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The Illusion of "Evil"


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


It's Man-Made, Just Like Boogieman

The concept of evil was created to soften the brains of people with fear, and so to make them ready for an indoctrination offering a salvation from it. Period.

So, if we cared to remove all those man-made scary stories and illustrations of demons, Hell, Satan, and whatever else of that spooky, unholy real estate of the unknown -- what would be left to support the existence of it?

Indeed, folks, other than some brutal acts of deranged humans, could anyone of a fully conscious, coherent mind provide any objective evidence about any sinister forces, or evil entities?

Please note, I said fully conscious, not a hallucinating mind, or one that succumbed to strong suggestion. Namely, a skilled hypnotist, or anyone else capable of messing with people's minds, could easily produce images and beliefs of anything malevolent -- from a Devil to a "wrong president".

The brain's function of believing has been abused in countless ways, and as any good manipulator will tell you -- the stronger the emotion attached to it, the stronger the belief.

Humans are born with two strongest instincts -- the instinct of survival, and the instincts of procreating. To make both instincts important enough in our lives, nature gave them two strongest emotions -- fear, to the instinct of survival, and orgasmic pleasure, to instinct of procreation.

All manipulators have been using that fact for ages, so, while organized religions are using fear of evil to propagate their services of salvation from it, some cults are using erotic rituals for the same purpose of emotionally enforcing their agenda.

That's why any satiric who is worthy of their wit, may have called people suggestible sheep. By the way, followers are even called "sheep" in the terminology of religion, while their religious inspirator is called a "shepherd".

Belief is a tricky thing, indeed; and I have spent some decades in a studious observing anything pertaining to human brain's affinity to suggestive conditioning, hypnosis, brainwashing, and mental slavery on some really massive scales.

In a sense, the most part of a cultural paradigm of any epoch has been based on nothing but indoctrination. Meaning that "one thinks, and hundred just copy".

But, with no need to make a scholarly elaboration of this matter here, suffice it to say that believing in evil simply falls in the same category with believing in a boogieman -- as far as our mental processes are concerned. The only distinction being that boogieman is created for kids, and evil for grownups.

So, should some big crap befall us, "it's evil at work" -- and when everything goes relatively smoothly, to us that means that "we are being well protected from evil".

And so we are reasoning. We, the sheep.


To Believe In Both, Heaven and Hell, Is to Believe In Nothing

Now, for a brief disclaimer -- and trust me, I have had to make quite a few being an out-of-box thinker -- nothing here is attempting to talk people out of their beliefs. You, folks, have my blessing to believe in evil all you want, but I am simply using this freedom of speech to express what I don't believe.

That would actually be opposite from my experience with many individuals, even groups, who were trying hard to make me a believer in what they believed. Well, when you take a stroll in any old European town, you won't see any "holy place" that I built -- but I was daily exposed to those sights being born in one of those places.

I do believe in a universal intelligence, but that's where it stops. No stories of a bearded dude who sees everything and is at every place; no angels, and no demons -- and above all, as it pertains to our story here -- no scary dude with a pitchfork preparing a barbeque fire for me.

This mind, which I like calling sober -- when I am in a humble mood -- tells me that believing in both -- a heaven and a hell -- is cancelling each other out.

Indeed, folks, we can't have faith and fear in our heart at the same time, or even at different times. One has to go to make some sense of our belief.

For a little illustration, let's say, I am planning to enjoy every moment spent on those Hawaiian beaches. That would refer to faith. But then, I will "also" be very cautious while in water for a possibility of a shark attack.

So there I go getting all wet and in my heart making a fool of myself. For, how in the world can I "enjoy" my time in water -- and at the same time keep observing the surface around, for that "evil" black triangle sticking above water?

Who are we kidding by believing in both -- a benevolent and loving and protective deity, and a malevolent, spooky, and all around evil Devil?

You see what I mean? We have to make up our mind -- one or the other, heaven or hell, ocean or swimming pool.


