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The Narcopath (Narcissistic Psychopath) That Slayed His Parents - (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Marc Hubs is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD."

Narcissists - Faceless and under-cover

Narcissists - Faceless and under-cover

Although he was thought of as an "exemplary student" and was an intelligent boy who was nicknamed "Brains", in July 2004 Brian Blackwell, just nineteen years old at the time, had gone on to set up a web of lies and deceit surrounding his life to portray an entirely false self-image.

In order to attract a girl and to hold on to her, he falsely claimed that he was a wealthy professional tennis player and even flawlessly acted the part, using any means necessary (including theft, fraud, etc).

His girlfriend had no reason to have any suspicions.

Things eventually went bad for Brian Blackwell when, to uphold the wealthy false self-image he had been portraying to his girlfriend, he applied for thirteen credit cards in his father's name.

Brian had used the money to book a two-week holiday for him and his girlfriend but before they went his father found out what he had done.

Both Brian's parents wanted to know what was going on and confronted him on the issue.

Unfortunately, the false self which Brian had been obsessively and compulsively creating had been threatened and he couldn't let his girl find out the truth, so he brutally killed both of his parents with a claw hammer, repeatedly stabbing both of them.

Brian then dragged his mother's body, by the heels, to the bathroom. He had stabbed her approximately thirty times.

Despite having killed both his parents, Brian left the house and went for the two-week holiday with his girlfriend.

His girlfriend claims that all the time they were on holiday together, Brian seemed perfectly normal, except on one occasion where he seemed a bit upset, went to the bathroom and came two minutes later and he was fine.

His parent's bodies remained in the house for the entire duration of the holiday and Brian even went back into the house to get something that he had forgotten, before setting off on holiday.

During the holiday Brian Blackwell spent £30,000, in his father's name, on a three-night stay at the Plaza Hotel.

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When Brian and his girlfriend returned from their holiday, he found out that he had received A's in all of his A-levels which gained him a place, in October, at the University of Nottingham to study medicine.

However, in September, his parent's bodies were found. Their murders had been so brutal that police initially believed they had been shot.

When Brian Blackwell was first interviewed by police, despite the evidence against him being overwhelming, he claimed to know nothing about his parent's murders and that he was away on holiday at the time.

However, after two days of further questioning his story started to change and he eventually confessed, claiming it was in self-defense. The investigation conflicted with his story and indicated that his father had been hit on the back of the head while sitting down.

Psychological evaluation showed that Brian Blackwell's mother had also been very controlling of him, to the extent whereby she chose what clothes he wore, she told him where he could and couldn't go and she still bathed him, even when he had reached age sixteen.

It has been suggested that this may be reflected by the way he dragged his mother's body to the bathroom.

During the case Blackwell, when questioned, said he somehow managed to "blank out" what had happened and experts eventually diagnosed him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder was then used in a court case for the first time ever, as mitigating circumstances, in the Brian Blackwell case.

Blackwell's charge of murder was dropped after he pleaded guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

However, despite the lesser charge, Brian Blackwell was still given a life sentence.

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Brian Blackwell in Narcissists documentary

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