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The Modern Nihilist 002: Dealing with Reality

I am a modern nihilist, striving to learn from the world and from others how to better live through honesty and effort.

The Modern Nihilist

Listen to an audio of this article.

Listen to an audio of this article.

My Expectations of the World

I used to expect certain things from life. I used to expect that certain things would be given to me without looking for them. I would say to myself that going through the motions would be enough.

I had the impression that I would not need to get in touch with other people or with situations just because they were self-evident. I pictured this world where I and only I would set the accent of things.

Nevertheless, I thought I didn’t need to handle things with too much attention to detail. Instead of focusing, I just wanted to follow the rhythm of life without needing any special kind of contact.

The World Doesn't Owe Me Anything

I eventually learned that you cannot expect anything from the world no matter what your mind tells you, no matter what your imagination shows you, no matter how loud that voice, that self-entitled inner voice screams out to you.

In truth, you have to push your boundaries, you have to push outside of your comfort zone so that you can attain insight into how the world works, how other people work, and the tone you should adopt in different situations so that you don't rub off the wrong way so that you don't make scenes, and so that you can set up situations in your favor.

Equally important is to resonate with other people so that they will float around in the spaces you open up instead of planting themselves on solid ground and forming a solid obstacle between you and your goals.

Finding the Right Tools

I wanted to find tools to help me get what I wanted since I felt lost in the ocean of society and I felt that when it came to maneuvering in the world, my mind was blank. The only sound that I could hear was that of my own inner voice trying to figure out things without much efficacy.

I learned that I had to warm up to people and that I had to visualize the best outcome possible so that it could become true, but this later became monotonous and the approach soon started to feel cold. However, I gained a perspective from this and I wasn't deaf to the idea that one could find patterns to traverse the rough landscape of the world.

You Want Effective Ways of Thinking

If you can find effective ways of thinking, these will go a long way in shining a light on the patterns that define success. And you will hear the ring of success and learn to tackle the obstacles that lie between you and your goals.

Your life will reflect your values and all you need to do is ask for the right ones. You need the right method that allows you to reap huge benefits by just applying small pressure and not having to waste lots of time or energy.

What these methods, techniques, and tools will also give you is the ability to clarify what you want before you even start looking for it which is a great deal. Your own desires and your way to them can become audible to you as you become more sensitive to yourself and to the world.

Accept Your Current Situation

The first the most important thing that you must do before you can embark on your path to dreams come true, is to accept where you are to examine exactly what your condition is and why you are in that condition.

Once you are clear on your reality, on the reality that surrounds you, this clarity in itself will relieve a lot of stress from your life, and many things will become obvious to your eye so that all you need to do is reach out and find the resources that will provide you with the knowledge you seek.

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Do not waste your time following leads and staying in places in which you cannot make tangible changes. You want to see changes become your reality.

You will need to foresee how exactly they will appear to you and you will need to foresee the obstacles that will block your way to them before you can proclaim victory. You will have to relieve the tension that holds you back and focus completely on what you want to materialize.

Develop Discipline

You could then develop the discipline to work in a direction without faltering. Learning to adapt and detect false illusions when you encounter them will allow you to then alter your course and head in a more concrete direction.

The ability to illustrate both the situation you have encountered and how this is not what you want will be crucial so that a more precise form and shape of your actual desire become visible. And it is also important to know how to listen to both other people and yourself.

You will need to learn to be gentle because both other people and yourself, that is to say, your body and mind, do not necessarily communicate the most important things in verbal form.

You will have to notice little things about what makes other people or yourself uncomfortable, and on the other hand, what makes other people or yourself excited.

You can't expect others to shout out their feelings and expectations, just as you can't expect your own self to shout out things to you. You must grasp the reality of the situation by becoming attentive to it.

The Game Changer

Having the right tools changes everything. It changes the game and it changes the outlook a person has so that the actions they take leave others speechless as they move on in the world and take a hold of what others can only dream about.

To these people the world is revealed, it becomes vocal about its secrets and there is no need for them to scrape anywhere, certainly not at the bottom of the barrel.

Having these tools means you can preview what comes around the corner because situations reveal themselves through other people and through the arrangement of patterns.

The world speaks to a person who is listening and tells them what they need to do so that they can avoid suffering.

Gauging the Distance

A person can gauge the real distance between their goals and where they are. They can see where they lie and walk towards them in silence with the confidence of someone who bears no heavy burden, and instead, shows that everything can work in their favor however dissonant it may seem at first when heard against the main tune that the world sings.

These people are smooth, they offend no one and are offended by no one. Instead, they benefit others and are benefitted from everything other people do. And they do so by surveying the landscape and calculating how they can bring it all to harmonious control.

Desires Become Reality

By walking the way, the future becomes an endless attaining of desired states one after another in a vision that extends beyond want any person can see.

There will be no shrill surprises and whatever heated disputes arise as a result of you following your dreams you will be able to watch from a distance and remain quiet and able to cool down situations so that problems become engulfed in a hazy aura and are rendered dumb until all you can feel is their dissolving in accordance with your plans for the benefit of you and the people you love.

Up Ahead

In the future, we will explore precise methods and techniques that will enable you to see the world as it is and to discern patterns in and around you, starting from your relationship with yourself, with others, and with the world.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 David Rosales

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