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The Covid Reinfection Dilemma

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There are many now that are fully vaccinated. Meaning, a total of four Covid shots. Of course, there are also many not fully vaccinated or not at all. According to medical studies, the first three symptoms of Covid are, in the following order: Fever, dry cough, and muscle pain. The only problem with this is that these symptoms are identical to the flu or a bad cold.

With the world now open due to the vaccines, mask wearing is seldom seen. Many precautions formerly taken are gone, as if Covid is gone, which is not true. Recently, I had all the classic symptoms. My most immediate thoughts turned to it being Covid. Yes, I was fully vaccinated, yet I was not 100% sure it was not Covid. The dilemma for me and many in my situation is, should I retest? Is there a point to retesting?

Think about it. I retest and it is Covid. Even after four shots. What more can I do? Am I going to isolate? What good will that do? Obviously, I got it from someone when out and about. In my case, I did test but the result was negative. Hmmm, I wondered if the test is accurate and whether I did it correctly. Should I trust the result?

Now, the VIPs of the nation can get Paxlovid, like Biden. This is a pill that improves the immunity. The problem is that the drug is prescription and not available on the market yet. Tests have shown it to be effective. Average Americans who are reinfected even after four doses of vaccines cannot get it.

So, since nothing more can be done, what the hell. I mean, you could not go get a 5th shot to boost your immunity, or could you? I guess all one can do is nothing unless your breathing is impacted, at which time, may be more serious.

Since Covid mimics the flu and a bad cold, doctors are careful when diagnosing. As I said, I had a fever of 101 for three nights in a row. During the day, I was very lethargic with an occasional dry cough. The cough with Covid is the same but much more frequent and hacking (like when you inhale, it triggers the cough but no mucus). Usually, a viral infection like the flu, has a life of 5-10 days because the virus dies off. For me, by Day 6th, my situation had improved, and the fevers were gone. The dry cough continued sporadically but worse at night. My energy levels were back. I had thought about going to the doctor for antibiotics until I remembered that they would do nothing to viral infection. They only work if it's a bacterial infection, such as, Strep throat, or the cough is producing mucus (which may indicate that a bacterial infection may be in the lungs).

I contacted my doctor and told him all the details. I asked if I should come in or would it be a waste of everyone's time. He basically said that there was nothing he could do. The drug, Paxlovid, is limited in availability and must be taken within 5 days of reinfection to be effective but even that is not a guarantee. In my case, I did not take the test until the 4th day and result was negative. My doctor hinted that the test result was false and another one should be given. Given that test veracity is questionable, what is the point if the doctor cannot "fix" the infection. Because my conditions were classic and on and off with a fever but no breathing issues, the doctor said just wait it out until it has been after 10 days to see. There was nothing more he could do.

The answer to the reinfection covid dilemma is nothing much can be done. How reassuring is this for those millions fully vaccinated.

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