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The Delta Covid-19 Variant Surges


Whether you believe Covid-19 ever existed or now think it has been eradicated, think again.

The Delta and Delta Plus from India has spread across various places on the globe causing new surges of infections and death among those either unlucky or stupid for refusing to be vaccinated, even with one dose.

In the USA, there are 5-6 states, Republican states, whose population distrusts the government, pro.-Trump, and pretends there never was a virus, surging with the Delta virus, a more lethal and contagious Covid-19 variant. In Florida, for example, in a single week, new cases among the unvaccinated reached 16,000. The positivity rate went from 3 to 6%. Across America, the Delta variant accounts for 51% among the unvaccinated.

According to Florida's weekly COVID-19 report, just over 11 million residents have received at least one shot. Florida's total number of COVID-19 cases is now 2.38 million since the start of the pandemic. The state has also seen nearly 38,000 deaths from the virus since March 2020.

However, in Indonesia, they have gone into another lockdown due to the Delta virus. In Israel, masks are still required. Travelers arriving there must go into quarantine even if fully vaccinated until they test negative. Britain and Russia are also surging with the new variant. In Japan, with the coming Olympics, the government has just announced that there will be NO spectators allowed at any of the sporting events because of surge in that country,

The Delta virus seeks those not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated with one shot. Those vaccinated suffer minor or no complications in their health as the vaccines keep it in check. However, as experts point out, the unvaccinated actually endanger the whole population because they act as incubation vessels for the virus to mutate and change, which might become more resistant to the current vaccines. This would be a nightmare scenario- a new variant that make the current vaccines useless.

Get vaccinated!

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