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The Mind and Energy Flow!

Are you Aware of Where Your Energy Goes!

A lot of people have come across the statement "Energy flows where attention goes!" at some point in their life. The statement makes a lot of sense and does very well to explain the nature of the human mind and its connection to reality in just one line. How many people actually understand the concept and truth behind the statement may be lower than one would expect.

There will be many who believe they are using this concept correctly in their everyday lives and may be shocked by the unlimited consequences they may be fueling inadvertently through their inattentive conscious thought patterns. Learning exactly how this phenomena works, should improve your everyday conscious decision making, whilst furthermore benefiting those around you.

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

— Michael Losier

The Field of Thought!

The Field of Thought!

What we give our attention to, grows.

— Ken Blanchard

What Are You Fueling In This Reality?

Attention and energy that flows from your thoughts are unbiased in nature, meaning energy will flow in what ever direction you cast it. The tricky part for many is that they are casting their energy in the wrong direction unknowingly, from what they originally thought. This is due to the deployment of the wrong intentions for their particular desires. This mostly occurs due to the language used and the meaning/power behind the language, muddling up their intention and thus feeding back an unexpected result.

Energy flow is universal and can be focused upon any desire, regardless of size, the more energy focused on a particular focal point, the quicker the desired manifestation will take place. This occurs on an individual level, as well as on a collective level.

It is clear many people do not understand or are not aware of this process, as can be seen in current world events. A great example of how energy flow works against humanity, can be seen in the many 'anti' statements used throughout the world today. If a group of people who disagree with lets say a current war that is happening, the group then gathers and focuses on what exactly? They focus on the war and how to stop it, this is the trap, they are fueling their intention and at the same time the opposite of their intention! Also in order for this group to attempt to stop a war, there must be a war to stop, also adding fuel to its existence in this reality. The group may chose to hold an 'anti-war' rally to demonstrate and protest against the war. This further fuels the war with energy, more energy is added as the groups focal point is now on 'anti-war' slogans. Any 'anti' demonstration actually fuels what a group is demonstrating against. Now think over the last five to ten years or so, what demonstrations have you witnessed? You should be able to see the energy flow from such demonstrations and what has occurred after the use of such 'anti' statement focal points. The 'anti' doesn't exist other than as a word in language, however war does exist, which is the conflict between two or more groups of people. Therefore the energy assists in creating what does exist and energy flows towards the war which is actually in existence.

With this knowledge in mind, after witnessing an anti-war rally or protest and now knowing where the energy goes from the demonstration of an 'anti-war' protest. You may be thinking, well how does one go about attempting to restrain such atrocities and assist in changing the world for the better, if this behaviour further fuels the conflict? One would go about changing this by changing the focus of attention to an area that is the opposite of, in this case 'war'. If by becoming aware of a war that is happening and you would like to do something about it, you can and you can still attend protests/demonstrations. Instead of attending a protest which has an 'anti-war' sentiment, you would align with a group who were going to demonstrate using the opposite of war, a 'pro-peace' protest. This aligns the groups energy with peace and co-manifests peace into existence.

I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.

— Mother Teresa

Watching the World!

When one watches the world and sees the events happening throughout our beautiful lands, whilst knowing the vast majority of people in society today want nothing other than to live harmoniously in peace.

One has to wonder, why is this not occurring? Its due to co-creative consciousness flow and focal points of the majority guiding humanity to events that coincide with what is being collectively manifest. There is a lot of social engineering at play in the world today using pre-programming techniques amongst other things, to draw conscious beings attention to particular focal points. Such as war/anti-war, racial issues, sexism issues and differences in culture to name a few. All in which further fuels whatever the focal point is with collective conscious energy, thus bringing whatever is being focused upon into existence.

This pre-programming is projected through newspapers, television programs, movies/documentaries, social media, radio and the internet as well as institutions, organisations and numerous other sectors. News programs are one of the biggest offenders of producing so many negative focal points into this realm, using many different propaganda's, which is the spreading of ideas/ideologies. Now it seems much of the news today isn't even based on fact anymore which means journalists are no longer doing their jobs correctly. Those watching and getting drawn into some of the stories presented are not only having their thoughts manipulated in some sense, they are been used to fuel energetically, events that they do not want or may not even exist in some cases! These organisations are often part of a group who centralises policy based on fiat donations from benefactors, thus creating a bias. These benefactors know how to manipulate conscious energy and do so, so that they can benefit from the consequences in other markets and sectors. Governments spend ridiculous amounts of fiat currency on developing weapons of death, that could be otherwise spent benefiting human kind. Unfortunately war is used in many ways, such as to obtain centralised power, distract, stimulate economies and destroy economies depending upon the end goal, they can be manufactured to deliver many end results. It is however, never beneficial for the improvement of human life, especially those who must witness such atrocities.

