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The Kokoon Nightbuds In-Ear Headphones Can Help With Your Sleep


Sleep Is Important

Sleep is an important part of life — that sounds funny since you’re not doing anything when you’re asleep and technically your body is sort of shutting down for “maintenance.” Obviously everyone knows that without sleep a person becomes sluggish, is unable to think clearly and over time any series of physical and psychological damage can occur. But getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just a matter of putting on your pajamas and lying down on bed — if that was true then there wouldn’t be all manners of different kinds of mattresses, pillows, lighting, shades for windows, etc. Not to mention tons of books on the subject and dozens of lecturers.

But of the dozens of devices purported to guarantee a good night’s sleep, the one kind that makes sense involves aiding in shutting off the outside world and being able to monitor and analyze one’s sleeping cycle. Into this fray of the sleepless comes Kokoon’s Nightbuds In-Ear Headphones —because it’s not just a simple pair of earbuds.


There Are Earbuds

Let’s start with the physical — what you see when you pick up these earbuds. Perhaps the first thing to notice is that they’re small, tiny even and the end going into the ear is softer than others you might be using. This might seem a minor detail but it’s not — because besides needing to be snug in the ear (which they are once you choose the best ear tips and wings), they also need to be light enough not to create notice when worn. Since you are going to be putting them on and then go to sleep, not go for a run, the battery also needs to be less than heavy and it is — figure about giving it a full charge which will last the night as it needs to. The app enables a number of functions which work in tandem with the earbuds — the most obvious being to play audio. And since there’s noise-masking you would rightly assume that outside noise is being minimized greatly. Now obviously what should be played is relaxation, since you’re doing this in bed and so feel free to take in the sounds from whatever source you already have or now will find. Of course the argument now is that, as relaxed as you might be from listening, the audio is still keeping you awake. But that won’t happen if you’re using the app, which we’ll get to it a bit.


Thera Are Sensors

So now to the internals and in the case of the Nightbuds there are sensors that are “listening” to you and adapting the audio to your sleep — the most helpful being to fade out the audio as you fall asleep. Nightbuds is monitoring your body and so your sleep, but not in a scary way. The purpose here being to give you data when awake regarding the time you spent asleep as well as the time it took for you to fall asleep and yes, your overall sleep efficiency score. All for the purpose being that the more you know about your sleeping pattern, the better you can improve on your sleep overall.

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There’s An App

As to the app, it provides audio sounds to amplify aiding in your sleep. Choices include meditations, soundscapes, binaural beats and others which are optimized especially for use with Nightbuds. But you’re also free to pull in relaxation audio from Spotify or podcasts. What’s important to realize is that the app is in on your side for falling asleep, which is why it will fade the audio and transforms it into white noise as sleep comes in order to block out exterior audio disturbances. And yes side sleepers will do as well as those on their back or front — however you lie down to go to sleep.

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