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The Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Caregiver

I am passionate about helping seniors live out the rest of their life with dignity. I was the primary caregiver for my mother.

Daughter Stacy With Her Grandmother


Choosing the Right Caregiver

Choosing the right caregiver does not have to be complicated. Here are a few questions I would ask a potential caregiver before hiring any. After each question, I will give my reflection on the reasoning behind it.

1. Do you have experience taking care of the elderly?

Reflection: Having the right experience is essential to know the right caregiver has been chosen. Picking the right one will leave your heart feeling less worried in the years to come when caring for precious loved ones. The best experience may come from caring for loved ones in the family. Caring for loved ones can lead to the growth of a bigger heart, which is what caregiving is all about. It is about loving in an unconditional way where their needs become first.

2. How many hours a week can you work?

Reflection: Picking the right caregiver is also about feeling secure because someone can work the hours needed. If you have to choose more than one caregiver, more concerns may follow. But if you hire someone with more available working hours, better days may follow.

3. What activities would you think about doing with them?

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Reflection: If someone can think of ways to keep the loved one busy and smiling, better days may follow. I would buy games like 'Connect Four,' matching games, and puzzles to help my mom stay more alert. I took her outside to pick flowers or to sit on the porch while reading. Her granddaughter would sometimes pick her up and take her to the 'Dairy Queen' for a treat. Getting her hair fixed may help the mood of a loved one. The right caregiver will know by sheer instinct how to keep the loved one busy and feeling a sense of worth.

4. What is your faith background?

Reflection: If the family of the loved one is of a particular faith, try to pick someone to care for them who believes in most of the things they do regarding their religion. Choosing someone not as much of a believer can still be a good caregiver; however, the family may feel secure in the way to go. My mom would talk about her faith a lot, so choosing a caregiver that has a background in a faithful life may prove most beneficial.

5. Will you give weekly progress reports to the family?

Reflection: Keeping the families informed about the weekly progress of loved ones is essential. The caregiver that helped take care of my mother when I could not kept us all updated, which helped give us more peace of mind.

I wish you all the best when going through this new chapter of your life. I want to encourage you to love and appreciate every moment because you only have them once. So enjoy them on their own level!

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