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The Pain of Sorrow and Grief.

After encountering many exciting adventures, the author relates some of those experiences through poetry. Sharing is important!

We all have pain and sorrow. Its always Someone has been lost, or walked away or is dying, Sometimes its one that we truly loved. It hurts. We grieve and we live in sorrow.. The lights have dimmed, and the plot is grim, but one day we will live again.. A mirage, and a deception, ah, yes, and the trust is broken, but the heart doesn't care. We just cry. We cry with tears of sorrow.

Yellow rose

Yellow rose

The Yellow Rose.

Who is it that you have suddenly lost from your life? Was it a close sibling? A mother or a father? Up until now we have taken it for granted, that they will be there, then suddenly when they are gone there is a great loss. There is a hole within us that is aching; we know they won't be back, but we still long for them. The memories fill us, and haunt our spirit as we try to go back. Yes, go back to when they were near.

Grieving is a process that for consumes us for very long moments and sometimes months and years. It is an individual process and sometimes the loss is so great we cannot go back to our lives until we find an answer; an answer to why they are not there, the loved one we lost. We must reason and wonder and hurt and it occurs deeper inside us than we ever know that we could feel. Is there an answer to why? Death seems senseless and we are left feeling empty and dry within our soul. Can we find solace somewhere as we look towards God and cry out Lord, why? Every morning it comes back and throughout the day; and we wonder will the darkness of loss ever fade away.. We stumble and we reach and we pray in pain.

Slowly as time passes and as the seasons warm our spirit, we see that life renews itself, and we recall we marked well the grave of our beloved. Never either will they fade from our memory, but now we see hope and a chance for our painful wounds to heal. Somehow with Gods grace we lift our loved one and our loss to him and let go. Yes, we now let go and give them freedom to pass over to another place. We sigh and we remember who they were and what they meant and we let them go.

We go on and we strive to rebuild. We plant new roses and make new dreams. We are stronger. We are full of new purpose. Our loss makes us stronger and enables us to make our lives matter again. Our loss finally gives us permission to move forward and our sorrows are woven into the fabric of our lives, and we will show kindness towards others who have lost someone so near to them.

Give yourself permission to grieve your loss. Look at it as adding quality to that persons life and extending their legacy of love within us who loved them so dearly. Consider the pain as a medal of love and honor towards that loved one and never give up loving others. Never allow bitterness to fade it away. Remember the yellow rose as a symbol of the love and the happiness for the life that was lived and is now gone.

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© 2020 Oscar Jones

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