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The Health Benefits of Owning Dogs

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It is beneficial to our health and wellbeing to own dogs. Hanging out and keeping up with our canine friends can be tasking but I don’t mean that in a bad way. As a dog owner or volunteer, you have to always be active because dogs love activity. From walking the dog to letting it out in the yard to play or taking the dog to the dog park to play freely and hang out with other dogs while you also meet and socialize with other dog lovers, you would always be on your toes, and that is good for the body. The body needs to be active and exercising your dog also serves as an exercise for your body. This is especially good for older adults.

Here are some health benefits that you would get from owning a dog.

1. It helps to improve heart health


Loving your dog is not the only benefit you get from owning a dog. According to research, having a canine companion has been linked to decreased levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride; when these are low, they are good for cardiovascular health and reduce the chances of a heart attack.

2. It helps you stay active

This is the most popular reason, and we all know why; dogs are very active, they hate being locked down without a chance to run around and play. To keep your dog happy, you inadvertently participate in their activity when you take them for walks, play fetch etc. Walking your dog requires you to walk too, so you are being active and exercising without even knowing it. Health experts’ advice that adults should exercise weekly for about 30 minutes at least, dog owners likely do this because owning a dog is an active lifestyle.


3. Helps you lose weight and keep fit

Staying active is closely related and associated with losing weight and keeping healthy because achieving the latter two requires exercise and activity. Several researchers have found that walking and exercising your dog daily, helps you lose weight and keep fit as well since you are forced into physical activity at least 10 to 20 minutes every day.

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4. Improve your social life

Several researches have shown that dog owners find it easy to socialize and make friends.


From speaking to other dog owners during walks to meeting and hanging out with them when you take your dog out to dog parks, beaches and playgrounds, dog owners tend to be more outgoing and so, they meet and trade stories with like minds too.

5. Detect cancer and assist mobility

It is believed that some specially trained dogs can detect and sniff out illnesses such as skin, breast, prostate, bladder, lung, kidney and ovarian cancer. Service dogs and other specially trained dogs also help people with various needs and special skills to increase mobility and independence.

There are many benefits that owning a dog affords us all, both old and young, from reducing stress to give us a sense of responsibility, meaning, and purpose.

Dogs are therapeutic companions, helping prevent depressions, isolation, and loneliness and reduce visits to the doctor’s office.

Dogs can be entertaining companions; they offer companionship and friendship with their loyal and active nature. Next time your canine friend is feeling under the weather or being naughty, remember all the benefits they give to you and your family and take them to the vet or out to the dog park to play and be happy.

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