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Is Coconut Water a Laxative?

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Young coconuts on a coconut palm tree near my house

Young coconuts on a coconut palm tree near my house

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

Does coconut water have laxative properties? This is a common question asked about this natural beverage that is also being highly promoted as the best natural sports drink.

Before I talk about the natural laxative effective of coconut water, let me say that coconut water is not only nature’s tastiest beverage, but also one of its most nutritious.

For centuries, the people of the tropics have used coconut water and coconut as a staple food that supplies water and essential nutrients for the body. It is a great thirst quencher and have medicinal purposes.

Now, packaged coconut water is on high demand as a natural sports drink because it naturally contains essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that boost energy and hydrate the body.

Is coconut water healthy for you? Yes. But like all foods, consuming too much can have undesirable effects on the body. Coconut water is safe for all ages. The only concern you should consider when drinking coconut water is that the health tonic can have a laxative effect when taken in large quantities and on empty stomach.


Laxatives are foods, compounds, or medicines taken to induce bowel movements or to loosen the stool. Most often, laxatives are taken to treat constipation. Laxatives eliminate undigested remains of food in the large intestine and colon and cleanses the bowel. High doses of laxatives can lead to diarrhea.

Coconut Water is a Natural Laxative

Coconut water is the best natural healthy drink. You can drink it in abundance every day of your entire life without any harmful side effects. Newborn babies are also given coconut water, thus the drink is safe for all ages.

Enjoy the drink but don't forget that coconut water is a natural laxative.

Therefore, coconut water may not be desirable for some people depending on their bowel movements. Consumption of coconut water must be limited to bowel tolerance. Bowel tolerance is the maximum amount of coconut water you can drink without loose stools. This varies with each individual and increases with regular use of coconut water.

Fresh young coconut water and meat I had for lunch at Jayapura, West Papua.

Fresh young coconut water and meat I had for lunch at Jayapura, West Papua.

Does Coconut Water Help Constipation?

Coconut water is a natural laxative, so yes, it is good for constipation. For centuries when modern medicine did not exist, the people of the tropics have relied on coconut water for treating constipation. You can rely on the drink as the best natural remedy for treating constipation. It is a great alternative to drugs and other processed compounds. Coconut water's cleansing effect also eliminates toxic substances from the body. It is a good natural remedy for bowel cleansing.

Coconut Water Detoxification

Coconut water is a natural cleanser and detoxifier for the body. A coconut water detox diet is excellent for detoxification, healing and even weight loss. A good way of detoxifying the body using natural coconut water is through a coconut water fast.

A simple yet effective coconut water detox recipe - Coconut Water Fast

This detox recipe is very simply. You fast for 3 to 7 days (depending on your health goals) and during that time, you only drink natural coconut water. In between, add a slice of lemon to the coconut water to avoid diarrhea. You can also eat the coconut meat, if you want.

The longest I fasted (not for health reasons though) was 12 days, during which I only consumed natural coconut water and its soft meat. I felt so healthy, good and even lost weight after that.

To conclude, coconut water has amazing health benefits and is safe for all ages. It is also a natural laxative, and therefore should only be consumed in amounts your digestive system can handle. It is also good for constipation and colon/bowel cleanses. Coconut water detox can also help you lose weight.

Important Note

  • The coconut water I write about here is from my experience with fresh young coconuts straight from the tree. I have never taken processed coconut water so I will not recommend it for its laxative and detoxification properties.
  • Coconut water I’m referring to here is from young coconuts, not the water from the brown mature nuts.
  • Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk, which is extracted from the kernel of the mature brown nuts.
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The information contained in this article relating to the health benefits and natural remedies of coconut water does not replace or advise medical advice. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Please share this article on social media if you've found it useful.

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Cleotis on August 31, 2017:

I must drank 12 ozs of coconut water 10 mins later I blew the porcelain out of the bowl I had a movement that Beethoven would be proud of

Adam from Denver, CO on August 11, 2017:

Coconut water never works as a laxative for me.

Eric on July 23, 2017:

Is goya and Kirkland good brand of coconut water to buy or no?

shellyanne on July 02, 2016:

I've just started drinking coconut water. Great article. I'm a runner and always looking for a rehydration drink. Mabe this is a good alternative to other drinks after a workout

CoShake on August 18, 2015:

Well, i had very bad constipation for some time.. Was taking laxative which i hate taking pills... and i told myself i nid to put a fullstop for pills, find some natural way to cure it..... well i found this web on coconut drink.. i hav been tryin this method and ..YEAH it works.. very much faster than pills... this is not the only benefit of coconut water.... coconut water is also good for diabetic, fever, and etc...... Since then i stop taking pills for small matter and start drinking coconut water trice a week..... it has healing power for almost all the minor sickness......

Miguel on January 22, 2015:

A strange way of pasirhng your question! Constipation lasts until it's cured. If you haven't had a bowel action in 3 days, then take some stewed fruit and plenty of fluids. If you still can't go' then take a mild laxative, available from your pharmacist. If you haven't had a bowel action in a MONTH, then you must be ready to explode!To stop yourself from becoming constipated in the future, take a look at your diet and modify it accordingly.References :

jenkins on July 14, 2014:


leroy on January 28, 2014:

I like me some coconut water

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