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The Permanent Way to Stay Happy

Sagar is a writer by hobby, having an interest in human psychology and trying to help people understand the basic concepts of living life.

Is there any way by which instantly, right now at this moment, Can we stay Happy? This is an interesting question to ask from yourself.

“Positive Thinking”, or “Positive Thoughts” may be the probable answers that I am expecting from you. But does positive thinking is everything to make you stay, happy? I know positive thinking helps, but how many of you actually think positively all day? Is your mind filled with more positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

And once this cycle of negative thoughts begins, it becomes almost next to impossible to get out of it, true, isn’t it? So, ultimately the question is “How to get rid of this cycle of negative thoughts” and “once we are out, we should be able to sustain positivity in ourselves”.
In this article, I am not going to tell you 10 ways or 20 ways on “How to stay happy”, but chasing the root cause of unhappiness, I will try to show you a big picture.

Often we try to think positive, but what actually happens is just opposite. The positivity maybe comes into you after watching a motivational video or exercising or maybe by reading powerful quotes, but this positivity, does it remains intact?

Next thing is, many of you may believe that “spreading happiness, gives you happiness”. It is definitely true, but to spread happiness, firstly you need to be happy too.


Problem with our Thought Process

The problem with the mind is, even if everything is happening well with you, it just takes a single negative thought to get our brain stuck. By default, we all have the same settings in our mind. When someone says well about you, you feel good and forget. While if it’s the opposite case, someone says bad to you, your mind keeps on reminding you, for a day, for a weak or for entire life even.

The default settings of our brain are,” what if”,” what if not”, “Why is this happening to me?”, does happiness lies here? I think you all are getting the challenge of what I need to convey here. The problem is with the default settings of our mind.

I believe you all will agree that how powerful our mind is. It is like software that needs an update. It’s not like while reading this article you are thinking positive, you need to make it happen permanently. We need to digest the fact that we are double-faced personalities, we think different, we say different and we do differently. The biggest reason that we never stay happy, because we are something else from inside, and we show the different side to the outside world.


The answer is Contentment

Let me reveal the answer you come looking for, in this article. The only way to stay happy is Satisfaction. “Happiness comes with Contentment”, if you are satisfied with the life you’re living, you will be happy enough. The satisfaction may come to you if you start thinking about the life you are living, is still a dream for many. And believe me, there is no other way to be happy. The only way is Contentment.

Satisfaction is happiness. Don’t compare satisfaction with the pleasures you are having. The pleasures that we get from our senses are full of fun, but so these add to your happiness. For example, you having junk food again and again, but are you happy eating it? After some time you may regret that you shouldn’t have done that.

Pleasures and Happiness

It’s important to understand the difference between pleasure and happiness. Happiness must be something that “Stays Forever”. In other words, there is only one way to stay happy,” a feeling of gratitude in our heart”,” a feeling of thankfulness”. You will start feeling good, you’ll feel relaxed instantly, immediately.

Let’s dig the problem even deeper. “Contentment is the key to happiness”, we all know, I made this point earlier. The thing is how to practically work on it in your life. Just think of it this way, suppose you get your dream job, or dream partner, does it guarantee everything will be fine after that?

The Ultimate Solution

There is always some good qualities with people. If you start just focussing in the “positives” inside the people around you, it’s going to change your thinking about the world. Whom would you like to spend your time with, the one who is frustrated with everything or with the one who is satisfied with his life? Satisfaction is directly connected to the peace of mind, which eventually help you to make better decisions.

Try grabbing a copy and writing about the things you have, for example, you will be having a home. Now think of those people who don’t even own a house, millions of people are homeless. You’ll start feeling how beautiful your life is. You’ll be forwarded towards a new zone. You’ll start wishing good for the people you meet every day. And now that you are wishing good for everyone, this is the way of spreading happiness.

You are just wishing good for the whole universe, effortlessly. The software is now updated. You will start feeling you have a connection with the whole universe. The universe from which we were cut because of “I”,” me”,” myself”. Whatever you do it will make an impact on the whole universe or whatever the universe will do, will make an impact on you. Then why to do wrong with the people, why shouldn’t I do something that brings peace to the universe.

I think you are now getting the answer. “Think of your life as a dream life for others”. You have nothing short of in your life. The way you correct your thought process and practically you start doing it, I can bet you it’s going to change you’re the way you look at your life and feel that Contentment. “Stay Happy!!”


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