away but they did it with class and many times, gave them direction to improve their talents.

The rude, "In your face" attitude has become a highlight in many forums, among the efforts of calm reasoning and intelligent discussion. Rudeness is often applauded but never, really respected.

If you pay close attention to any written or verbal argument, intellect diminishes as soon as rudeness begins.

In the end, being rude can often lead to violence. I know from my younger days. I have the scars to prove it.

Rudeness can even be flashed across the world with one click or key stroke.

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The Rude Net.

I've been on the internet for more than 20 years and have witnessed some of the rudest and sometimes horrible statements from people. My very first experience was watching a video of a baby and a kitten playing that a mother had posted. Many of the comments were vulgar and one was too sick to post here. This was back when I first began writing on the internet.

I felt sad for the woman who had to read those responses to her video. I checked back a few days and she had taken the video down. It is nearly impossible to permanently weed out rude vulgar people but at least they can be blocked on most sites now. I have blocked numerous people on sites for vulgar comments and sometimes even threats.

I had no idea that so many rude and vulgar people existed. It is easy to be brave behind a computer or phone screen. If they continue those habits in public, their attitudes will at some point in their lives be adjusted. I love the Freedom of Speech. I also love seeing the consequences when rudeness crosses paths with Karma.

Mutual respect is a wonderful thing! So many reasons to not be rude. SMILE


© 2010 Tom Cornett


Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on November 23, 2011:

tirelesstraveler...thank you. :o)

Judy Specht from California on November 22, 2011:

Refreshing hub. I like how you threw in bible verses into the mix. Those broadcasting verses should be the most winsome and polite people in the world, they have a model to follow.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on February 16, 2011:

freshlaundry71...thank you....grandmothers are wise. :)

freshlaundry71 on February 15, 2011:

The most honest article Ive read in a while...I have dealt with rude people my entire career....the one phrase that my grandmother taught me "you can get more flies with honey rather than vinegar" AMEN!!!

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on September 25, 2010:

Thanks Chris...I'll check it out. :)

ChrisLincoln from Orange (or Lemon...) County, California on September 25, 2010:


Great blog. Coming from a land that has turned rude into an art form (check out BBC Parliamentry Question Time if you ever can), but still finds inappropriate rudeness the ultimate social faux pas for individuals!


Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on August 29, 2010:

pcoach...LOL....passion and sarcasm makes great writers....even when all bets are off. thanks. :)

pcoach on August 29, 2010:

I prefer to think of myself as passionate and sarcastic but then again, I could be in denial! Great hub, it properly hits me right in the spot! Maybe I will consider it the next time I am passionately writing on politics! My mother didn't raise any of us to be rude but when it comes to politics, I'm afraid all bets are off! Thanks for a great hub. Some fine Sunday morning reflection. Thank you.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on May 15, 2010:

Thanks maggs......"If the only people I became a friend to were people I agreed with then I would have missed out on some great friends.".....perfect....thanks again. :)

maggs224 from Sunny Spain on May 15, 2010:

I came via Tammy's hub to this one; I am glad that I did because you both write in such a clear and insightful way that gets right to the heart of the matter. Even when you choose the same subject to write about you both manage to make your hubs interesting enough to make it worthwhile reading both.

I am like your Granny, and I don't like rudeness I just can't see the point of rudeness when being polite and kind can get your points over in a much more palatable way.

It is not like I want people to agree only with my point of view, many of my friends are really quite different from me in their outlook and beliefs and I don’t think that I would want it any different. If the only people I became a friend to were people I agreed with then I would have missed out on some great friends.

An excellent hub as usual.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on April 21, 2010:

shibashake....good the last line,"Polite asses always taste better than rude asses, royal or otherwise."LOL :)

shibashake on April 20, 2010:

Great analysis of why people are rude. The worst are dealing with such people at work.

In an online environment, I have found that they best thing to do is to 1) ignore them or 2) walk away from the thread. Sometimes I will try using positive or neutral language in return - but I have realized that rude people are not worth the trouble of doing this.

