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The Effects of "Mansplaining" and "Man-Shaming" on Society

Lynn lives in Upstate New York with her two fluffy dogs and tyrannical cat. With her writing, she hopes to make the world a better place.


The Effects of “Mansplaining”

In the age of the internet, we rush to put our opinions on the things we see online. When women see a guy over-explaining a topic he may or may not be informed of, we put the label of “mansplaining”, even when he may have had good intentions. On the other hand, when a woman shares her personal story of abuse, some men will rush to say “not all men” and claim she’s trying to shame all men to make them feel guilty as a whole.

While hidden intentions surely exist, society needs to start putting oneself in another’s shoes and take a dive into what their true intentions may be. A woman sharing her story and a man sharing his advice doesn’t always mean the things we think. Extremists take a stance on each side of this theoretical coin- Heads mean the guy is right and tails mean the girl is.

But what if we didn’t flip a coin when it came to arguments we see over social media? What would happen if we looked at both sides?

Man-Shaming is TOXIC

Think of it this way– If a man is always told that sharing his opinion or advice on a matter is “mansplaining” and therefore isn’t appreciated, where does that get us? It gets us with half our options. Half our resources are gone because men will start to believe they shouldn’t give their input when no one is asking.

I’ve witnessed this in person, when my brother didn’t want to speak up in the workplace because he was afraid the women he works with would shut him down by claiming he was giving his advice when it wasn’t needed. But if he didn’t have that fear of speaking up, his input would have helped them. It hurts to see someone who’s eager to help just step back all because of a label people put on men who do so. My brother was primarily raised by our mother and, since I was also in the household, I’m realizing how our words may have affected the way he thinks now.

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Now speaking from experience, I’ve been labeled as someone who hates all men– Which couldn’t be further from the truth. When a woman is a feminist, some like to think it means that women believe we’re more important and men are less than. When in actuality it means that women want the same rights as men and to just be on an even playing field. My experience being told that my beliefs mean I “hate men” make me watch what I say even though I should feel free to share my experiences as a woman.

Check out the informational video below by Jordan Peterson! This helped me bridge the gap in my mind about genders.

Jordan Peterson - The Truth About Men & Women

The End Has Come

The bottom line is that, as long as men and women keep trying to undermine and one-up each other, there will never be an even playing field. Boys and girls will grow up in the world of social media, where labels are assigned within seconds of posting something. Now those online labels seep into the real world and can seriously affect how people think and act. No one should feel hesitant to speak because they’re afraid of being labeled.

The world is rapidly becoming more and more aware of how our words and actions online, and in person, can affect someone for life. We need only to think before we post a comment and keep an open mind, to truly create the change we wish to accomplish. I like to believe that people are inherently good, if more people thought the same maybe society can finally move forward into an age where growth occurred daily and vain arguments online became fewer.

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