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The Emotional Body: Making It Healthy

Learning how to protect and stabilize the Human Energy Field

I have discussed the chakra system in my Hub It is important to understand that one must learn to use the chakra system and the whole Human Energy Field effectively in order to be healthy.

The first lesson in making this happen is to find one's ground. the best way to accomplish this is by running energy from the Universal Energy Field and the HEF to the core of the earth plane. This is done through intention. One can imagine the exterior Divine and the universe with all its solar systems and then envision energy (in the form of white light) from the Source of all things pouring down through the soul chakra above the crown [I didn't address the soul chakra in the above article but it lies just about the head] into the crown, through the rainbow bridge [the seven main chakras that run down the body] and down the legs and feet into the earth plane and earth star all the way to the core of molten lava at the center of the planet. Then re-run the energies through the same path in reverse and envision this flow continuously occurring from UEF to HEF to the earth's core. this is grounding one's self.

The second lesson is centering one's self in one's heart space---the home of the interior Divine. when grounded, a person needs to go within to his/her infinite nature. This brings stability in the most difficult of circumstances. A method to achieving this is simply focusing one's intention on the heart chakra. A religious practice would be to focus one's intention on his/her version of the Divine and to imagine eternity as a part of him/herself.

The third lesson is to secure the field by expanding the love energy as far out from the body as possible, or to imagine mirrors covering one's field. There are different ways to shield, ground, and center. These are just three simple ways.

These must be practiced. Sometimes aspects of your shadow or subconscious self can impede your practice. Compassion to self, self awareness and patience is the way to overcome such impediments. Again, practice should be your "mantra."


Identifying one's emotions

The next thing to achieve is identifying one's emotions. People often think about things but are unaware of their emotions. One must learn to identify the emotion at present in order to experience wellness in the emotional body. One must also find the location in the body where the emotion is generated from.

So after grounding, centering and shielding, one can practice becoming familiar with his/her emotions rather than his her thoughts. Our emotions are far more powerful than our thoughts. Knowing our emotions is empowering.

One must go within and scan the body for his/her emotions. Selecting the emotions that are prominent/obvious is the easiest practice. Using the breath to further feel the emotions and to clarify what they are exactly is helpful. It is important to avoid spending time explaining the emotion because this is thinking. What is important is the recoginition---the identification of the feeling. Words engage the mind and that is contrary to recognition and familiarity.

Using short statements to further clarify and identify like, "I feel______," is extremely helpful and important in emotional development.


Emotional Awareness gives freedom and healing

By knowing what one is feeling, one can liberate one's self from pain and suffering and tap into deeper joy and exultation. By finding the source of the emotion, one can heal wounds that are many, many years old---even wounds from inutero and wounds beyond this current time and space. Genetics no longer cause limitation and grief. Wholeness can be reassumed.

So learning to scan effectively is empowering and liberating. One must center well and then be patient with the process. All disease and illness results from schism inside the bodymind-spirit. Bringing the mind back to the body through the emotions is the way to recovery and health.

This can occur through a deeper more significant body-mind-spirit-soul connection, also. That is why prayer and meditation are excessively helpful practices. Connecting to the Divine and then translating the contact to the emotions is transformative in nature. It matters not what that Divinity looks like, sounds like, is like. Connection to Source through any of Its aspects is empowering to the human emotional system. This is Holistic Medicine as opposed to Traditional, Western Medicine.


Healing through intention and energy work

When a source of an emotion is found, healing can transpire. Energy goes where the intention flows someone once said. Our energy bodies are intention driven. Our intention literally can heal something like cancer. Placebo effects are a witness to this fact.

Set an intention of sending or being love [this is the highest vibrating energy on the earth plane] to/in the pained source. Hold the intention for several minutes until it feels complete. This takes practice for most people. There is a lot to be aware of and a lot to manage and follow-through on. "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again."

Often placing a hand on or over a body part and channeling the intention through the hands is more effective. Whatever works! And different strokes work for different folks. Don't let judgement get in the way. One must suspend disbelief and do what feels good. If judgment creeps in, re-center and breathe three deep breaths and do it again going deeper inside one's self to feel the truth of the healing. Everyone has the power to heal. Everyone can do it well with determination and perserverance. Faith follows an intention set. Namaste.


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