Engaging with negative people is tiring and unpleasant, with little chance of any positive outcome. Unless you really care about them, work with them, or are related to them, it is best to just leave them be and let them continue on their sad path.

Polite asses always taste better than rude asses, royal or otherwise. YUM!

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on April 20, 2010: is amazing how people behave....just as amazing is their lame excuses to be rude or kiss up to the royal rude asses. :)

Stevennix2001 on April 20, 2010:

yeah, i agree. it's a shame that being a real arrogant jerk these days is more popular than being a nice guy. afterall, i've seen many hubbers gain a lot of popularity around here by having others royally kiss their butts like royalty. personally, my thoughts are if i have to kiss up to you, so we can be friends. then my philosophy is just leave me alone, and i'll leave you alone. it's that simple. however, i think it amazes me how people behave sometimes.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on April 20, 2010:

Sufi....thanks...It is the same here with most professionals....they do have class. I know it is easy to get burnt out and fed up with the same questions and statements over and over but people really need to be civil as much as possible.

I remember one young lady in Nashville who was always so kind when I stopped in to pitch a tape at the label she was a receptionists at. She didn't act like talking with me was a chore. She always took my tape with a big smile.

Her name.....Trisha Yearwood.

Sufidreamer from Sparti, Greece on April 20, 2010:

Good work, Tom

I especially liked your bit about the professional musicians. As you are no doubt finding out, it is exactly the same with writers - most pro-writers love mentoring people and never forget that they once stood in the same place. I find that most of the professional marketers on HP are very helpful, too.

Shame that the rudeness is spreading - the Greek kids here are very polite and respectful, but you can see the 'Me, Me!' mentality seeping in via TV programmes and adverts. :(

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on April 19, 2010:

Thanks Charlie..I agree...we should ignore them. I find myself wanting to tell them to, "Get a life." :)

ralwus on April 19, 2010:

Most, if not all of these jerks are just flamers trolling for the kill. They are sick and twisted and not .01% as funny as Don Rickles. Not much we can do really but ignore them, that is the answer. If one responds to them their ego is elevated, but if we all would just ignore them, maybe the deflation would kick in. Great hubs you two put together. CC

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 27, 2010:

Springboard...very well said! Karma always come around and always has the payback with it.....Thanks for commenting. :)

Springboard from Wisconsin on March 27, 2010:

Absolutely true that the world has become a terribly rude place. The Internet abounds with it, and in some rather hideous forms. Rudeness, like most bad things, do eventually come round on a person, though. And that's where the satisfaction comes in for me. The fact that they are unaware. The fact that they don't know what lies ahead of them at the end of their rudeness trail. Being rude will bite back at them at some point. And I'm not talking about when they meet their maker (since I'm not of that group), but I do believe in karma. It has a way. And I take satisfaction in that. I smile at rude people knowing it. ;)

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 27, 2010:

Tammy...Yip..I think Cathi may have discovered a new term for it. :)

Tammy Cornett from Ohio on March 27, 2010:

I love that..."a verbal virus"...gotta remember that one!

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 27, 2010:

Thanks may have described it perfectly...a verbal virus.

Cathi Sutton on March 27, 2010:

Great Hub! Rudeness has become a way of life in many places, and age groups. What happened to manners? I can't believe the way I hear some, (mostly young people) spouting even the "F" word in places like check out lines. No matter if an elderly lady is right in front of them! I just don't get it!!! Rudeness is like a virus that has infected folks!

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 20, 2010:'re welcome son. I'll tell Larkin you left him a note on here. :)

Sandyspider.....yes we do and it is a shame. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Sandy Mertens from Wisconsin, USA on March 19, 2010:

I think we live in a more rude society now, then when our parents were growing up. Such a shame.

