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The Jenny McCarthy Diet

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Moderation is Everything

Jenny McCarthy was the Playmate of the Year in the 1994 Playboy but most people recognize her are the Singled Out dating show for MTV. Believe it or not, even if her main fan base consists of men, Jenny has endeared herself as well to women. She had gotten quite credible as a mom who was passionate about autism when she went public after Evan, her son, was born in 2002. She toned down the whole sexy image and concentrated on becoming a good mom to her son. This made more and more women able to identify with her as well as look up to her as a role model.

Aside from tweaking her public image to be more acceptable to more than just one, other huge milestones were made by Jenny. Despite her busier lifestyle these days, Jenny has stayed grounded regardless of what is going on everywhere else. This author, activist for autism and actress shares all the secrets she has to how she does it all.

In one Shape Magazine issue, she mentions that as much as possible you need to live pure. This is the key. Aside from a fifteen minute sculpting yoga workout, she also discusses that there are dos and don’ts for detoxification diets. Finding harmony is the key and creating your own plan for stretching and strengthening plays a big role.

Soup is an important part of the Jenny McCarthy Diet. Basically, you can pack nutritious vegetables into a soup by pureeing them. This is a great way of getting as much nutrition as you can out of your day.

Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Jenny's diet consists of dairy-free, gluten free food that you can get in most stores these days. You can jump start your day with a weight loss plan like Weight Watchers but basically, once you get the hang of it, you can begin to create your own meals.

The Role of Comfort Food

Basically for long term weight loss success, comfort food has almost no place in the Jenny McCarthy Diet. However, to satisfy cravings, everything can be taken in moderation. Keep in mind that Jenny’s diet success has to do with clean living but comfort food does have its place. She still tries to maintain mainly a pure, low carb diet plus exercise. However, here is a word on the role comfort food does have in our lives.

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Whether you have had another tiff with your bosses at the office this week or have just been dumped, there is nothing that can give you more immediate comfort that comfort food. For years, science has been making attempts to come up with the distinctive differences between food that makes you feel better and those that affect the chemistry of your brain.

Remember the Ratatouille movie? That scene when the menu critic took one taste of the ratatouille that was presented to him and this triggered a memory long-forgotten at the way his mom served this same dish to him when he had come home from school and had a bad day and that after just one bite of the dish, he felt better immediately.

Comfort food is the term used for food groups that make you feel better immediately. While there are recipes that affect physiology such as the phenylalanine produced b chocolate, food for comfort make people happy on the level of psychology.

In today’s fast paced lifestyles, it is easy to see why comfort food remains popular. For starters, they remind folks of times that were happier, such as childhood moments. For example, when you eat a cupcake, you are reminded of your past birthdays full of cupcakes and other happy occasions with the entire family. Or sometimes the food is a remembrance of something in your youth, making you remember how it feels to be without a care in the world.

At times, comfort food can also remind you of people you love. For instance when you used to eat macaroni and cheese every day after school with your mom when you were younger and thought of this as ultimate moments of bonding with her, you will most likely feel the need to reach for a bowl of delicious mac and cheese each time you feel the necessity of being near your mother, who may be long gone. Triggers such as these make food for comfort really an individual choice since no one has the same memories.

In addition, because of memories shared, comfort food can help you bond with family and friends. That saying about how food tastes so much better when you are sharing it with a loved one could not be more true.

Research reveals that women and men are affected differently by comfort food. Males tend to reach for savory food like fries or steak while women reach for sweet food like ice cream. Studies also show that women tend to feel guilty after indulging in their favorite food while men tend to view these types of food as rewards after a gruelling day at work.

Pizza tops the list for comfort food when it comes to folks that are in despair or feel down I the dumps due to hardships in life. For others, macaroni and cheese is also another food for comfort that helps you feel better immediately. People with sweet tooth love eating chocolate and ice cream sprinkled with chocolate mint chips, for instance.

In the comfort food department, people cannot get enough of pasta as well, with red or white sauce. Mashed potatoes, Southern fried chicken and burritos are also some great examples of comfort food. Food that is high in fat and in carbs do increase your level of serotonin, making you feel comforted as a result, so anything with high carb or fat content can be considered comfort food. The good news is that you can always count on a couple of cupcakes to give you a lift when life gets you down.

The down side of comfort eating is that this is one sure method of ruining your diet and feeling stressed out when your weight loss plan fails may create a spiral and make you crave your favorite food once more. To help yourself from self-sabotaging your diet, select options that are healthy when you crave that rich, thick and creamy slice of cheesecake. When you understand that comfort food is usually creamy, you can stock your fridge with milk or yogurt. Antioxidant-rich food can also be comforting so having dark chocolate covered raisins and some strawberries on hand will save you from diet sabotage. Many people also feel comforted by warm food so warming up some oatmeal should do the trick.

