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How Dementia Sufferers Can Learn How to Dance in Different Ways

Trying to help caregivers of loved ones suffering from Dementia find hope through many dance forms.

Daughter Stacy With Her Grandmother


Expressive Ways of Dancing for Dementia Sufferers

Dementia is about the lack of clearer thinking. This article explains how individuals suffering from Dementia can learn how to dance in more ways than one.

Dancing is about freedom of expression in other dance forms. The dementia dance could also be about someone suffering from this disease while singing. Singing is a form of dance if you think about it. Singing is a form of expression as well as dancing. Here is an article about how singing could help people with Dementia.,that%20survive%20even%20in%20late%20dementia.%20More%20

By dancing, the elderly can feel more confident in their skin—people with this condition fight to remember even the most minor things. Sometimes, when they fail to recognize people from their past, trying to feel happy through song may be the thing that brightens their days. The link above is all about how singing can help their disposition.

How they dance could be about cooking and how innocent their behavior is while cooking in the kitchen. Cooking is a form of expressing oneself while helping others smile by eating the foods made for their family and friends.

Being kind to our friends and loved ones that suffer from Dementia may help their purpose in life feel more alive. The word 'alive' can be like many forms of dance. Here is a poem about how I try to understand the Dementia dance.

Poem: Dementia Dance

Please move to the right.


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Move to the left

Move whenever and however.

Their lives dream to be

Hold them

Spin with them

in every loving direction

That needs love and attention.

Dancing can be re-defined

To whatever their needs need

at any given moment

Please give in to their

insecurities and confusion






them through the rest

of their Golden years

with grace

and elegance

of the dance


the dance


Reflection of Poem

Dancing is about learning many forms of it. People with Dementia still want to have fun with their loved ones. Try dancing with them. The conditions of Dementia will prove to need much love and understanding; pick them up when they need help, put them down when they feel tired, and never forget not to drop them in the world of doubt and confusion. They need their friends and family members to help them feel like they have loved ones dancing with them through whatever life holds for them.


Life will never be the same again; it will seem like life is flipping somersaults and will forever be changed. Yet, life can still feel the best possible whenever caregivers can try to feel their feelings with loving hope and promise. Do not live in the past; live the new chapter about dancing to the new beat of the drum.

Remember, life is what you make it for them and yourselves. Yes, life takes on a new way of life when a loved one has Dementia. Every chapter of our lives can teach us many things if we open our hearts to what needs understanding. Life from then on will never be the same; however, life is about lessons, in my opinion; walk through their time tunnel of life with them, holding their hands, and kissing their cheeks. They will need your firm grip on them, like the dance you are dancing with them never ends. Just learn to take breaks through every dance of their life. Surely more positive days should follow when love surrounds you both on the new dance floor of their life.

Positive thought or prayer

I believe in the power of prayer, and if you believe in the power of prayer, I pray every step you take with your loved one is Dementia Dance smoother.


Suppose you don't believe in prayer. I wish you better days. Think positive, and help them go through their days with dignity and much love.

I am not trying to force my faith on anyone, but in my opinion, prayer is what got me through it all, and still is, even though my mother passed over six months ago.

Take care of them and yourselves, now ask them for the next dance, which is all about dancing their way.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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