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The Critical Covid-19 Question Is

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We all know that the more you test, the more you know where the virus is geographically and to what extent it has infiltrated our own communities and world. Some businesses for purely selfish reasons take a "whack a mole" approach and only deal with it when someone tests positive within a department. They do not then then test everyone in the department to see who has got exposed (like Home Depot, Lowes, and others), they just wait until someone else has it. This helps them on a personnel level, because if everyone else in the same department tested positive, all would have to be out for 14 days and covering for that department would be a great burden for the impacted store.

The Critical Question

But, many people, regardless of where they work face the critical question that can impact their lives for two weeks or more. This is even more critical if you are feeling fine, asymptomatic. Should I get tested?

Experts will say yes, but then, they do not have to take two weeks off should the test come back positive! They do not have to have to deal with the household chaos in your world, the bills that keep coming, the pay one does not get (many can take it off without pay), the general inconvenience of having to stay home.

Remember, I am talking about the many people who might be positive but have zero symptoms, in fact, I know many of them who because of work, just wanted to know if they were positive or not. Perfectly healthy. How shocked they were when the test was positive! These people were just curious.

In this case, curiosity killed the cat, so to speak. Suddenly, they were forced to take leave for 14 days, some could with pay others not. Had they NOT been tested, their lives would have been unchanged and disrupted. For them, they regretted knowing now as they never felt sick, encountered any serious problems, most said it was like a common cold. For some, the timing was bad as rent or mortgage was due, let alone groceries etc.

Once one is tested positive, they are suppose to stay home for 14 days. The problem is most asymptomatic people feel pretty much normal and staying home away from whatever is impossible. So, what do they do? They go out anyway, go to stores wearing a mask, after all, it protects others and yourself and they keep their distance. The quarantine is voluntary and you know how humans are, many will simply refuse but take precautions and yet, Covid-19 spreads.

Many asymptomatic are fine one day (not knowing they are positive) and then in quarantine the next when the results are revealed. Looking back, the people I know regret knowing they were positive. They wished they had not been curious because of the economic and social disruption it caused. While they are negative now, people can be re-infected.

The Virus Itself

At the ground personal level, it is deadly if one gets a bad dose of it. But its nature is insidious and can spread even with mask and social distance precautions. One member of a household is positive, now, everyone in the house must be in quarantine, but what if one member is tested and still negative ? Is it just a matter of time until they get it? Think of the turmoil caused to a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, when one is positive. Must be a nightmare. Company policies on Covid-19 are all over the place. Where I work, if one person is positive in the family, the employee, even if negative, must take off two weeks. In another case, one employee caught from a customer even though both wore masks. The customer claimed to be negative. After 14 days, he returned, but his wife had got it. Being in the same household, he had to take another 14 days, 28 days total, much without pay!

As 2021 arrives with vaccines, the craziness is not stopping. You will still need to wear masks because some will refuse to get it. Even if you get the vaccine, its effectiveness may diminish as months go by. Some require two shots, what happens if the person fails to get the second one? You just don't know.


perrya (author) on December 07, 2020:

in part, it explains what happens at ground level and why the virus spreads .I, myself, have not been tested, should I? Do I want to know? Because of its ramifications on work and life. Should I wait for symptoms?

Kathy Henderson from Pa on December 07, 2020:

This is a very thought-provoking outlook on Covid. Thanks for sharing, it generates a truthful conversation.

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