One traditional food for comfort especially in America is apple pie. Typically, these have spice and cinnamon fillings and apples. These can be served cold or warm and are topped often with a vanilla ice cream scoop. Mashed potatoes, which are usually served on holidays, also create an association to positive feelings. Typically, these are made with potatoes, butter, milk and sometimes cheese, which make them filling, rich, soft and warm. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are something most people had in their childhood. These can be made with various flavors of jelly. Smooth or crunchy peanut butter made with various types of bread with the crusts sliced off complete this scrumptious sandwich.

One staple in America is a hamburger sandwich. Generally, these offer combinations of cheese, salt, grease and condiments on the side like ketchup or mustard. Some hamburger sandwiches also include toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce or cheese. Pasta is another favorite and there are many different ways you can serve these, as well as various types of noodles. Pasta is a soft, warm food that can be spicy or bland, depending on the way it is prepared.

Pizza can have various toppings and usually this includes pepperoni and mozzarella. It is in childhood when many folks begin eating pizza and this food option is always filling, fast and definitely tons of fun with a lot of memories associated with it in childhood. Cake is sweet, moist, warm and soft and comes in various flavors. People that have a sweet tooth will probably love vanilla or mocha. On the other hand, those that love smooth, rich cake will have a hard time saying no to red velvet or chocolate cake any day of the week.

What About Coffee?

The Jenny McCarthy diet believes in moderation in every aspect of living. This includes coffee, an American favourite. If you have to have coffee, you might as well have the best coffee there is.

Coffee drinkers the world over consider the best single serve coffee maker revolution. With this device, brewing a great cup of coffee has never been easier. As a matter of fact, this has reinvented the method in which home brews are made. After all, it is just like bringing your favorite coffee shop into your home at a fraction of the price. When it comes to the best 1-serve coffee maker, it can be hard to make a decision among the choices available these days. Finding one that suits your needs best is essential.

Single brewers are a different way of coffee making and aside from just the way a machine looks on your kitchen counter, there are other factors to consider in order to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. For instance, if you happen to love espresso, you might want to find a single-serve coffee maker that has the ability to create not just a regular brew, but an authentic espresso machine. You may even want to go for a machine that can create not just an espresso but also a latte or a cappuccino.

As a general rule, this type of coffee maker is a machine which brews coffee one cup at a time. This can be in the form of putting regular grounds through or it can be in the form of a coffee capsule. Also, single serve coffee makers are a favorite among those who live alone or are the sole coffee drinkers in the family, since you don’t have to brew and entire pot at a time, which tends to go to waste especially when you are in a rush.

More companies than ever are creating coffee makers in single-cup varieties since their versatility is unmatched. This is especially true when the options you have for coffee flavors and capsules are more interesting than ever. There are even 1-serve coffee brewers that are able to make cold beverages as well as hot. Most brewers are able to come up with cocoa, chai, tea, latte or black coffee with one click of a button.

The focus of each brewed cup of coffee when it comes to coffee machines such as this one tends to be for quality rather than quantity each time. Single cup machines can also be more expensive due to the unique pods that are put into the coffee maker before turning the machine on. The pods spare you from having to measure grounds each morning and also save you from having to keep your unused grounds fresh.’ This is because a pod is sealed and stays fresh on its own with little or no maintenance.

The models and style range of single cup coffee makers tend to be broad. For every cycle of brewing, each machine has special options such as being able to set the coffee strength, the amount of coffee per pod and whether or not you want to add foam. Brand names that are popular include Tassimo, Nespresso, Keurig, Flavia, Bosch and Senseo, but there are also new

Create Your Own Comfort Food

Basically, if you want to lose weight, Jenny McCarthy recommends finding comfort in nutritious food. For instance, eat vegetables and fresh fruit for breakfast or puree these for a shake. Create an omelette made of egg white for a meal and for dinner and lunch, eat fish. There are also those tiny nut packets from Starbucks you can use for snack food. The diet program of Weight Watchers is a great way to get started into a more healthy lifestyle. This diet controlled your portions. Since gluten and dairy were a no-no for both her and her three-year old son who was diagnosed with autism, Jenny would then incorporate egg white, avocadoes, vegetables and fruits instead. Sushi and other fish based meals became staples. Nuts, almonds, butternut squash and pretzels became her snacks. Her all time fruit favourite s watermelon. This gives the body great benefits of health. Detox programs help clean the body from the inside out. Along with a workout program, eating healthy is the secret to long term weight loss success. Admittedly, the perky star says that she pacifies her sweet tooth by eating moderate sweet foods. One of her favourites is a chocolate milkshake, and she drinks this when she craves it but not too much of it.



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On the no dairy and no gluten, I might have to pick one and go with it. I'm an all or nothing kind of person so if I can commit I can get there. It's nice to see that she's become a strong and self-reliant person amidst her son's autism.

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