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The Merach M1S Mini Pocket Massage Gun Is the Portable Percussion Massage Gun


The After Effects of Exercising

Exercising has always been important for a person’s health and that’s just as important today as yesterday. So regardless of whether you ride a horse or a desk chair it’s important to move around and exercise. Now it’s no joke that there’s a huge range of ways that people can exercise, nor is a person’s age or physical condition not something that needs to be taken into account. Going to the gym or using home equipment or just walking around the block are all ways that people can and are exercising today. So since there are so many different ways to exercise and so many different kinds of people doing that exercise — what do they all have in common? It’s the pain that can come as a result of exercising. And whether that is good to have pain from exercising or not, all that really matters is that there’s pain and it would be good to not have it. So what to do about it other than the old joke where the patient tells the doctor “it hurts when I do this,” to which the doctor replies, “then don’t do that.” Why not try a percussion device called the Merach M1S Mini Pocket Massage Gun instead of just giving up?


What The M1S Does

The Merach M1S Mini Pocket Massage Gun is shaped exactly like others of its kind, in that you hold it similarly to that of a “gun” and place the tip at the end of the “barrel” against the person. Where things get different is that there’s a motor inside the massager which moves the tip as it impacts against the person’s body. That requires that the grip needs to be secure, so instead of a plastic or metal grip, it’s rubber that lets you hold onto it better. Especially since the lithium-ion battery has plenty of oomph, thanks to it being 2500 mAH rechargeable power that goes fully up in about 2 1/2 hours (using a type-C USB cable). This also means a pretty long lasting time between charging. Because this gun is smaller — a lot smaller — than most percussion guns.


Power and Heads

Now lets get to that tip and the reason for the battery power. There are four interchangeable heads whose purpose is to manage different muscle groups because it’s about deep tissue massage — this enables using the pressure from the gun for activating muscles before exercise or for relaxing muscles after a workout, eliminating soreness and stiffness after sedentary work

So trying this out means placing one of the interchangeable heads — what they look like is a bullet for deep tissue massage, a flat for parts of the body, a fork shape for spine and Achilles and the spine and a spherical shape for bulk and large muscle groups (with each putting out a different vibration effect on the tissues it is being placed against) — and then turning it on activates the motor which puts out high speed vibrations per minute in one of three speeds (going from 1600 - 3200). Surprisingly the Merach Pocket Massage Gun is a lot quieter than expected — the volume level is noted as being 30dB and while we don’t have a meter for measuring the sound, it’s quite a bit lower in volume while running as compared to others of its type.

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