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The Fight Against the Covid Delta Variant

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What to do? Really? Do you REALLY need to ask this question with an obvious answer? LOL, OMG.

You might be one of THOSE people who are afraid of many things where the government is involved, I mean, everything they do is sinister. EVERYTHING. You might be one of THOSE who think the vaccine creation was just a little bit too fast under Trump. That was the ONE thing Trump did right- expedited vaccine creation. But, then he dropped the ball when trying to distribute it. Biden picked up the baton and took it to a new level.

Unless you just turn off when it comes to Covid Delta news, the best way to NOT worry about it is to get vaccinated, since all of them have proven themselves to minimize Delta effects. Should you get it even if fully vaccinated, the impact is mostly minimal with no hospitalization. If you have only been partially vaccinated, your risk for more serious complications increases. If you are NOT vaccinated at all, then you deserve what you get, should you become infected with the virus. It's not like you don't have the opportunity with vaccinations being FREE and plentiful.

The BIG however is that being fully vaccinated does not make you immune to this highly contagious Delta variant from India. Nearly 50% of infected patients in Israel with this variant had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer. The good news is that the serious cases requiring hospitalizations were just 5 out of 200. The variant is 60% more transmissible than the original. In the UK, 60% of the new cases are the Delta variant and most infected were morons who were NOT vaccinated. In Australia, where only 5% of the population is vaccinated, the variant has forced lockdowns again. In one example from there, in a party of 30 people, 24 had tested positive for Delta and these people were not vaccinated. The remaining six, who were fully vaccinated, tested negative.

Being not vaccinated only allows the virus to mutate into newer strains, like the Delta, and the more unvaccinated people there are, the more likely a new mutation will happen. Sometimes, this variant is weaker or stronger making vaccines less effective. When an infected person with a mutation spreads it to another and another unvaccinated person it further develops and can become more contagious like the Delta. The more the virus is allowed to spread, the more it can develop into something the current vaccines may be less effective!

For now, just get vaccinated! Kids need vaccinations for various things before they begin a school year (measles, smallpox etc.,) and this is NO different. Any reservations one may have is inviting health problems and expect no sympathy if they are bad. The solution is easy.


perrya (author) on July 06, 2021:

I totally agree.

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on July 06, 2021:

I am not sure that those who refuse vaccinations want to understand what the danger is.

As long as a pandemic is politicised and elementary science is demonized, there will be enough people to deny consequences. This is quite selfish, ignoring the well being of others.

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Besides political issues it gets complicated for young people to balance the risks coming from vaccination with the risks of Covid aftereffects. This is a totally different story for the older population, in that age group matters are clear.

But for the young? At least in my country it is not (officially) recommended to get kids (below 12) vaccinated and above is left to voluntary decision. What are young adults to make out of this? They start gathering and do "Corona partying".

perrya (author) on July 05, 2021:

To those who refuse vaccinations, they accept the danger and risk and when they catch the virus, have no one to blame but themselves.

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on July 05, 2021:

I think your article is spot on.

... The variant is 60% more transmissible than the original...

With my little maths this means the reproduction factor R is not likely to be 3 (original without countermeasures) but close to 5 (variant). And this again means: You need herd immunity of 80% (to knock out 4 out of 5 potentially infected to contain the spreading).

Is it realistic to achieve herd immunity if the vaccination programs and acceptance is not distributed evenly in all age groups? Even if 70% of a population were vaccinated, this would still be some 95% for the elderly and less than 20% for the active younger people, not to mention school and kindergarten kids.

A couple of months ago a virologist in my country said: "Over time you either get vaccinated or you get infected." With the Delta variant this ..formerly distant.. time is going to be the near future.

And politicising of the virus has played its trick. Pro and contra vaccination goes straight through families. My wife and our daughter, a teacher, are stricktly against, my son in law and i got vaccinated.

Our grandchildren attend 3 different schools/kindergartens and they live close by. It is only a matter of time when the kids or one of them catch the virus. They have no protection and they probably need none, but us grandparents in our 60ties will have to take care. My wife is totally brainwashed and ignores what is coming. My personal family example will not stand alone.

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