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12 Universal Laws: The Law of Divine Oneness

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While there are 12 laws of the universe, the most conversant one we take to notice is the law of attraction and manifestation

There are 11 others that affect us every day and maybe, just maybe if we took them notice more often we could achieve that attraction even better

According to the law of divine oneness, everything that exists is one. All things are interconnected and related. Even the slightest action has an effect on the universe; it’s like a ripple effect kinda thing


You remember movies that have time travel concepts and at some point of the movie they realize that one mistake had caused a chain reaction of different events that was really not planned and probably catastrophic

An example is Project Almanac of which the main character travelling back in time way too often caused some really bad things to happen that even affected his school as a whole

My personal favorite is from the Umbrella Academy where Five makes calculations on who to kill to prevent the impending doom that is the end of the earth, which just shows that one action, can set off so much and have a great impact


Anyway away from the movie line the law of divine oneness simply emphasizes that no man is an island and that even if he was, he would impact the water he stands on which would affect the land and just keeps reaching out further. We are all just connected like that

Understanding this law means we put ourselves in other people’s shoes or rather with the knowledge that what we do affects others, we tend to change approach not just to life but also to how we behave and treat others

In fact how we feel also impacts others meaning our moods can make the people around us concerned for us which in turn hurts the people around them

In a way, the law of divine oneness involves getting what we give out. What you send out into the universe comes back to you in a cycle kind of way. Since we are all connected, the universe shares in our joy and pain

This has to make us a lot more conscious in our actions

They say energy is never actually destroyed it can only be converted, that energy is what is said to be shared by everyone and that means what we do doesn’t ever dissipate into nothingness, it resonates through space and time

It’s no wonder then why a parent gets that hunch or feeling when something isn’t right with their child.

Or even that feeling that something isn’t right or about to go wrong? It isn’t just by chance; it is the energy through us all working

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At-one-ment also the same with the concept of oneness except while the latter is about being unified, the former talks about the cycles this law creates. But then they are all in the same vein

When we don’t accommodate others, it spirals and when things get out of control, that’s when we think we need to be nicer, in other words… Atonement

Atonement isn’t all about paying back for the wrong we done but also accepting that we aren’t perfect and the things we judge others for are also the things we are guilty of and so we need to be less judgmental

It’s about understanding that difficulty meets us all at some point but we don’t need to kick each other down but try and understand and maybe even lend a hand

We don’t need to regret before we learn and try the concept of atonement. We can just do what’s expected so we can all have a better place

It’s fixing the quote by asking for permission rather than forgiveness even though the forgiveness part is all what atonement is about

Atonement is a way of doing what's right to achieve oneness

The Law of Divine Order

The law of divine oneness however should not be mistaken for the law of divine order. The law of divine order is more about tidiness, arrangement and harmony.

It represents following prescribed steps or methods and patterns to reach an anticipated result. It is like going in step by step according to the law and reaching a desired goal.

The law of divine oneness rather is about a unified connection that what one does impacts everyone else. The only pattern is do good so it goes around and comes right back to you. In divine order, there are several patterns for several things.

While the harmony from divine order comes from setting things in place as they should be, the harmony from divine oneness comes from the good deeds people actually do

A better way of seeing this is at the creation. The divine order is when God created the world in six days, each element after the other. The law of divine oneness is the energy used to create us all from one source which is God, making us connected through him


This theory dwells on how connected we all really are.

From creation the earth has been growing in terms of recreation and at the end we all can trace our path back to the same root which means our connection has spanned over ages, time and space

An example is the current crisis in Ukraine caused by the Russian Government.

It affects us all in some type of way either we have people we know in Ukraine or we are bothered by the potential of World War III coming to be or we are concerned because someone next to us is affected.

Either way we are all affected by this and it’s the reason why it has become a major headline in almost every part of the world. And even if none of the above points make us concerned, we might be when the president of the country we come from does chip in and makes a comment about the situation

Bottom line: we're all connected

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