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The EGCG + EC stack

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What is the EGCG stack?

Simply put, the EGCG stack (EGCG + EC) is a combination of Green Tea Extract, Ephedrine and Caffeine.

This trifecta combination of potent supplements is tried, tested, and proven to help you lose weight, keep energized and suppress your appetite to help you count calories and stay away from carbohydrates. In conjunction with a good diet and a decent exercise regime, you will literally be able to watch the pounds drop off day by day.

As a bonus effect, The Ephedrine in the EGCG + EC stack, allows the user to eat at a low carbohydrate and low calorific intake, all while preserving the lean body mass (muscle) in the users body! (This is what makes this diet so popular amongst body builders.)

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What is EGCG?

So, you're interested in the EGCG and the infamous EGCG stack. EGCG, also known as Epigallocatechin Gallate (I won't bore you with the scientific terms.) Is one of the most potent antioxidants you can find, and has a high therapeutic value which helps treat disorders. (EGCG has also been known to lead to prevention of cancer!) EGCG is only found in Green Teas, not black.

Every day there is more and more evidence accumulating in the scientific world that shows EGCG is beneficial in treating prostate cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, brain cancer and various other(s). EGCG is a trooper in the medicinal market.

Scientists have spent a lot of time researching and investigating the benefits of EGCG from green tea in the treatment of various disorders including HIV. EGCG has been shown to reduce plaques related to AIDS-Related dementia. (Unfortunately these tests have not been yet conducted on human trials.) More studies of the benefits for HIV are still being conducted with more potent, pill form of EGCG, due to the fact that a largely beneficial amount of EGCG cannot be consumed through drinking green tea alone.



Green Tea Extract - EGCG has been proven to promote fat oxidation (The breakdown of fat for energy in the body.) It has also been shown to boost the bodies metabolic rate (the burning of calories) and promote body thermogenics (pretty much the rate at which your body burns calories.) EGCG is not a stimulant, it is natural and is not in any way, shape or form harmful to your health.

Ephedrine - Ephedrine has many, many beneficial qualities. It was made famous by the original Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut was formulated and worked to help quite literally melt the fat off of your body. Ephedrine is also an appetite suppressant, which allows your cravings to be kept at bay and help you keep a better, healthier diet without snacking.

Ephedrine is also a known decongestant, and is known to treat hypertension and is commonly found as an ingredient in asthma and allergy medications for its ability to open the air ways and help the user breathe and utilize oxygen more effectively.

The common misconception with ephedrine, is that it has been banned by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration.) However, Ephedrine has only been banned on being marketed as a dietrary supplement or to be marketed as a weight loss or diet pill. Ephedrine is allowed to be sold and marketed for reasons other than asthma, colds, and allergy medications.

One of the most readily and easily available forms of Ephedrine is an asthma medication by the name of Bronkaid. This can be purchased at your local pharmacy such as Wall-greens, CVS, or Rite-Aid etc.

Caffeine - The EGCG + EC stack requires Caffeine. Caffeine as we all know gives the body energy, and is a vital ingredient in the EGCG stack. Caffeine enables EGCG to boost its effectiveness exponentially. Caffeine boosts bodies thermogenics, is also an appetite suppressant, and gives the body energy (which, lets face it, the more energy you have, the more you do, the more calories you burn just by doing something.)

All three of these combined form an unstoppable force of fat melting, appetite suppressant power. The EGCG + EC is proven amongst body builders and athletes alike. It is formed of naturally occurring ingredients and does not harm the body if followed in a moderated fashion.


How to take the EGCG + EC stack?

Things you'll need

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EGCG - This can be purchased online, or at your local nutritional store such as GNC (Though, GNC is a bit more expensive.)

Bronkaid (Ephedrine) - This can only be purchased from a pharmacy, Bronkaid contains one of the highest doses of Ephedrine as an atshma medication. (Highly recommended in the body building world.)

Caffeine - This can be purchased online, or at your local nutritional store such as GNC (Though, GNC is a bit more expensive.)

Dosing the EGCG + EC stack;

300mg of EGCG (3 times per day)

1 Bronkaid tablet (3 times per day)

200mg Caffeine (3 times per day)

When to take EGCG + EC stack?

1st dose : IMMEDIATELY when you wake up - This will really drive a BOOST throughout your day, you will wake up almost instantaneously and start your day off on the right foot.

2nd dose : Approximately 3-4 hours after the 1st dose. - This will allow your body to stay sustained on the "high" from the first dose, you won't crash on this stack, but the effects do die off, just like anything else.

3rd dose : Approximately 3-4 hours after the 2nd dose - If you want to sleep at night, DO NOT, take this within a few hours of your bedtime. The EGCG + EC stack will keep you awake.


Things to keep in mind on EGCG + EC

- Always start slowly, and test the effects before you stick yourself into a regime with the stack itself, try it one or two days before you plan to stick with it just to see how your body reacts.

- DRINK WATER, DRINK WATER, DRINK WATER. The thermogenic affects from the EGCG + EC stack will dehydrate you. (Plus, this keeps you full and your appetite that much more suppressed for you to be able to lose the desired weight you are trying to drop.)

- If you start to feel dizzy, stop taking the stack immediately and consult with your doctor.

- Once you start the stack, stay on the stack for approximately 3 - 6 weeks. The spikes in caffeine intake and blood pressure can be unhealthy for the body.

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