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The Disgusting Side Of Veganism

Wishes you'd keep your veganism to yourself. If meat is murder, then call me Joe Stalin.

The Modern Evangelical Vegan


Most Vegans Are NOT Decent Persons


Shock Tactics, Lies, and Veganism

With apologies to the three lovely and kind vegan women I know, the one Rastafarian and the one Hindu; literally every single other vegan I've encountered on the world wide web is a horrible person, and does everything within their power to ensure there are as few new members of the vegan community as humanly possible. You see, vegans have the single worst public relations campaign in the history of the world.

This page will not be so much a slander of veganism, but a slander of the vegans themselves. They slander themselves royally, and continually, nearly all day, every day, non stop. Humanity, you see, is completely and totally a species of omnivores.

We even have the large brains we have today due to the consumption of meat. Veganism is a study of scientific illiteracy, as the vegans often claim eating meat is "unnatural." Just never mind how utterly false the claim is. Eating meat and cooking food made us the humans we are today.

Are you proud to have a large brain? Thank your meat eating ancestors for it, your large brain and the powers of reasoning and perception it has are thanks to them. In fact, the only reason you are reading this at all is because you are a human or Homo sapien, and the only reason you are that is because your ancestors ate meat. Eating meat made us human.

The problem with the vegan hordes is simple. Vegans don't care about facts. Vegans don't care about science. Veganism is all about feelings. Dumb feelings based in emotional immaturity, and science illiteracy. These fee fees are the foundation of veganism.

Have you heard the vegans claim that Homo sapien is supposed to be either a frugivore or a herbivore? Well, there isn't a scientist in the world who will provide anything of value to substantiate those claims, as they very simply are not true. There isn't a consensus in the medical community that the vegan diet is healthy for humans. Do you know why that is so? It's because the vegan diet is unnatural for humans, and so, not healthy.

Vegans only have a single trick to attempt to sway the non-vegan, and the trick is emotion over logic. Veganism is inherently illogical simply because you are already an omnivore. You were born an omnivore, and there is nothing you can do to change that single, simple fact. When you die, you'll be a dead omnivore.

The typical vegan sales pitch


The United Nations - Pushing Veganism and Compliance to Oligarchy

Is it any wonder that such an evil organization of oligarchy as the United Nations pushes a vegan diet? The science is plain and simple, you are an omnivore, you were born to be that way, and I've already established how humanity only even became what it is for the eating of meat, a high protein diet is essential to the size of our brains.

Thanks to my meat eating ancestors I have air conditioning, we've got automobiles, and computers too. Is it any wonder the United Nations seeks a dumber humanity? A humanity more pliable for slavery? It's no wonder to me, compliance to the United Nations is the death of intellectual behavior, the death of reason, the death of rationality, the death of humanity.

If you are a citizen of North America, ask yourself this one thing. What has the United Nations ever done for you, or anyone in your community? The answer is nothing at all, except seek to undermine your nation's own sovereignty, and for that, the organization should be destroyed.

Recently former president Bill Clinton has endorsed veganism. Are you impressed? I'm not, Bill Clinton, of course, saw to it that a half million persons died of neglect in Iraq during his presidency. That he and his wife are both prostitutes for the United Nations and George Soros, is plain and simple, just read the news.

When it comes to vegan role models, Bill Clinton is as bad as it gets, it could only be worse were George W. Bush or Barack Hussein Obama to push veganism, as either of those two are even more the warmonger than Clinton. If I had to wake up in bed with Hillary Clinton every day, as Bill likely does, I'd go vegan just so I could die sooner rather than later.

Evangelical Veganism


Veganism is anti-science, and based in emotional response, and not logic or truth

Every vegan sales pitch is based in an emotional argument. There's nothing remotely scientific towards the betterment of humanity or the Earth concerning an increase in vegans on the Terra firma. Veganism and vegans presuppose some things to be objective fact, and objectively moral despite them being nothing of the sort. Every human is born an omnivore, and every human dies the same way - an omnivore. The denial that this is so, is simply un-scientific.