Having No Use For Belief In Evil

In the course of the past half century and over, it has been my heart's passion to cultivate a "high frequency" positivism, which, ironically, seemed to surpass the quality of "faith" of many church (and some mosque and temple and synagogue) goers that I came across on my path.

Their story was one of fear, of political, religious, and moralistic criticism, which made many of them some chronically pissed sourpusses -- while I was nurturing my stress management, my peace, happiness, and basic tolerance for the whole spectrum of humanness.

Nowhere in my stories is there any mention of "evil". The only "evil" I know is the one generated by mental malfunctioning, one or another form of bad wiring in the brain -- examples being well described in textbooks of psychopathology.

Those lower portions of the brain, containing animalistic survival urges, when overstimulated in a wrong way can be extremely brutal, and I also mean bestial, sadistic, and merciless.

Indeed, all evil is here on earth, not somewhere in some imaginary realm. When I see on TV how a beast is throwing half dead rabbit in the air few times before killing it, while enjoying in its agony, I also see some leaders triumphing after bombing the hell out of some innocent civilians.

My mind is practically incapable of producing a concept of an evil entity. If I tried, I would feel silly. Even if I was prone to such imagining, I think I could convince myself up to a point that there is someone like Santa Claus -- because, at least I can see the image of the fat laughing dude parading around at each Christmas.

Yes, I could forgive myself that figment of imagination because the dude is inspiring a kind of infectious positive mood.

But I can't see what's the point of scaring ourselves with something intangible, invisible, something that only other humans and their books invented for us.


No Room For Evil In True Spirituality

My version of spirituality is heavily leaning towards the quantum realm, a field with infinite potentiality, and with my responsibility to maintain a high level of positivism, which then manifests itself in my health and in my living circumstances -- even something that we would call "good luck"

Einstein said, among many other smart things:

We can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

--Albert Einstein

So, we cannot "remove evil" from our reality by holding onto it with a mind which first brought it into existence.

We've got to snap out of that negative groove if we are to produce a different results. I see us as co-creators of our destiny -- personal, national, global, even universal. By my convictions, believing in evil is an invitation to the fulfillment of its prophecy that we designed in our scared hearts.

I equally believe that we are, with our collective negativities, manifesting from the pool of infinite quantum potentiality each and every pandemic, disaster, and other misfortunes befalling us. The proverbial shit just doesn't "happen", someone's brains must have a diarrhea first.

Thus, evil will stop existing once that we make an individual and collective effort to be less of territorial, greedy, arrogant animals, and more of sensible homo sapiens creatures.

There is no evil out there on some mystical realm. No insanely scary dude with pitchfork -- and if we are to believe in angels, why not try to even remotely resemble some.

For ending of this post I have prepared the following piece of my rhymed prose, dealing with our minds that are so ready to buy any superstition producing crap. It's done in a satirical tone, because it's healthy to laugh at our own gullibility. Who knows, we might even be, at least, half-willing to give it up at the end of laughter.

Earth on a Grill of Fear

First came those prophets with a story of a hell

scaring crap of everyone in toilet of superstition

with most of the folks still under that same spell

retelling the story over in a mindless repetition.

Guts barbequed in an inferno of fear

at a Halloween of demons and spooks

devoid of a sense of optimism and cheer

forbidden to seek truth in some other books.

Then came another batch of alarmist asses

with stories of global warming -- call it a hell

and long before that new scary crap passes

many of us might religiously retell and retell.

Politicians came like in wild stampede

creating enemies where none exist

joining every other alarmist breed

adding their spooks to that list.

Then medical wise asses playing their part

came up with viruses to make list complete

with their own racket so planned and smart

only the time to bring all the proofs of deceit.

It's like we humans enjoy cooking in our own juices

always in some fear of one doomsday or another

falling for any smart and manipulative abuses

reluctant in whose hell we would roast rather.

So let us summon some firefighters of reason

to put out those flames of ignorance and fear

even if we are committing a religious treason

to save our asses by enjoying now and here.

© 2021 Val Karas

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