Ty_Sylicus on March 19, 2010:

I appreciate your kind remarks Dad. ^_^

And Dr. Larkin- You sound so mature now! You're not the little boy I used to know. Someday soon, I want to come meet you again and we can hang out. I wonder what kind of "guy stuff" you are into now? :)

Talk to me of facebook boy! >:D

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 19, 2010:

Janny...thank you. :)

JannyC on March 19, 2010:

Nice Hub! Enjoyed this

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 19, 2010:

breakfastpop....perfectly said....thanks! :)

breakfastpop on March 19, 2010:

Rudeness is a poor cover-up for not being able to hold one's own in a discussion, or endure someone else's point of view. In other words, rude people are insecure and need to feed their damaged egos constantly at other people's expense.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 19, 2010:

alekhouse.....thanks so much! :)

Nancy Hinchliff from Essex Junction, Vermont on March 19, 2010:

I'm with you, Tom. This is very good and very timely. I love the avatar. You two are so cute!

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 19, 2010:

itakins...thanks much! :)

amillar....thank you...I agree...totally. :)

amillar from Scotland, UK on March 19, 2010:

Very true Tom; it's an unpleasant trend, and shouldn’t be encouraged.

itakins from Irl on March 18, 2010:

You are so right on this-good hub.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

Hi garley...welcome to hubland! :)

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

Feline prophet...that may be a part of it...very true. Thanks. :)

Hi Candy...."a selfish heart condition" Wow...I love that line! That would make a killer song lyric! Everyone who has a job today should definitely be thankful. Very thankful. :)

garley on March 18, 2010:

hi, how u doing?

Candie V from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure! on March 18, 2010:

Whew! I was so worried you'd done gone and gotten another one banned!

What amazes me about this whole thing.. is the people who like to complain about their jobs.. while they're working! I was having to participate in the school district's mandatory urine donation the other day.. and the lab tech was b***ching about not getting her lunch for 2 days in a row. I mean really! People.. be thankful you have a job even when it sucks!

Maybe that's part of it all, Tom.. people have forgotten.. or never been taught.. how to be thankful, kind, polite.. it's all just a selfish heart condition?

Feline Prophet on March 18, 2010:

I wonder if increasing rudeness is a sign of the times? Are people just too frazzled to be polite?

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

Hi Candie.....I can't imagine driving a bus load of kids...I would need ear plugs and lots of aspirin. Bless you for your patience!

I re-wrote the Sissy May/Bobba Fred's back on now.

Big hug! :)

Candie V from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure! on March 18, 2010:

Well said Tom! Rudeness and not taking personal responsibility are both ideals I see more and more.. especially in kids, now that I drive a school bus.. hum.. where are they learning it? Can you say "Home"??

PS.. went in to chuckle at your Sissy May/Bobba Fred hub.. geez! Sorry to see it.. 'invisible'!??!?!?!

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

TamCor....hey....hey...hey! Can't you hear me? I'm typing..."HEY!" Thank you...Hugs back! :)

Tammy Cornett from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

As usual, you did a great job of getting your point across, Tom!


Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

Dr. Larkin....brilliant! :)

Dr. Larkin from In the portrait of a madman on March 18, 2010:

Yeah, I've heard "I'm a bitch, deal with it" like it's some phenomenal new thing, like that person's the only rude person on Earth where everyone else is needlessly polite.

I've been at the ass end of many, MANY undeserved brash remarks during my days of online counseling. But no matter how much that irritated me, I managed to stay calm and sort out the issue. I have had the luxury of solving many problems by being tactful. I made a lot of friends with tact that could have easily been enemies if I had been rude.

I was raised that way, and it's made me much happier.

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

Thanks Putz....she was a grand lady. :)

Putz Ballard on March 18, 2010:

Tom Great hub, I'm kinda like your grandma,

Tom Cornett (author) from Ohio on March 18, 2010:

msorrenson....I agree that it has to do with insecurity. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Tony...well said son...."As for mature adults, a handful of politeness can go a far way" ...perfect. :)

Ty_Sylicus on March 18, 2010:

Well said Dad.

In my experience, the rudest people are those who are forceful or arrogant; often times in a position of power.

While it's not surprising that rudeness come with authority, is it always necessary?

As for mature adults, a handful of politeness can go a far way. :)

msorensson on March 18, 2010:

In my opinion, behind rudeness is a deep insecurity that that person wants to mask, either consciously or unconsciously.

I am talking about real life.

In the shows, Simon's mark is that. He has to keep it up. It is a show.

Thank you for the hub.

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