Another example of the misuse of collective conscious energy flow, particularly in western cultures. Is the many awareness campaigns that take place. These awareness campaigns may be set up with the best intentions, however they are fueling the awareness of a particular condition or area in society that maybe is not so good for our human society in the now or future. Some awareness campaigns are good for society, as bringing awareness to a particular area that requires attention to improve will benefit society. One must remember attention and energy grows whatever the energy is focused upon, if the collective is focusing on a particular disease through an awareness campaign, is this going to cure the disease? Or is the attention and energy going to make more cases of the disease? This is a tough paradox that one finds them self in when truly thinking about it in terms of energy flow and manifestation. The true consequences of collective energy flow into these areas may be doing more harm than good.

If energy is directed to areas such as war, race, price of fuel and so on, then one fact is for sure, this energy is not being directed to peace, unity, freedom, equality or harmony!

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Correct Your Energy Flow!

Correct Your Energy Flow!

Never underestimate the power of your mind. Whether positive or negative thoughts, that power will reveal itself in a matter of time.

— Corletia Dunlap Banks

I Do Want! I Don't Want!

On an individual level energy flow can be controlled through self awareness of ones own thought process. If you spent fifty percent of your time focusing on what you do want and fifty percent of your time focusing on what you don't want, both the do want energy and don't want energy will be the same. Regardless if you perceive one is good and one is bad.

When manifesting your life, do and don't are not manifest from your thoughts, they don't exist in material matter. You cannot go and pick up a do or a don't. You cannot eat, drink or sit on a do or a don't. In conscious creation, because of this the do and don't are ignored. This is why those who continually don't want something, generally keep getting what they don't want. The mind pays no attention to the do and don't, it focuses on what can be manifest. If someone were to focus their attention on let's say 'not wanting to sleep in for work', they are energetically aligning their life to improving their chances of sleeping in for work.

Those who 'don't want to be poor anymore', are creating more poverty in their lives through the outcome of this manifestation. One can reallocate their thoughts when they arise, this will allow them to begin moving towards creating what they do want. One is required to become aware of ones thoughts to enable this, if one is not aware of how they think, then they will not be able to realign their thought pattern.

If thoughts arise that you notice are not in alignment with your desires, if you become aware of them, you then have the opportunity to change them. Those thoughts you don't align with can be dealt with by accepting they are there, letting them go and confirming within, that you wish to replace the thought and what energy was flowing to them into a new desire. Its then simply up to the individual to bring into her/his being the new thought to focus upon. Once the unwanted thought has been let go of, do not dwell on this thought as that would be adding more energy to it. Instead focus your energy on your new thought/desire knowing the removed thought has gone. The art of letting go takes practice, learning to meditate will no doubt improve this skill until its a natural habit for the individual.

Over time and practice this will become second nature, one will be able to see/know how and where their energy flows within this reality and the affects they have directly on their own situations and surroundings. The more conscious co-creating that is achieved in this plain of existence rather than unconscious co-creating, the more human kind will benefit as a whole.



Human Connections and Unity!

Making a conscious choice to co-create for the benefit of you and your peers takes time. This is due to the state of the present worlds conditions and collective human psyche. Many people are still in disbelief of their own conscious power and refuse to take responsibility that they are in fact assisting in the co-creation of this existence and in their own life.

Consciously taking responsibility allows one to open up to ones creative powers and allow oneself to utilise their forgotten natural human ability to assist in the improvement of their own and others present environment. As people learn to co-create consciously, the world will shift to a less hostile environment for all, but only if focusing upon clear life improving focal points.

When an individual tunes in to such creative powers, especially if their focus is upon beneficial intentions and desires. Their own vibrating frequency will rise, the higher the vibration of an individual, the higher the energy state and energy delivery. This energy affects those around him/her and naturally like a piano string when plucked, the untouched neighbour strings start resonating to the same tune/frequency. This is the case with human kind, one with a strong moral compass and beneficial desires/intentions will have an increased beneficial affect on others around them.

We are a naturally helpful, loving species that seem to have forgotten our true nature somehow. By remembering our natural abilities, gifts and moral compasses, we can move this current reality to a more unified, beneficial and harmonious world for all.

I would like to thank you for reading.

James Annan

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 James Annan

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