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The Pandemic World

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2021, we had hopes with you

This new year was special, we all were happy to welcome 2021 with a broad smile on our faces because we knew that 2021 would be a better and happier year. After the rollercoaster ride of 2020, we were all set to get back to our normal lives and start it fresh. People were celebrating, partying, crying tears of happiness, meeting their loved ones, missing their loved ones whom they lost to the deadly coronavirus.

But the universe had planned something even worse for us. Two months into 2021, and there we welcome the deadly virus again. By the mid of March 2021, the cases started rising again in India, and this time it was uncontrollable because now people had become carefree and they did not take precautions, the price for which they had to pay in the coming few weeks. By mid of April 2021, the increase in cases had become exponential and sadly in this second covid wave, many were losing their loved ones.

Rising cases in India


Failed management and Careless Government

During the first wave of covid, the entire world was unprepared and so were we. But after one year of survival, the government should have done some homework and come up with plans to deal with such pandemic situations. But no, they had to do the politics, conduct rallies, and win seats by losing the lives of the very public they swore the promises to. People are helpless and out of resources to save their loved ones. We always knew that there will be more covid waves in the future, so contracting the virus and increase in the number of cases was inevitable, but the number of deaths due to lack of resources and treatment was something we didn't pay our taxes for.

People are doing the job of our Government

Since our leaders have turned numb to the current situation of helplessness and hopelessness, the people of our country have taken to social media and are helping those in need by sharing important resources and contact information. It is very difficult for the public to stay mentally calm and have the courage to helps those in need. There are certain social media pages and accounts which have gathered information about the availability of beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines and other necessities needed by the people. People have become aware of the consequences of showing carelessness in this situation, they have locked themselves up in their houses to break the spread of the virus. Since our leaders are not implementing any strict shutdowns, the public has themselves decided to stay at home and help those in need.

Fire burning in our hearts and on the ground


Hoping for a better tomorrow

Everyone right now is just in the hope that things will get better tomorrow. Watching news channels and reading news these days is more horrifying than a horror movie. People are crying for help, there is no place in the hospitals, no equipment for the treatment, and the worst part is that there is no place left to burn the dead bodies. This is a situation which no one would have ever imagined. Contracting the virus is one thing, but not getting the right treatment on time is shameful of the government's healthcare system. We continued to pay our taxes, billionaires from our country made billions of donations to the PM cares fund, with all these resources why did our leaders failed us, or shall I say we failed ourselves by voting for you and choosing you as our leader.

I hope in the next elections, these hard-hearted politicians cry for votes as much as we have cried to save the lives of our loved ones.

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