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The Meta Secret: A More Practical Approach to "The Secret" - Law of Attraction

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People are more than acquainted with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

A lot of people affirming that the belief had changed their lives but there were quite a number of others who greatly disproved that school of thought saying that it were an unreal and bogus fantasy.

This is especially due to the fact that it says our beliefs draw our circumstances to us.

It would then be unfair and wrong to say those who have had bad, unfair and traumatic experiences come to them was their entire fault.


I’d only formerly read excerpts from the book but seeing a couple of comments made me want to see it for myself so I decided to watch the movie. However I stumbled onto ‘The Meta Secret’ instead by Mel Gill

Watching both, I can say that both entertain the same school of thought however The Meta Secret goes deeper and branches out quite a bit…

7 Laws of the Universe

Within the 90 minutes of the movie, Mel Gill concentrates on 7 laws of the universe in relation to the Law of Attraction. They include;

  • The Law of Mentalism
  • The Law of Correspondence
  • The Law of Vibration
  • The Law of Polarity
  • The Law of Gender
  • The Law of Rhythm
  • The Law of Cause and Effect

He also talks about certain areas of life like health, abundance, relationships as well as happiness and our purpose, where the laws are applicable and how to actually apply them.

Similarities between The Secret and The Meta Secret

Some of the similarities between the two movies include ideas like:

Everything that exists began from the mind. We pictured something like it before manifesting it in the present. From God creating man, to man himself creating light or even enabling himself to space travel. It all began from the mind

Another point is that we need to know exactly what we want, be sure it is our desire and then persevere until we get results

Mel Gill also maintained that the concept or state of wealth was arbitrary. It takes me to back to Grown-ish, Season 4 Episode 12 where Luca tells Zoey that “poverty is a state of mind”

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This is just to say that the very state of lack is more of a mindset. Contentment as well as the belief that more is coming to us is a way to attract more and be happy where we are.

The universe is abundant; therefore a lack mindset makes us limit ourselves

Moving on from the past and not letting it affect our present. Forgive and let go of the bad energy associated with certain memories.

Learning to say thank you for everything; gratitude goes a long way. It’s like when you feel great about something, you attract more things to feel good about.


The Practicality

What really makes The Meta Secret more practical is the fact that action is centered on in attraction.

In Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, the law of attraction is described as “visualize what you want, believe and then receive” which is why people feel like it is impractical and fake.

However in The Meta Secret, attention is drawn towards the last six letters of attraction which is action

It maintains that without acting on your desires or at least taking a step towards getting what you want. It won’t just magically fall into your lap

It talks also about how man is his own greatest enemy and the strong unwavering faith that The Secret preaches on is simply to say that when you believe hard enough that something is coming to you, you will do anything and everything to ensure that it does.

But a doubting lifestyle makes you reject or just pass on opportunities because you don’t want to raise your hopes or just want to stay in the safe space rather than risk it


Other Lessons include...

Know yourself; it leads you to what you need. Trust yourself to know what your purpose is and follow that path.

Having a good self-image helps you get through the criticisms as well. When you know who you are, what others have to say doesn’t affect or derail you


Enjoy the journey; it doesn’t always have to be about reaching the end goal. Sometimes you might even have to take detours but you might have the best views on those. Just enjoy the ride rather than rush to the finish line

Feel good about everything you do (even the journey). If you don’t then maybe you need to drop it.

Just like The Secret says feeling good about it leads to you manifesting more of it

Creating and maintaining human connections are also an effective way to feel good


Another major difference is that in The Meta Secret, you have to understand that not everything will work out but you should learn to be content with that

You have to understand and respect the concept of enough. You won’t get all that you want but all that you get should be enough for you.

The universe won’t leave you lacking that’s for sure but it might not give all you ask for either

You should aspire for more but still be content right where you are. A difficult dynamic but required

The key to having what you want isn’t just belief but finding a goal, creating a plan, forming a strategy and then implementing that strategy.


After that you monitor your progress, adjust, and then focus on benefiting others because it is from creating value for others that we can create wealth for ourselves. It’s a cause and effect universe.

You give and then you get… that’s the rhythm.

It is also said that this secret doesn’t find you unless you’re ready… And you just might be.

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